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Search/Information Landscape

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Week 14: Future of Search (*=Key reading) Week 12: Presentation Reform (* = Key Reading) An open access resource for faculty and librarians. Week 11: Research Impact: Altmetrics & Bibliometrics. Week 11: Academic Search / Social Scholarship. Week 10: Credibility Assessment Toolkit. Week 5: Discovery Search & Strategy Review (*=Key reading) Week 5: Touring some databases you should know. Week 5: Touring K12 Databases (For more and full access, check our Database Trials page) Week 8: Portals, Directories, the Deep & Dark Web (*=Key reading) Week 7: Search Tools and Strategies for Kids. Week 6: Google Search Tools Tour.

Week 6: Google: A Deeper Dive (*=Key reading) Week 4: Dialog, Command Line and Free Text Search. Week 4: Databases:Controlled Vocabulary/Thesauri (*=Key reading) Data/Graphs.

Alpha: Computational Intelligence. Boolify: Boolean Search Teaching Tool. Safe Search Engine for Kids.