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36 Free Pets Sewing Patterns. From $3 IKEA Floor Mat To Fabulous Floor Pouf. Wanna know how a couple of these striped rugs become this cushy piece of bum lovin'?

From $3 IKEA Floor Mat To Fabulous Floor Pouf

Well, sit down and relax. Let me start from the beginning. I happened upon these beauties a while back whilst browsing on West Elm's website. What a great {and fashionable} extra seating option, I thought. {I don't know how it is at your house, but when we get the whole fam together, it always seems like we are running out of seating. If money were no option, I probably would have just bought them directly from West Elm. I don't know if I am just picky {or cheap...or both}, but I couldn't find any fabric that "spoke" to me. No angelic light, no overflowing of emotion. They are $3 rugs from IKEA. All you need is:mediocre sewing skills {by that I mean, the ablility to "fudge it" a little and sew in a straight line}. A Zipper {optional, but with five kids I needed my pouf cover to be removable/washable...this is where my fudging skills came in...didn't know how to sew in a zipper til I did it.

Rug Floor Pillow at Joann. Fleece Dog Bed Tutorial. Loki got a new bed today and the weather held out for photos, so you all get a new tutorial!

Fleece Dog Bed Tutorial

Read below to learn how to make this cute fluffy fleece dog bed! I’ve made… four of these now? At least four. Anyway, you can make these all different heights and diameters (π is your friend). Loki already loves it, he’s sleeping on it right now under my desk. You’ll need 1 1/4 yards of fleece. I cut the 26″ square first, then folded in it fourths. (If you buy 1 1/3 yards, you can squeeze out 28″ circles, but not much more than that.) Now, sew the long pieces together on the short side, right sides together, to make once long piece. Now mark the halfway points on both circles. Now take one circle and place it right sides together with the long piece, matching the center seam to the center point.

Sew in both directions starting from this center point/seam to 4″ from the other center point. 105 Free Pets Knitting Patterns. Dog Toys For Heavy Chewers. Free Projects To Sew For Pets. 16 DIY Gift Ideas For Your Pets. Everyone needs to spoil their furry friends once in a while and what better way to do this than make them a special homemade gift.

16 DIY Gift Ideas For Your Pets

We have collected our favorite DIY pet gift ideas to get you inspired. 1. How To Make Cute Pet ID Tags - Make your pet some cute and stylish pet ID tags. Make sure your pet is the the coolest four legged creature on the block with these ultra hip pet tags. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Free Sewing Patterns - Pets & Toys. Personalized Pet Collar.

Fabric Leash. As promised I have finished up one doggie-inspired project and I am offering it here for you to try.

Fabric Leash

It is really simple, pretty quick and I've got a few photos to walk you through it. Then after you're finished you can walk your dog with it. Materials:*one six foot length of cotton canvas strapping-whatever width you desire, but at least one inch*3 cut strips of fabrics, equal in length and width to your strapping*one of those metal thingermaginggins that latches to the collar, readily available at your hardware store*heavy duty sewing machine needles Step one: Stitch one strip of the fabric to the strapping-very close to the edges on each side. You'll want to cover this stitching with the edging later. Step two: On the remaining 2 strips of fabric, fold the edges in and press so that the edges meet in the middle. Step three: Fold in lengthwise once more down the center and press so that raw edges are tucked away. Mixed Collections Of Free Patterns. Crochet. Free Sewing, Costume, & Quilt Patterns -

Sewing Patterns - Many Printable Patterns. Free Patterns. Top 100 Sewing Tutorials Of 2009. Free Sewing Projects. Description: Easy pajama tutorial.

Free Sewing Projects

By using your old pajamas as a pattern, they can be sewn in any size. Free Patterns - Your Style Rocks. Design by rma / Pattern by Your Style Rocks!

Free Patterns - Your Style Rocks

This is the pattern for the 1950s inspired dress that rma designed for our "Past Perfect" contest. It can be worn with a petticoat or you can just leave it away if you prefer a more floaty look for your skirt. We made our own embellishment for the top but of course you can use something off-the-shelf as well. Ours is detachable, so we can always decide whether we're in the mood for some extra attention or not! :-) Please consult our size comparison table, our table of body measurements and the "Patterns" section of our FAQs before you download and print a pattern.

Top Sewing Tutorials From Mother Huddle. The Mother Huddle Top Sewing Tutorials Hey friends!

Top Sewing Tutorials From Mother Huddle

I am working on a complete index for the sewing tutorials broken down by category. Sewing Stuff - Free Sewing Patterns. Sewing Tutorials + Sewing Tips. CHICKPEA SEWING STUDIO: Diaper Burp Cloth Tutorial. What you'll need: not much....

CHICKPEA SEWING STUDIO: Diaper Burp Cloth Tutorial

Some 3-ply cloth diapers, scraps of fabrics two inches longer than the diaper and two inches wider than the center fold. Some pins, white thread, scissors, a sewing machine with a zig-zag stitch and a steam iron. First, pre-wash the diapers with baby laundry detergent or at least 'free and clear' stuff. Put the diapers in the dryer to shrink. Prep-Work: Cut the bands of fabric to be 2 inches longer than the diaper you are using and 2 inches wider than the center fold. Now, fold under and steam press each short side so that it's about a 1/4" smaller than the diaper. Repeat this process on the long sides to fit the center fold. Diaper Maker Directory. - A Community for Crafts and DIY Projects with Free Craft Ideas, Inspiration, Advice and More. DLTK's Crafts for Kids. Free Sewing & Knitting Patterns : The WAHM Mall™ Home : Shop. Home Decor - Martha Stewart. Projects. Moogly. Online Photo Editor & Collage Maker.

A knit and crochet community. Yarn, Knitting Patterns, Crochet Patterns. Free Embroidery & Sewing Patterns at US Art Supply - The Arts & Crafts Superstore. Patten Finder: Search. Donna's Crochet Designs Blog of Free Patterns.

Crochet Patterns.