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Infographics to show your students, hang in the classroom or library, or distribute to parents

5 Golden Rules to Keep Kids Safe on Social Media #Infographic #StaySafe. We recently celebrated Social Media Day, an idea started by those lovely folk at Mashable back in 2010, that just gets bigger and bigger every year. I’m the social media manager at the British Council, a not-for-profit organization that promotes UK education and culture throughout the world. My team (Suzanne and YC) and I decided that we wanted to join in the fun this year and give something to our large, global audience – parents and carers of children. Concern for Kids Safety Online We’ve recently been getting the same comment, from parents of children learning English with us, wherever they are in the world. They’re worried for the safety of their kids using social media. Parents want their children to get the benefits of what the online world has to offer but are often freaked out by the scary stuff out there. It’s even worse particularly for those parents who are not themselves digital natives.

#StaySafe So this is the where the idea for #StaySafe came from. Untitled. Digital Citizenship. TechInfographic. Cyberbullying Infographic Archives.