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Easily Turn Google Spreadsheets into Online Flashcards. Classic Fairy Tales. What time is it? Classroom Timers - Fun Timers. We've decided to put our new fun timers, and timers for classrooms into a nice sub-section.

Classroom Timers - Fun Timers

These are great timers for children, or maybe meetings, or anything really. They just add some extra fun to the usual countdown timers :-) The Weather - Learn English Basics. Kids Korner - Teacher Feature. Acknowledgements Kids Korner is made possible by the creative, talented and dedicated team consisting of the following: Valerie Williams Valerie Williams, Apogee’s Art Director and Lead Artist is the creator and artistic talent behind Kids Korner.

Kids Korner - Teacher Feature

In the late 90s, after producing hundreds of illustrations and animations for Apogee online courses and Internet content over the years, it occurred to Valerie that these expensive art elements could be re-purposed for communicating complicated energy concepts to children. Encouraged by the enthusiastic reaction she received from our utility customers, Valerie undertook the design and began the curriculum development of what has become one of the most elaborate and comprehensive energy education sites around.

Margaret M. Margaret M. Michael Overstreet, Product Manager Michael Overstreet is Apogee’s Kids Korner Product Manager and the mastermind of the site’s programming and navigational design. Susan Gilbert, Curriculum Development. English for kids. We offer hundreds of ready-to-print materials for presenting, practising and revising basic English vocabulary and grammar: reference cards, flashcards, worksheets, crossword and wordsearch puzzles, tests, quizzes, board / card games, song lyrics, holiday activities and crafts, and more.

English for kids

Enjoy! Terms of useYou are free to download, print and copy any resource from this site for your personal or classroom use only. Do not feel free, though, to alter, sell, or put them on another web site. ABC ANIMALS »There are 26 animal worksheets. Each worksheet introduces kids to a different animal, and includes a variety of word games for practising and reinforcing new language. BASIC EXPRESSIONS »This section can help children develop their language skills. BASIC VOCABULARY »This section introduces pupils to basic English vocabulary grouped into 36 thematic topics, reflecting kids' interests.

All of the worksheets on this site are in pdf format. Asking For and Giving Street Directions English Exercise. Introduction: Anybody who has travelled to another country or city has got lost.

Asking For and Giving Street Directions English Exercise

Sometimes maps don't help, so you have to ask somebody for directions. If you're in a country where they don't speak your language, this can be difficult. At other times, you will have to give directions to people visiting your country. In many cases, people just follow the direction the person was pointing to, and hope they will find the place they are looking for. Storybird - Artful Storytelling. English for kids - Cartoons. LearnEnglish Kids. Moovly. LearningApps - interactive and multimedia learning blocks. English Books Daily.

ELLLO! Listening Games. English grammar lessons. Conditionals Definite & Indefinite Articles Other English grammar lessons can be boring.

english grammar lessons

After going through endless rules, and filling in gap fill exercises, one can begin to lose one's joy! But it doesn't have to be that way. Teaching Tips Start off by trying to elicit the grammar point from the students. A Note about my Grammar Lessons My English grammar lessons use the principle of eliciting the grammar from the students and on doing free practice. I hope you find my English grammar lessons useful and fun J. Random Picker. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 7 of The Best Chrome Apps for EFL... February 27, 2015 Today we are sharing with you some useful Chrome apps to help your students with their language learning.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 7 of The Best Chrome Apps for EFL...

These apps are particularly helpful for EFL and ESL learners. They (the apps) provide a wide variety of activities, games, flashcards and exercises on language practice. Almost all of them are geared towards solidifying students' vocabulary learning and empowering learners with a rich and diversified lexicon to assist them in their writing and reading comprehension. 1- Duolingo Google chose Duolingo as the best language app for 2014. 2- Flashcard Stash Flashcard Stash enables students to learn through the use of interactive flashcards. 3- iVocab iVocab is an ideal app for those preparing for GRE,TOEFL and SAT quizzes. 4- Vocabla Vocabla is another popular language learning app in the Chrome store. 5- Flashcards Flashcards is a good app for language practice. 6- Make Your Images Interactive - ThingLink. Create interactive flash tools / games for education.

Free internet audio mp3 player for personal websites. Stickymoose. Padlet is the easiest way to create and collaborate in the world. Mentimeter. Socrative. Voki Home. Jigsaw Planet - Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles. Kahoot! Simple free learning tools for students and teachers. Prezi. PhotoPeach - Fresh slideshows to go! European Schoolnet. - brainstorm and mind map online.