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Facebook Twitter Worksheets, Lesson Plans, Teacher Resources, and Rubrics from Rubrics for Web Lessons. Introduction How often have you attempted to grade your students' work only to find that the assessment criteria were vague and the performance behavior was overly subjective?

Rubrics for Web Lessons

Would you be able to justify the assessment or grade if you had to defend it? The Rubric is an authentic assessment tool which is particularly useful in assessing criteria which are complex and subjective. Authentic assessment is geared toward assessment methods which correspond as closely as possible to real world experience. It was originally developed in the arts and apprenticeship systems, where assessment has always been based on performance. An Education & Child Development Site for Parents. Kids Science Experiments - Kids Science Projects including, gravity, lights, floating, sinking, mixing, separating, absorption, magnets, heat, pressure, and getting reactions that are all fun, easy and exciting.

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