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Project-Based Learning

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Sample Topics to Explore with the Inquiry Model. Inquiry-Based Lesson Plans. Inquiry Learning Student understanding is the central focus of inquiry learning.

Inquiry-Based Lesson Plans

Students actively participate in inquiry learning experiences by developing questions and investigating to find solutions. Scholastic Canada Education—Teaching Tip of the Month. March 2013 • Sue Jackson Once you have a classroom environment which promotes curiosity, fascination, and mindfulness, students begin to raise questions and seek answers through the inquiry process.

Scholastic Canada Education—Teaching Tip of the Month

Because the framing of a good question is the driving force in any inquiry, let's explore: What makes a good question for inquiry-based projects? Any question that matters to students is a good question. If students are genuinely interested in the answer and learning about the topic, then the question is worthy of investigation. 'Quick Find' questions are information gathering questions, closed in nature but important to the understanding of a topic (e.g., What kinds of clothing did the Incas wear? Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Video. Project-based Learning. Teach21 Project Based Learning. Edutopia stw maine project learning six step rubric planning successful projects. Project Based Learning.