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Diseño utópico

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Acupuntura territorial. Ecosistema antropico. Cyborgs. Visones utopicas. Utopías creadas. Felicidad. Tendencias y noticias. A Purpose in Life for Two Buck Chuck. Una Pregunta similar es hecha a padres y a sus hijos las diferencias son espléndidas. Increíble vídeo de Bogotá en 1946 antes del bogotazo. A Color. 7 Insane Things Walt Disney Proposed For The First Disneyland. BoingBoing snagged a rare copy of Walt Disney's original--and completely insane--proposal for Disneyland.

7 Insane Things Walt Disney Proposed For The First Disneyland

Some of the ideas in the proposal can be traced, directly or indirectly, to the eventual park; Tomorrowland made it into the final version, and Disney's "Liliputian Land," where nine-inch-tall robots talk to guests, is a clear predecessor to the "It's a Small World" ride. Then there are . . . the other ideas. The ones that weren't practical then, aren't practical now, and won't be practical in the future. The ones that violate laws on interstate commerce and animal cruelty. The ones that have yet to become affordable enough to provide. 1.

Bibliographie sur la sociologie de l'imaginaire. Powers of Ten™ (1977) Facebook, Google, And Sony Are Getting Ready To Fight A Cyberpunk War. Stunning Photographs Show How We're Using And Abusing The World's Water. After spending the last five years traveling across the world photographing how humans interact with water--from the massive new Xiluodu Dam in China, six times larger than the Hoover, to the Kumbh Mela festival in India, where 30 million people gather to bathe in the Ganges at the same time--Edward Burtynsky doesn’t take water for granted anymore.

The Mobile Homeless Shelter Of The Future. Winfried Baumann's creations look like some sort of art joke.

The Mobile Homeless Shelter Of The Future

Over the past 13 years, the German artist has affixed solar panels and laptop trays to shopping carts, stuffed padded mattresses in what appear to be hot dog carts, and created what can only be described as a suitcase for your body. But these aren't any sort of parody: Built in response to a set of real needs for those living on the street, Baumann's "Instant Housing" pieces imagine a future in which those who want to can comfortably live nomadic urban lifestyles, with as much as possible packed in as little space as necessary.

Later this year, Baumann will be publishing a collection of these efforts in a book, appropriately called Urban Nomads. Gentrificación. Gentrificación (del inglés, gentrification) es un proceso de transformación urbana en el que la población original de un sector o barrio deteriorado y con pauperismo es progresivamente desplazada por otra de un mayor nivel adquisitivo a la vez que se renueva.


An Illustrated Guide To What's Really Happening In San Francisco, Outside The Tech Boom. San Francisco has gotten some pretty bad press as of late.

An Illustrated Guide To What's Really Happening In San Francisco, Outside The Tech Boom

The city's history as a hotbed of liberal movements has been overshadowed in the past few years by a rapidly growing tech sector that, as many residents tell it, threatens to swallow up San Francisco's culture at an unprecedented pace. The term "hypergentrification" may be an understatement. What's happening in San Francisco is more like warp-speed gentrification. Despite its changing character, San Francisco--like all cities--still holds on to some diverse communities and subcultures.

These are the people, places, and things that illustrator Wendy MacNaughton focuses on in her new book, Meanwhile, in San Francisco: The City in its Own Words. 10 citas "distópicas" que hoy dan miedo - Psicópatas Corp. Stunning Photos Of Earth From Above Will Change Your Outlook Of The Planet. When astronauts first went to the moon, the sight of Earth as a tiny blue sphere was such a transformative experience that it was later given a name: The “overview effect.”

Stunning Photos Of Earth From Above Will Change Your Outlook Of The Planet

Seen from a distance, surrounded only by a sliver of atmosphere, the planet suddenly seemed more vulnerable. Inspired by the same idea, a new website called Daily Overview also shows shots of Earth from above. From MIT, An Interactive Book That Makes You Feel Characters' Pain. Have you ever felt your pulse quicken when you read a book, or your skin go clammy during a horror story?

From MIT, An Interactive Book That Makes You Feel Characters' Pain

A new student project out of MIT wants to deepen those sensations. They have created a wearable book that uses inexpensive technology and neuroscientific hacking to create a sort of cyberpunk Neverending Story that blurs the line between the bodies of a reader and protagonist. Called Sensory Fiction, the project was created by a team of four MIT students--Felix Heibeck, Alexis Hope, Julie Legault, and Sophia Brueckner--who took part in Science Fiction To Science Fabrication class, a multimedia course that uses sci-fi as both inspiration and caution for the technology of the future. "I like to say that science fiction is like ethics for inventors," Brueckner tells Co.Design.

"Science fiction authors take notice of current trends in technology and extrapolate them into the future, warning us to be thoughtful about what we build. The Designs Of Star Wars 10 reasons why they are awesome ♣ essenmitsosse. Star Wars didn’t just became famous for its story or special-effects. The role of its groundbreaking designs shouldn’t be underestimated. Here are 10 reasons why the concept arts are masterpieces and what they can teach you about good concept-art. Reason №10 Proportion. Un ado compte extraire 7 millions de tonnes de plastique des océans. These Inspiring Designs Show Our Future Cities Built From Silk And Sand.

Every day, architect Magnus Larsson sits down and thinks about what future cities might be made of--synthetic spider silk, perhaps, or timber, or maybe sand.

These Inspiring Designs Show Our Future Cities Built From Silk And Sand

These aren’t just conceptual exercises or sci-fi visions. Larsson deliberately chooses materials that will be feasible to use in the near future, because he thinks societies need to change what they use to build. “We’re stuck in the concrete age,” Larsson says. “Concrete has really become this ever-present material that's almost impossible to get away from. It’s cheap, abundant, and easy to work with, and to an extent that’s good. Larsson, who now runs the London-based visualization studio Ordinary Ltd. with collaborator Alex Kaiser, began his dive into alternate materials several years ago as an architecture student. Beirutopia: Could Lebanon's capital become a garden city? Beirut has a chronic lack of green space. In search of a solution, Lebanese architect Wassim Melki has proposed covering the city's rooftops with trees. This computer generated image shows what Beirut's skyline would look like. Luc Schuiten.

Código deontológico. No se debe confundir la deontología con los códigos deontológicos.

Código deontológico

La deontología tiene un carácter más amplio, y puede incluir normas que no figuren en ningún código particular. El código deontológico es la aplicación de la deontología a un campo concreto. Very large planes: Airbus’s big bet. The capital-freeze index: Stop signs. The NSA Can Analyze Data From Way More People Than We Thought. Bill Gates on energy: Innovating to zero! The Americas / Projects / Broadway Malyan. "La misión principal de la escuela ya no es enseñar cosas" - 29.12.2008 - "La misión de la escuela ya no es enseñar cosas.

"La misión principal de la escuela ya no es enseñar cosas" - 29.12.2008 -

Eso lo hace mejor la TV o Internet. " La definición, llamada a suscitar una fuerte polémica, es del reconocido pedagogo italiano Francesco Tonucci. Pero si la escuela ya no tiene que enseñar, ¿cuál es su misión? Carl Sagan habla sobre el Zeitgeist. Take A Look At New York's Tiny, Secret Libraries. "The premise of Little Free Library is take-a-book, return-a-book," explains Ian Veidenheimer of The Architectural League of New York, who helped coordinate the project to bring these tiny libraries to New York.

Take A Look At New York's Tiny, Secret Libraries

When the project has deployed in other cities, the books are usually guarded by a small "book shelter" in the shape of a bird house, but in New York they gave it a more design-centric treatment. Since 2009, the Little Free Library project has brought thousands of micro-libraries to towns and cities across the world. The Beast With A Billion Eyes. For every minute that passes in real time, 60 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. You can turn that number over in your mind as much as you want; at no point will it stop being incredible.

Sixty hours every minute. That's five months of video every hour. Zeitgeist Films - Žižek! Slavoj Zizek - Pensar Correctamente Es Cuestionar Correctamente. De la utopía al apocalipsis. John McMorrough, arquitecto en la firma Studio APT, y jefe del programa de arquitectura en el Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planing, plantea que la sociedad ha cambiado su paradigma de futuro icónico de la utopía al apocalipsis, y que eso se refleja en la arquitectura y el diseño. La utopía ha sido un estado al que la sociedad ha aspirado llegar desde hace mucho tiempo. Un lugar, un tiempo y un grupo de individuos perfectos, que realizan cosas perfectas, y bellas, donde todo es felicidad y armonía. El arte y el Diseño pueden generar grandes cambios en el mundo. Hola amigos y amigas Alguna ves se han preguntado si lo que hacemos de verdad puede contribuir a cambiar ciertos aspectos del mundo en el que vivimos actualmente? , si mediante lo que hacemos a diario podemos generar un futuro mejor?

Hoy tengo algo muy especial que compartir con todos ustedes, hoy quiero decirles que así nos digan lo que nos digan, el Arte y el Diseño si pueden transformar el mundo!!!! Open Design Now launch at DMY Berlin. A Metathinking Manifesto. The significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. – Einstein For several years now, I’ve been studying the intersection of technology, culture and communication, the impacts of social media, the relationship between creativity, innovation and design, and the potential of various futures.

Bjarke Ingels Group. HorizonTAL - science fiction's contribution. A Mobile Community Space In A Box, To Create A More Resilient Detroit.