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{future bathroom be completed with some lovely brassy fringe} When this house was built, the tiny bathroom did not exist. There was some sort of back porch that led to a coal shaft or something where the sink is now. bohemian hellhole bohemian hellhole
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Blushing blog Wedding / Photographed by Chelsea Gray & Elizabeth Delage /Saturday, February 22nd 2014 Over 4 years ago I first worked with Tania Tassone (of Blanc Events) at a country wedding out in the Townships. On barely 2 hours of sleep on the plane, (Neel and I had shot a wild wedding the night before in Chicago) we were high on adrenaline and ready to rock. Blushing blog
Hello friends. I hope you are enjoying summer to the fullest! Yes, it has been awfully quiet in my corner. I am happily reclaiming my life and spending more time with my three beautiful kids this summer (enjoying traveling & lots of exploring, good food, horseback riding, canoeing, water fun, and a jam packed social calendar!). Splendid Willow Splendid Willow
Characteristically casual and cozy, country decorating is all about comfort. Use our helpful tips and tricks to give your home a classic look that's anything but expected. We have the best ideas for incorporating handcrafted furniture,… read more Characteristically casual and cozy, country decorating is all about comfort. Use our helpful tips and tricks to give your home a classic look that's anything but expected. Country Home Country Home

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Pottery Barn We now offer international shipping through global provider, Borderfree. As you shop, you will see prices in your selected currency. You can change where you would like to ship your items in the top right corner of our website. To learn more about international shipping, please visit our International Orders page. Some items are not eligible for international shipping.
Birth of a Home This past weekend, while trying to edit down some of the 20,000 photos on my hard drive (which make my computer zip along at glacial speed), I stumbled across some photos of our house as it looked when we purchased it in 2008, and was slightly startled to see the extent of the transformation that's taken place. In the predictable fashion of all home renovations, ours inched forward in fits, starts and the occasional halt and although it continued to slowly metamorphosize before our eyes, it wasn't until I compared the "before" and "after" shots that I really was able to see the change in character our house has undergone. (Kitchen, before) Birth of a Home
youpix pics O mercado de REAL STATE (fala-se: rrrrio isteiti) está aquecido no Brasil. Tem gente comprando a casa própria, gente alugando, gente indo morar junto, separando… é gente morando de todo jeito. Assim, de acordo com o Google, o interesse do brasileiro por “blogs de decoração” vem subindo vertiginosamente nos últimos anos (veja o gráfico aqui). Se você é uma dessas pessoas em busca do assunto, fizemos uma seleção com o melhor do mundo dos aplicativos e da internet gringa e brasileira para o seu deleito visual e referencial. youpix pics
Conheça em detalhes o apartamento de Sheldon, Leonard e Penny em Big Bang Theory | Páprica" | Cultura Pop com Tempero Conheça em detalhes o apartamento de Sheldon, Leonard e Penny em Big Bang Theory | Páprica" | Cultura Pop com Tempero Quem assiste The Big Bang Theory certamente já se sente em casa no apartamento de Sheldon e Leonard e também no da vizinha de porta Penny. Mas será que você já imaginou a disposição das peças e como seria a planta baixa desses apartamentos? A artista Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde os desenhou e publicou em seu deviantART.


If you’re a mom-to-be like me, or a newish mom still shopping for baby gear, I hope this post is somewhat helpful to you! My blog friend, Lesley Myrick, who just had her baby boy a few days ago (congrats, Lesley!), asked me what my baby registry essentials are and shared a link to her blog where she documented all the stuff on her wish list for feeding, sleeping, baby care and travel. Inspired by her post, I thought I’d do the same. decor8
Hej alla blomstervänner, Lång time no see men här är jag(Gerda från Idémakeriet) igen:) Jag visade på min egen blogg dessa ullägg redan i måndags, meningen var att detta inlägg också skulle ligga här då men så blev det inte, men nu så........... Har ni hört talas om nålfiltning någon gång? Man kan säga att detta är en sorts tovning med hjälp av en särskild nål. Det är ett sätt att skulptera i ull med hjälp av en nål. Filtnålen har små hullingar som gör att ullen tovas ihop då man sticker upprepade gånger i den. Man kan kan använda en nålfiltmatta men jag har använt ett frigolitägg som bas. Blomsterverkstad
SaucyDwellings Hey! So, I'm not sure if anyone is interested in all of this but we moved into a 4 bedroom house a few weeks back and it was a shit hole. Sorry to be blunt but it just WAS. Holy moly! My uncle rented it out to 5 different people who NEVER paid the rent so he had to evict them.
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the style files I do love an all white home but with children it is not very practical. But Paula Ekland has four children and the white color scheme in her family home in The Netherlands seems to work. Paula: “The more white I added, the calmer I felt”. I have featured some images of the Ekland family’s home before (for example you can see the photo with kids drawings here) but I was happy to find more pretty pictures of this home on the IKEA FAMILY LIVE website. (images from IKEA FAMILY LIVE)


One of my biggest goals on the site this year, as well as Kristina’s, was to expand the type of kitchen and food related content we offer. Kristina has posted over 300 delicious recipes on Design*Sponge so far, but we wanted to dig deeper and learn more about the people behind those recipes. From what their daily lives are like and what tools they swear by to what inspires them and the work they create, this year we’re adding a few new columns in the food section that are devoted to bringing you the same sort of practical information, tips and tools that our new design columns do.
Oggi vi propongo due idee per la tavola: una super classica e romantica, l'altra neon con molti dettagli hand made. Io avrò una tavola molto tradizionale il 24 ma per il pranzo di Natale punto su pom pom ed un boschetto di abeti di carta. E voi avete qualche idea? Vi prego, fate qualcosa di speciale! A casa mia, o meglio a casa dei miei, non c'era mai nulla di speciale se non un'orribile tovaglia rossa o con decori natalizi. Le Frufrù