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Top 5 ESL Games for Teenagers: Try Them Out Today - ESL Speaking. Teaching English to teenagers can be quite difficult because they are notorious for not really wanting to participate in class.

Top 5 ESL Games for Teenagers: Try Them Out Today - ESL Speaking

They are often shy, tired, and haven’t chosen to take your English class. However, help is here with these top five ESL games for teenagers that are guaranteed to get your teenage students participating in class, speaking English, and having fun despite themselves. Try out just a few of these ESL games for teenagers and you’ll notice that students like your class, like you, and will begin to like English more and more each day.

Concentration ESL Memory Game. Log In - New York Times. Create and Perform a Radio Play - The Theatrefolk Blog. Radio plays are theatrical performances that are purely auditory; they’re meant to be performed on the radio, hence the name!

Create and Perform a Radio Play - The Theatrefolk Blog

There is no visual aspect, so performers must rely on their vocal performances as well as sound effects and music to convey the story to the audience. Radio plays are fantastic for students to practice and develop many performance skills like projection, diction, and using emotion, without the pressure of actually getting up and performing in front of others. It also gives students the opportunity to creatively work with playwriting, selecting appropriate music, and creating sound effects. The following exercise gives students the chance to create their own radio play using a children’s story as the source material.

Lesson Planning - What Does it Look Like in 2016? - Teacher Tech. I love the templates Google is putting out for Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms.

Lesson Planning - What Does it Look Like in 2016? - Teacher Tech

I have not put in the effort yet to be a design wizard so having some templates to start with really helps! I am disappointed however with Reading Rainbow, who made a lesson plan template for Google Docs. There is very little that is innovative about this template; it is the same design from 30 years ago. I appreciate the section that asks for implicit consideration of different types of learners, but is this the only thing that has changed over the last few decades? Culture Has Changed. 10 Activities - Using Pictures in Class - ELT Connect. A picture speaks a thousand words!

10 Activities - Using Pictures in Class - ELT Connect

And you can get your students speaking just as many by using pictures in class. Check out these fun and engaging communicative activities below. Past Continuous Tense vs. Past Simple: Mysterious Stalker (ESL Video) Synopsis of English / ESL Video Watch the suspense thriller short about Elissa and the mysterious stalker & present the past continuous tense vs. past simple to students in a pre-intermediate level lesson.

Past Continuous Tense vs. Past Simple: Mysterious Stalker (ESL Video)

Title of English / ESL Video Elissa and the Mysterious Stalker Target English Grammar Past Continuous Tense vs. 5 Good Lesson Planning Tools for Teachers. In yesterday’s post we reviewed web tools that you can use to create interactive lessons, lessons that integrate a wide variety of multimedia materials.

5 Good Lesson Planning Tools for Teachers

In today’s post, we are sharing with you another collection of web tools in the same direction. These are tools to help you with your lesson planning. Besides allowing you to design engaging teaching materials, they also provide you with practical functionalities to monitor students learning and track their progress using features such as quizzes and discussions. 1- PlanbookEdu ‘PlanbookEdu takes the hassle out of lesson planning. The Basics of Course Planning. As the new academic year comes closer, many of you will be starting to plan your upcoming courses.

The Basics of Course Planning

Educational courses are usually governed by the basic principles of Curriculum Design and language courses are no exception. These principles included, among other things, the following: Course goalsCourse objectivesCourse materials However, for many in the English Language Teaching world course design isn’t an integral part of planning and preparation, though it probably should be. Most language teachers simply receive a coursebook from the school and are told to teach it over the course of the year. English Listening Lesson: Tesla. Listening level: 3 Audio file: 2:10 min Story length: 293 words Warm Up Quiz Here is a quick quiz.

English Listening Lesson: Tesla

The words in the quiz are in the story. This review will help your listening. Finish the quiz before reading or listening to the story. Audio. The Seven Best Short Films for ELT Students - Kieran Donaghy. I’ve been writing lesson plans designed around short films for my website Film English for six years.

The Seven Best Short Films for ELT Students - Kieran Donaghy

Teachers often ask me how I find the short films I use in my lesson plans. The answer is quite simple: I’ve watched literally thousands of short films and developed an instinct for the type of engaging and simple short films which will work in the ELT classroom. 3 Amazing Videos to Raise Awareness and Get Your Learners Talking! - DreamreaderDreamreader. I recently posted a blog post on Language Teaching Professionals about three awesome videos to inspire your learners.

3 Amazing Videos to Raise Awareness and Get Your Learners Talking! - DreamreaderDreamreader

It was very well received so I thought I would do another post about videos. Click here if you haven’t read that post. Today I have chosen three more of my favorite videos that I show to inform my learners. All these videos got a fantastic response, so I hope you will find them useful. I teach at a university in Japan, and I considered all three to be suitable for adults. The DNA Journey – Momondo The first is a video I came across quite recently and it has a very powerful message. ESL Speaking Murder Mystery Game.

Learn English with a Murder Mystery This is a 15 to 20 minute group work fluency exercise. Each person is one character. There are 12 characters in the game. If you have a large class, consider splitting the class into smaller groups. Leo’s bad luck – a lesson plan. Ever since I read the great Listening in the Language Classroom by John Field, the book on developing listening skills, I became quite passionate about the need to consistently help learners cope with high frequency grammar structures in authentic speech, incorporating authentic listening work into grammar work.

In the previous lesson on this blog the focus was on the way modals are pronounced.