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#textbooks@create_your_english#communicative_course@create_your_english#professional_english@create_your_englishArmer Tamzen. Cambridge English for Scientists. (SB + TB + Audio)Cambridge English for Scientists develops the communication skills and specialist English language knowledge of science students and professionals, enabling them to communicate more confidently and effectively in their work or study environment.Expand text… Uniquely, this course focuses on both spoken and written communication, with each of the ten units relating to a case study based on real, published research. Related:  Good sitespatriciatobinbasterretxeae-learning

Naming Nouns Learn all about what nouns are and how to use them © 2012 This website is produced by the Student Recruitment, Admissions and International Development Division at The University of Manchester The Passive Voice. Video Lesson and Exercises. Here you have a video lesson on how to use the passive voice in different tenses and why, or when, we use it. After the video lesson you can do the online exercises. Here you have a series of online exercises on the passive voice. There are 4 sentences per exercise and there is a button that you can use to see the answer of each sentence. So you can actually write the answer, or just think of it and press the button to see if you were right. How to Use Online Video in Your Classroom It's one thing to talk about Mount St. Helens erupting in science class. It's another thing altogether to watch a video of the mountain's summit exploding into dust. Teachers all across the country are finding that judiciously chosen videos help students engage more deeply with the subject matter, and recall the information they've learned longer. "A lot of students these days expect information to be presented in a flashy, entertaining way, so videos can help draw them in," says Larry Sanger, executive director of WatchKnowLearn, a site that collects education-related videos. Your YouTube Primer Though YouTube is blocked in many classrooms because of inappropriate materials on the site, there are many valuable videos that do further learning. Short of joining the YouTube for Schools program, here are a other few ways to separate the wheat from the chaff: Limit your searches to respected sources. When choosing clips for the classroom, keep them short. First, register with YouTube.

English Books Michael Cunningham — By NightfallGenre: #contemporary_prose_mb Peter and Rebecca Harris: mid-forties denizens of Manhattan’s SoHo, nearing the apogee of committed careers in the arts—he a dealer, she an editor. With a spacious loft, a college-age daughter in Boston, and lively friends, they are admirable, enviable contemporary urbanites with every reason, it seems, to be happy. Then Rebecca’s much younger look-alike brother, Ethan (known in the family as Mizzy, “the mistake”), shows up for a visit. A beautiful, beguiling twenty-three-year-old with a history of drug problems, Mizzy is wayward, at loose ends, looking for direction. Like his legendary, Pulitzer Prize–winning novel, The Hours, Michael Cunningham’s masterly new novel is a heartbreaking look at the way we live now.

Art Babble - Videos and Lessons In Art History Art Babble is an excellent resource for art history students and teachers. I initially reviewed the site almost four years ago. Since then it has expanded and had an interface makeover that makes it better than ever. Art Babble is a video website designed and maintained by the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The purpose of Art Babble is to provide a place for people to learn about the creation of art, artists, and collections through quality video productions. Applications for EducationArt Babble has a section devoted to videos to help kids understand the significance of a select of famous paintings.

ESL without Photocopies Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Progressive - Lingolia English Introduction The present perfect simple and the present perfect progressive are both present tenses. They express an action that started in the past may be ongoing or just completed. The present perfect simple is used with action verbs to expresse a recently completed action, we use it to stress how much/how many times something has happened. The present perfect progressive is used to talk about ongoing actions that started in the past and are not yet completed, we use it to emphasise how long something has been going on. Learn the difference between the present perfect simple and the present perfect progressive in English grammar with Lingolia’s tense comparison charts. Example I am a receptionist at a nice little hotel next to my house. Today I’ve been very busy. Usage The chart below provides an overview of the differences between the English present perfect simple and present perfect progressive tenses. Signal Words Signal words can help us to recognise which tense to use in a sentence.

What is Interactive Teaching The first thing to realize about interactive teaching is that it is NOT something new or mysterious. If you are a teacher and you ask questions in class, assign and check homework, or hold class or group discussions, then you already teach interactively. Basically then (in my book), interactive teaching is just giving students something to do, getting back what they have done, and then assimilating it yourself, so that you can decide what would be best to do next. But, almost all teachers do these things, so is there more to it? To answer this question, one has to step away from teaching and think about learning. Over the last twenty years, the field of cognitive science has taught us a lot about how people learn. However, whatever the cause, without interacting with the students (in the simplest case by asking questions), a teacher has no way to know if his/her efforts to explain the topic were successful. The third may be termed "motivational".

Orca Book Publishers Orca Book Publishers get in touch © 2015 Orca Book Publishers. Culture Sector - Intangible Heritage - 2003 Convention : Description Mediterranean diet © 2008 par A. Skounti The Mediterranean diet constitutes a set of skills, knowledge, practices and traditions ranging from the landscape to the table, including the crops, harvesting, fishing, conservation, processing, preparation and, particularly, consumption of food. Documents Nomination form: English | French Consent of communities: French/Arabic Consent of communities: Italian/French/English Consent of communities: Greek/French/English Consent of communities: French/Spanish Decision 5.COM 6.41 The Committee (…) decides that [this element] satisfies the criteria for inscription on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity , as follows:

ESL, English Grammar Exercises, Video lessons,Quizzes, Vocabulary Exercises 2º ESO- MOSAIC 2 | Very easy english REFUERZO DE LA 1º Y 2º EVALUACIÓN Para aquellos que no habéis superado la evaluación, os adjunto este documento que debéis imprimir, trabajar y entregar en las fechas indicadas. Para el resto, no es obligatorio, este refuerzo os vendría muy bien , y las respuestas os la subiré al blog. PLANNING: 1ª Y 2ª Evaluación REFUERZO DE LA 1ª EVALUACIÓN Refuerzo 1ª evaluación IRREGULAR VERBS irregular-verbs Advertisements Like this: Like Loading...