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Why America’s obsession with STEM education is dangerous. If Americans are united in any conviction these days, it is that we urgently need to shift the country’s education toward the teaching of specific, technical skills.

Why America’s obsession with STEM education is dangerous

Every month, it seems, we hear about our children’s bad test scores in math and science — and about new initiatives from companies, universities or foundations to expand STEM courses (science, technology, engineering and math) and deemphasize the humanities. And It Turns Out That's A Better Way To Learn. Elementary school has always looked a little bit like training for a traditional office job: You show up at 8 or 9, sit at your desk, and fill out paperwork for most of the day.

And It Turns Out That's A Better Way To Learn

An average third grader might spend as much as six hours sitting in the classroom--only a little less time than the average office worker spends sitting at work. 10 talks from inspiring teachers. Professor John Keating of “The Dead Poets Society.”

10 talks from inspiring teachers

Calculus teacher Jaime Escalante of “Stand and Deliver.”

Learning styles

5 Bold Predictions For The Future Of Higher Education. The future of higher education is a constantly moving target.

5 Bold Predictions For The Future Of Higher Education

Everything from the emergence of MOOCs to new learning styles and mounting financial and sustainability pressures are impacting the education landscape. Every day higher education leaders are developing new strategies to leverage across these developing challenges and opportunities. The common denominator amidst all this change: students. What should they learn? How can institutions best attract them? Here are five bold predictions for how the answers to those questions will define the future of education. 1: Academic Curricula Will Become More Multi-Disciplinary Current models--reliant upon departmental space where curriculum is developed and fostered independent of the university at large--must change. Gamification by @victormanriquey. The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In Education. Interactive Graphic: What iPad Donations Reveal About Schools In America.’s novel approach to providing teachers with up-to-date educational materials landed the company on the cover of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies issue this month.

Interactive Graphic: What iPad Donations Reveal About Schools In America

By giving teachers a forum to ask for school project funds, the company has raised $225 million from almost 1.2 million citizen philanthropists. Desastre educativo. Confirman que la mayoría de los muchachos de Colombia no aprenden nada o casi nada en la escuela y de allí salen ignorantes a su vida laboral, incapaces de mejorar sus condiciones de vida, condenados a la pobreza.

Desastre educativo

El sistema educativo colombiano, que gasta billones de pesos, emplea a cientos de miles de maestros y acapara los mejores años de vida de millones de jóvenes, es un fracaso. Las cifras son dramáticas. Entre 65 países, el nuestro ocupa el puesto 62 en matemáticas, el 57 en lectura y el 59 en competencia científica. La OECD anota que los datos de competencias matemáticas de Colombia no son significativamente distintos que los de los tres peores países —Qatar, Indonesia y Perú—.

Estamos, literalmente, en el fondo de la tabla. Los resultados de Colombia en 2012, divulgados el pasado martes, son peores que los de 2009 (aunque los funcionarios muestran, con razón, una leve mejoría frente a los de 2006). Existe el riesgo de que tampoco se haga nada en los próximos años. How Skype Became The Ultimate Free Teaching Tool. When I arrived at Loyola Elementary School in the Silicon Valley area, I was met by Ellen Kraska, a Technology Integration Specialist who helps teachers in Los Altos bring all sorts of digital projects--movies, digital storytelling, music--into the classroom.

How Skype Became The Ultimate Free Teaching Tool

A Playful 3-D Puzzle That Becomes A Working Radio. Despite how often we use our electronic devices, most of us don’t have much of an idea of what goes on inside them.

A Playful 3-D Puzzle That Becomes A Working Radio

Soldering, circuitry, silicon--it all seems technical and intimidating, and until we’re in some sort of post-apocalyptic situation in which I need to fashion an emergency radio out of a coat hanger and some old cellphone parts, I’m pretty much okay with leaving the guts inside the gadgets. But as part of the designers in residence program at the London Design Museum, Japansese designer Yuri Suzuki, in conjunction with the electronics education group Technology Will Save Us, made those guts the star of the show. Ayah Bdeir: Building blocks that blink, beep and teach.


Design thinking y educación. Redesigning Education: Building Schools for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. "It is the tension between creativity and skepticism that has produced the stunning and unexpected findings of science.

Redesigning Education: Building Schools for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

" --Carl Sagan Not since the Soviets launched Sputnik into Earth's orbit in the 1960s has there been such urgency for America to redesign science and math education programs. Now, in the third millennium, the initiative takes the form of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education. Research demonstrates that interest among American students in STEM subjects has greatly declined, a major issue given that the STEM labor force is an indicator of a nation's ability to sustain itself. The new STEM initiative will launch with a bold mission: to reengage students in the joys of learning science and mathematics at all levels of education. The launch is well underway.

Workshop image courtesy of the American Architectural Foundation Now is the time to reflect on the reasons for students' disengagement from science and technology subjects. Education Futures.


5 Lessons In UI Design, From A Breakthrough Museum. Museums today compete for attention in a wildly difficult environment: If you’re a youngster, why stare at a Greek urn when you could blow one up in a video game?

5 Lessons In UI Design, From A Breakthrough Museum

One institution thinking deeply about the challenge is the Cleveland Museum of Art, which this month unveiled a series of revamped galleries, designed by Local Projects, which feature cutting-edge interactivity. We Are The People We've Been Waiting For. 10 Lessons from Einstein. Re-imagining school. 10 New Education Companies to Watch (Plus 3 More for Extra Credit) Helping Children Around the World to Read and Learn. What Schools Can Learn From Google, IDEO, and Pixar. 10 Ways That Mobile Learning Will Revolutionize Education. Smartphones and tablet computers are radically transforming how we access our shared knowledge sources by keeping us constantly connected to near-infinite volumes of raw data and information.

We enjoy unprecedented instant access to expertise, from informal cooking lessons on YouTube to online university courses. Every day people around the globe are absorbed in exciting new forms of learning, and yet traditional schools and university systems are still struggling to leverage the many opportunities for innovation in this area. Recently frog has been researching how learning models are evolving—and how they can be improved—via the influence of mobile technologies. We’ve found that the education industry needs new models and fresh frameworks to avoid losing touch with the radically evolving needs of its many current and potential new constituencies. Daphne Koller: What we're learning from online education. Infographic of the Day: Even Poor Countries Can Excel in Education.

Sitting comfortable in our first-world lives, it's easy to assume that we've got the best of everything. And it's easy to assume that problems of infant mortality, hunger and education are simply a matter of having a roaring GDP. Shabana Basij-Rasikh: Dare to educate Afghan girls. 10x10 - Educate Girls. Change the World. Can These Simple Cartoons Help Redesign Education? Private tuition: Premium economy.