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Dainik Khabar,Samachar. सामाजिक सञ्जालमा शालिकराम प्रकरणमा भ्रमको खेती, युट्युबरहरु आफै ‘प्रहरी’, आफै ‘अदालत’ ! काठमान्डौ ।

सामाजिक सञ्जालमा शालिकराम प्रकरणमा भ्रमको खेती, युट्युबरहरु आफै ‘प्रहरी’, आफै ‘अदालत’ !

Smartphone, pediatri: Mai usarli a scuola o durante i compiti a casa. Mai usare tablet e telefonino mentre si fanno i compiti o a tavola, quando la famiglia è riunita. Meglio tenerli spenti anche prima di andare a dormire. Sono regole chiare impartite da esperti della Società italiana di Pediatria (Sip) al termine di una ricerca che sarà presentata al 75° Congresso di Pediatria in calendario a Bologna.

Secondo lo studio, nove ragazzi adolescenti su dieci abusano dei nuovi dispositivi mobili. L’85% tra 11 e 17 anni, soprattutto se donne, lo usa quotidianamente. Il 60% controlla il telefonino la sera prima di cedere a Morfeo e appena riapre gli occhi al mattino. L’allarme dei pediatri è stato rilanciato anche dall’agenzia Ansa, perché per gli esperti il passo da abitudine a dipendenza può essere breve. सिंगापुरमा जारी विश्वकप क्रिकेट छनोटमा नेपालद्वारा सिंगापुर २२ रनले पराजित.

काठमाडौँ ।

सिंगापुरमा जारी विश्वकप क्रिकेट छनोटमा नेपालद्वारा सिंगापुर २२ रनले पराजित

सिंगापुरमा जारी उन्नाइस वर्षमुनिको विश्वकप क्रिकेट छनोट प्रतियोगिताअन्तर्गत आज भएको चौथो खेलमा नेपालले सिंगापुरलाई २२ रनले पराजित गरेको छ । सिंगापुरको इन्डियन एशोसिएसनको क्रिकेट मैदानमा भएको खेलमा टस जितेर ब्याटिङ गरेको नेपालले ४६ दशमलव ५ ओभरमा सबै विकेट गुमाउँदै १६८ रन बनायो । जवाफी ब्याटिङमा उत्रेको सिंगापुर ४६ दशमलव ५ ओभरमा सबै विकेट गुमाउँदै १४६ रनमा समेटियो । सिंगापुरका लागि रोहन रांगार्जनले २३, सिन अग्रवालले २१, सिद्धान्त सिंहले २५, युवराज सिंहले १९ र हन्सुल दीपले ३२ रन बनाए । सिंगापुरलाई १४६ रनमा रोक्ने क्रममा नेपालका कप्तान सन्दीप लामिछाने एक्लैले चार विकेट लिए । सूचना र प्रविधिको विकाससँगै सर्वसाधारणमा हुलाक सेवा प्रभावहीन बन्दै Traffic management in Kathmandu valley becoming tougher. Kathmandu, March 20: Everybody in Kathmandu Valley perhaps has had a nasty experience of its chaotic traffic.

Traffic management in Kathmandu valley becoming tougher

And, traffic management in the Valley has become knottier every passing year. Traffic management in the capital valley is becoming more and more difficult due to the growing population, increasing number of vehicles, limited and narrow roads and breaching of traffic rules by drivers and the pedestrians alike, according to experts. Moreover, the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division, the body established to regulate the vehicular traffic and maintain road safety in the Valley, lacks the required human resources to carry out its responsibilities in full steam. The first car was brought in Kathmandu by the then Rana rulers some 115 years back.

This vehicle brought from India was carried by people via Bhimphedi route for Kathmandu had no roads that time. PM advised to enhance goodwill during China visit. Kathmandu, March 23: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' has today consulted with the former Prime Ministers and China experts in connection with his six-day official visit to the People's Republic of China.

PM advised to enhance goodwill during China visit

The Prime Minister is embarking on a visit to the northern neighbour in the evening today to take part in the annual conference of Boao Forum for Asia. The conference is being held from March 23-26 in the Boao City of Hainan Province of the northern neighbour. During the consultations with the former PMs and China experts at his official residence in Baluwatar, the Prime Minister took suggestions from and heard the views of the former prime ministers and experts regarding the topics of mutual interests that should be raised during his multilateral meetings with the Chinese leaders. After attending the Boao Forum for Asia annual conference, Prime Minister Prachanda will travel to Beijing where he will be holding a meeting with the Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Human rights situation not satisfactory in Karnali. Jumla, April 7: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has underlined the human rights scenario in Karnali as being not satisfactory.

Human rights situation not satisfactory in Karnali

NHRC member Govinda Sharma Poudyal made the remark during an interative programme on 'Current Scenario of Human Rights, Election Monitoring and Challenges' organized by NHRC Sub Regional Office, Jumla on Thursday. The Poudyal – led team which arrived in Jumla has insisted on the 'fragile human rights situation'. Although the road construction has brought about simple changes in the civilians' lifestyle it has not made them live a real life, Poudyal shared. "When we look deeper, we see that women have cracked and ridged feet, they are becoming mothers at young age with wrinkles; we found men playing cards when women worked by carrying their babies piggyback," he said. Poudyal further underlined the delicate human rights situation of women and children than that of men.

World Bank and INFO DEV. conducted "AgriBusiness Boot Camp 2017" in Nepal. Laxman Paudel, a resident of Dang district, used to serve as a policeman.

World Bank and INFO DEV. conducted "AgriBusiness Boot Camp 2017" in Nepal

During the Maoist insurgency, he quit the job due to pressure from the Maoists. But he struggled to make out a living for him and his family. So, he worked as a vendor selling wrist watches in the tourist town of Pokhara. His business wasn’t that good. So, one of his friends suggested to him to start selling spices instead. The friend who provided him with materials sent him to India to train at a spice production factory. Paudel participated in a two-month “AgriBusiness Boot Camp 2017” recently hoping to expand his enterprise effectively.

The first ever boot camp has been held to promote agricultural business where along with Paudel altogether 25 businesspeople and 50 participants had attended. At the boot camp, the 25 business people have been harnessing their skills to uplift their enterprises. लाउडा प्रकरण : अलमलमा निगम, लाउडाको पौने २ अर्ब बेरुजु मलेसिया एक नेपाली युवाको मृत्यु भोटेकोशी नदीको लार्चा पुल भाँचियो, यातायात आवागमन बन्द.