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Siete consejos para evitar que tu hijo odie las matemáticas. Quizá tengas niños.

Siete consejos para evitar que tu hijo odie las matemáticas

O amigos con niños, o familiares con niños. Y no querrías verles traumatizados por las matemáticas. Como más vale prevenir que lamentar, aquí puedes encontrar algunas ideas para el día a día. Ojalá sirvan de ayuda; son sencillas y concretas, para todos los públicos. También tienes un vídeo resumen, para que puedan llegar a más gente, y una colección de enlaces útiles. On Pi Day, a serving of why we need math.

Posted: Friday, March 13, 2015, 1:08 AM By Darren Glass On Saturday, our Facebook feeds will be peppered with references to Pi Day, a day of celebration that has long been acknowledged by math fans and that Congress recognized in 2009.

On Pi Day, a serving of why we need math

Every high schooler learns that pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter and that its decimal expansion begins 3.14 and goes on infinitely without repeating. Mathematicians love pi because there are many interesting facts surrounding it. Other people seem to get a kick out of dates that demonstrate patterns. The Dot Product and Cosine. Técnicas de demostración para casos ‘desesperados’

¿Has olvidado la forma de demostrar un resultado en mitad de una exposición?

Técnicas de demostración para casos ‘desesperados’

¿No has tenido tiempo de preparar tu clase? ¿No entiendes la prueba de un enunciado y debes contárselo a alguien? No te preocupes, lee estos consejos, alguno puede serte útil. Teorías fantásticas sobre el origen de la grafía de las cifras. Recientemente alguien me ha recordado en twitter un “famoso” powerpoint que circuló hace algunos años por la red, y que fue enviado masivamente a través del correo electrónico (a mí me llegó varias veces).

Teorías fantásticas sobre el origen de la grafía de las cifras

El tema del mismo era el origen de la representación escrita de las cifras de nuestro sistema de numeración (los llamados números arábigos o indo-arábigos). Yo lo llamé por aquel entonces la teoría del powerpoint, y aún hoy en día puede encontrarse en muchas páginas web y blogs. Según ese powerpoint, cada cifra se representa con una forma, trazada a base de rectas, cuyo número de ángulos coincide con el valor numérico de la misma. Visually stunning math concepts which are easy to explain. YouCubed - Join the Revolution. Matrix_algebra.pdf. Calculus: early transcendentals. The emphasis in this course is on problems—doing calculations and story problems.

Calculus: early transcendentals

To master problem solving one needs a tremendous amount of practice doing problems. The more problems you do the better you will be at doing them, as patterns will start to emerge in both the problems and in successful approaches to them. You will learn fastest and best if you devote some time to doing problems every day. Typically the most difficult problems are story problems, since they require some effort before you can begin calculating. Here are some pointers for doing story problems: Carefully read each problem twice before writing anything.Assign letters to quantities that are described only in words; draw a diagram if appropriate.Decide which letters are constants and which are variables. Fundamentals of Matrix Algebra. This text deals with matrix algebra, as opposed to linear algebra.

Fundamentals of Matrix Algebra

Without arguing semantics, I view matrix algebra as a subset of linear algebra, focused primarily on basic concepts and solution techniques. There is little formal development of theory and abstract concepts are avoided. This is akin to the master carpenter teaching his apprentice how to use a hammer, saw and plane before teaching how to make a cabinet.

This book is intended to be read. 21 GIFs That Explain Mathematical Concepts. “Let's face it; by and large math is not easy, but that's what makes it so rewarding when you conquer a problem, and reach new heights of understanding.”

21 GIFs That Explain Mathematical Concepts

Danica McKellar As we usher in the start of a new school year, it’s time to hit the ground running in your classes! Math can be pretty tough, but since it is the language in which scientists interpret the Universe, there’s really no getting around learning it. Check out these gifs that will help you visualize some tricky aspects of math, so you can dominate your exams this year.

Fact Navigator. Learn the multiplication fact 9 x 3 = 27. Why Is A Math Proof Like A Unit Test? - Daniela Wellisz - Golden Gate Ruby Conference 2012. Golden Gate Ruby Conference 2012 Why Is A Math Proof Like A Unit Test?

Why Is A Math Proof Like A Unit Test? - Daniela Wellisz - Golden Gate Ruby Conference 2012

Breaking concepts down into logical chunks, tackling them in isolation. Sound familiar? This is how we write tests, but it's also how a mathematician writes proofs. Exploring the similarities and differences between the two can bring us back to our profession's mathematical roots. Rated: Everyone Views: 1,698. Statistical Shortcomings in Standard Math Libraries (And How To Fix Them) By Evan Miller June 8, 2014 Summary: Basic statistical analysis requires special mathematical functions which almost no standard math libraries implement.

Statistical Shortcomings in Standard Math Libraries (And How To Fix Them)

These functions are not particular to statistics, but they form building blocks for a number of important statistical applications. If standard math libraries were to provide just a few more special functions, including incomplete beta, incomplete gamma, inverse normal, and better Bessel functions, developers would be able to integrate more statistical functions into their applications without having to license specialized libraries, or copy-paste code of dubious origin into their projects. Jump straight to the list of functions, or read on to learn why I think they’re so important, and yet so neglected. Mathematics Version 2.12. Mathematics Version 2.12 What’s new in this update?

Mathematics Version 2.12

* Pi now equals exactly 3. * e now equals exactly 2. * Fixed problem where division by zero led to undefined results. * Fixed spelling mistake in description of Pythagorean theorem. * Various optimisations now mean that all problems can be solved in polynomial time. * The term “negative number” has been deemed offensive. BookofProofs - Mathematical Theorems, Concepts, Examples and Applications. ¿Qué es eso de crecer exponencialmente?