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Télecharger cours gratuits Fusion et Publipostage, par l'interface et en VBA. WORD 2003 - Introduction. Boutons modes d'affichage.

WORD 2003 - Introduction

Rédigez facilement des documents avec Word. Wikis in der Schule. Ein Wiki ist ein Medium, das durch seine offene Struktur für viele Anwendungsfälle geeignet sein kann.

Wikis in der Schule

Es ist vergleichbar mit der Universalität einer Wandtafel, wobei das Wiki gleichzeitig eine Archivfunktion beinhalten kann. Film & Video. Sie sind hier: Medienwelten > Film & Video > Film & Video.

Film & Video

The Gallery of Teaching and Learning - Home. «Nextgeneration Learning» Live Online Collaboration Blog. CHECK.point-elearning.de. Website & Collaboration Tools. Video and Conferencing Tools.


Dashboard Everything. Schule. Outils 2.0 : formation et travail. Le programme de recherche européen LEAD a développé un outil d'apprentissage qui associe communication interactive et modules de gestion de projet.

Outils 2.0 : formation et travail

Les logiciels de travail collaboratif optimisent le travail en groupe des élèves. C'est en tout cas l'opinion du LEAD, un consortium de la commission européenne destiné à encourager la recherche notamment dans le secteur de l'e-learning. Des chercheurs de cette initiative européenne ont mis au point un logiciel partagé qui facilite en classe la résolution collective de problématiques. Creative Web 2.0 Learning » SlideShare. Web 2.0 Tools in Your Classroom » SlideShare. Carte 2009 des outils 2.0 pour les formateurs. News: Hybrid Education 2.0. What if you could teach a college course without a classroom or a professor, and lose nothing?

News: Hybrid Education 2.0

According to researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, there’s no "what if" about it. Earlier in the decade, Carnegie Mellon set out to design software for independent learners taking courses through the university’s Open Learning Initiative, an effort to make courses freely available to non-enrolled learners. But rather than merely making course materials available to non-students, like MIT's famous OpenCourseware project, Carnegie Mellon wanted to design courses that would respond to the individual needs of each student.

It currently has courses in 12 different subjects available on its Web site, mostly in math and science. Carnegie Mellon is not about to replace all its professors with computer programs. “At the most selective tier of colleges and universities, they have some significant interest in the existing model of residential education,” says Roger C. ‘Reinventing Higher Education’ Ten Best Practices for Teaching Online. J.

Ten Best Practices for Teaching Online

V. Boettcher, Ph.D. How to Write Learning Objectives that Meet Demanding Behavioral. For many, if not most teachers, learning objectives are central to all lesson plans they develop themselves or adapt from those written by others.

How to Write Learning Objectives that Meet Demanding Behavioral

That said, objectives that are used in education, whether they are called learning objectives, behavioral objectives, instructional objectives, or performance objectives are terms that refer to descriptions of observable student behavior or performance that are used to make inferences about learning - certainly the ultimate aim of all teaching. At some point, almost every teacher, especially new teachers and teacher education students, must learn to write these types of objectives. Features - Summary of Features - Feng Office. CODE: Evaluating Educational Technology. The Office of Postsecondary Education sponsors several initiatives to promote the use of technology in higher education: The Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education , stimulates innovation in education by distributing funds for curricular and pedagogical reform, dissemination of innovations, access to education, international education, assessment, and so forth.

CODE: Evaluating Educational Technology

Although FISPE is not explicitly focused on digital resources, technology-based projects do fit its overall aims. The Learning Anytime Anywhere Partnerships (LAAP) provides funds for "asynchronous, innovative, scalable, and nationally significant distance education projects. " The National Postsecondary Education Cooperative aims "to identify and communicate on-going and emerging issues germane to postsecondary education, and to promote the quality, comparability and utility of postsecondary data and information that support policy development, implementation, and evaluation. " Wikio - Informations- und Nachrichtenportal - surf and subscribe.

WikiMindMap. Gantter.com - web-based project management alternative. Online Interactive ELearning Teaching Resources. Curriculum 21 - Mapping the Global Classroom of the Future - Cl.


Open Mind » Blog-Archiv » Elgg: Social Networking Platform als O. Elgg - Open Source Social Networking Platform. Software. Email Hosting, CRM, Project Management, Office Suite, Document M. Free Online Course Materials. 100 Little Ways You Can Dramatically Improve Your Writing. It’s not only students at online colleges for creative writing who need good writing skills.

100 Little Ways You Can Dramatically Improve Your Writing

Solid writing skills open up career-boosting opportunities for professional writers and for those with aspirations beyond their basic job description. Journalists, fiction writers, scientists, teachers, business professionals, law students, and other professionals can all get ahead by inspiring and influencing others with their writing.

Whether you’re an undergraduate wanting tips to organize your papers; a novelist who needs help with character development; or a technical writer in search of tips to write more engaging copy, here are 100 little ways all of you can dramatically improve your writing. General These writing tips will help you work on your writing habits and style each day. Grammar and Spelling Tighten up your writing by paying careful attention to grammatical nuances, spelling errors and word usage. Creative Writing Business and Technical Writing Journalism Writer’s Block and Inspiration. Visual Understanding Environment.

Top 100 Tools for Learning 2009. 13 technologies I can't live without - Dangerously Irrelevant. We all have technologies that are absolutely essential to our day-to-day lives.

13 technologies I can't live without - Dangerously Irrelevant

Here is a baker’s dozen of mine… Google Reader. It took me a while, but I’ve now organized all of my feeds into category folders in Google Reader. I now can simply click on a folder name, scan the post titles for anything that grabs me (I keep Google Reader in List view, not Expanded view), star anything that I want to read and/or blog later, and then click on Mark All as Read to clear the list.

I’m currently staying on top of 434 feeds and it takes no more than 30 to 45 minutes per day. I use every one of these technologies nearly every day. Related posts. E-learning and Web 2.0 tools for schools. 100 Helpful Web Tools for Every Kind of Learner.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a learning style is a way in which an individual approaches learning. Many people understand material much better when it is presented in one format, for example a lab experiment, than when it is presented in another, like an audio presentation. Determining how you best learn and using materials that cater to this style can be a great way to make school and the entire process of acquiring new information easier and much more intuitive. Here are some great tools that you can use to <a href=">cater to your individual learning style, no matter what that is. Visual Learners Visual learners learn through seeing and retain more information when it's presented in the form of pictures, diagrams, visual presentations, textbooks, handouts and videos. Mind Mapping. Education - YouTube EDU. MIT Understanding Lasers and Fiberoptics full course by MIT Lasers are essential to an incredibly large number of applications.

Intégration des outils du Web 2.0 dans l'enseignement - Accueil. Les clés du web 2.0. Aide Pour faire apparaître les blocs de contenu qui vous intéressent, faites votre sélection parmi les blocs grâce aux boites à cocher.Vous pouvez aussi sélectionner des blocs en fonction de leurs caractéristiques Web 2.0. Pour cela, il vous suffit de cliquer dans la bannière sur la pastille correspondant à la caractéristique que vous voulez explorer. Une fois votre sélection faite, cliquez sur "Envoyer". Aprés rechargement, la page s'affichera avec les blocs que vous avez choisi. Vous pouvez aussi changer la couleur de l'interface en cliquant sur une des couleurs se trouvant à droite. ReadWriteWeb - Web Apps, Web Technology Trends, Social Networkin. From formal courses to social learning. Following my last post on "Getting started with social software for learning", I've had a number of conversations about how social learning fits into a more formalised training environment.

Clive Shepherd's recent post on "Elearning in all its forms" gives an overview of the three main facets of elearning and how they can each be used across the spectrum of informal to formal learning. I've repackaged Clive's ideas into a table which tries to show the full spectrum: Legroj: Mapas Conceptuales, Ejemplos y algunas Herramientas Grat. Carte de veille Web 2.0 Twit : @olivierlegrand - MindMeister Mi. Social media news and business strategies blog. Comparison of social networking software - Wikipedia, the free e.

CubeYoo.de - Das Social Network. Business Web Conferencing That Saves You Money. Social Networking: Bridging Formal and Informal Learning by Clar. "The recognition that learning is 80% informal suggests that we need to support natural connections between people who can help one another.