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Thème 1 - Une longue histoire de la matière

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Librairie de molécules. Infographie moléculaire. MinUSc - Visualisation de Minéraux. LoadScript j/j2s/core/package.js loadScript j/j2s/core/corejmol.z.js loadScript j/j2s/core/corescript.z.js JSmol exec minusc start applet null Jmol JavaScript applet minusc__962796269851185__ initializing Jmol getValue debug null.

Librairie de molécules. Barite – Virtual Museum of Molecules and Minerals. LoadScript loadScript loadScript JSmol exec jmolApplet0 start applet null Jmol JavaScript applet jmolApplet0__396112398338685__ initializing.

Barite – Virtual Museum of Molecules and Minerals

Mineralogy Database. Search Webmineral. This search engine helps you find documents in the Mineralogy Database.

Search Webmineral

Here's how it works: you tell the search service what you're looking for by typing in keywords, phrases, or questions in the search box. The search service responds by giving you a list of all the Web pages in our index relating to those key words. The most relevant content will appear at the top of your results. Crystal Structure Databases. Open Database. AMCSD Mineral Index. Crystal Lattice Structures. This page offers a concise index of common crystal lattice structures.

Crystal Lattice Structures

A graphical representation as well as useful information about the lattices can be obtained by clicking on the desired structure below. This page currently contains links to 286 structures in 98 of the 230 space groups. Structures indexed by: References used in creating these pages. Programs used in creating these pages. Other sources of information about crystal lattices can be found at various sites around the Web. NRL policy prohibits mention of the creators of this page. Questions, comments, additions, and corrections are welcome, (Privacy Advisory) but first please read the FAQ.

Return to the Code 6390 Home Page. Mineralogy Database. WWW-MINCRYST - CRYSTALLOGRAPHIC DATABASE FOR MINERALS. Crystallographic and Crystallochemical Database for Minerals and their Structural Analogues Institute of Experimental Mineralogy Russian Academy of Sciences This project is supported by the Russian Foundation of Basic Research(grants: 15-07-08399, 12-07-00742-a, 07-07-00121-a; 04-07-90196, 01-07-90052, 96-07-89162) Including Cards with Unique Mineral names 4472 Java3D-applets CRYSTPIC-2005 and MIXIPOL-2006 are available !


NEW: How to adjust Java settings for successful work of applets 'WWW-Crystpic' and 'WWW-Mixipol' - here ATTENTION: (at April 2017) Unfortunately, at some point the latest versions of IE (for Win10), Firefox (> 50), Chrome refused to run Java applets WWW-CRYSTPIC and WWW-MixiPol even with the above-described Security settings. Downloading pdb-files. Below are a number of coordinate, forcefield and topology files that can be freely downloaded and used.

Downloading pdb-files

The coordinate files are in .pdb format and can be visualized with most molecular graphics programs. The forcefield and topology files are probably only useful together with the Gromacs set of molecular dynamics programs. Most of these files come from published work, but if you are going to use any of them in your own work, do double and triple check them.

I do not guarantee that they are error-free, and if they cause your computer to burst into flames and your lab to burn down, don't blame me. If you find any errors, please let me know. In case anyone wonders what good alamethicin files are: for many smaller membrane proteins they make useful starting structures. I'm interested in hearing about other sites that have phospholipid coordinates. NOTE: 3 carbons in dppc.itp had the wrong mass (off by 1 hydrogen mass) and 1 bond was too short (double instead of single bond). Library of PDB files (small molecules) DNA Molecules Page. Les Cristaux. C1.

Les Cristaux

L'état solide. C11. Définition de l'état solide. C'est l'état condensé de la matière obtenu par solidification d'un liquide par condensation d'un gaz . C12. Une entité chimique désigne des espèces toutes identiques les unes aux autres (atomes, ions, molécules). C13. Un solide cristallin d'un assemblage périodique régulier d'entités (atomes, ions, molécules). Dans un solide amorphe l'assemblage est désordonné. Daniel CIF files Library. Keyword(s), case insensitive Download your file or contact directly for availability of the required file Test a combination of keywords in the following categories: Chemical formula, possibly several (ex: lab6, or lab6 yba2cu3o7 ...)

Daniel CIF files Library

Mineral name (ex: calcite ...) Element (ex: O, Bi O, ...) Submit also the ones you would like to appear here ... Structures Libraries. Free crystal structures to go with our software.

Structures Libraries

CrystalMaker X includes an integrated library of approximately 1200 structures: expertly curated, with annotation, metadata and preview - designed for rapid searching and instant display. This library includes over 400 rock-forming minerals, as well as hybrid structures (MOFs, ZIFs, Clathrates), other inorganics and organic structures of technological importance. RA19 Lycee G 1er ES T1 Essentiel sur la theorie cellulaire 1180453. RA19 Lycee G 1 MATH Enseignement scientifique cristaux 1149348.