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Docs - create and edit documents online, for free. Google Docs - create and edit documents online, for free. Wiggins mod m grasps and roles. What is Understanding by Design? Author Jay McTighe explains. UbD in a Nutshell. Wiggins mod m grasps and roles. Tools and strategies 2lskquh. Visible Thinking. Introduction to Thinking Routines Visible Thinking makes extensive use of learning routines that are thinking rich.

Visible Thinking

These routines are simple structures, for example a set of questions or a short sequence of steps, that can be used across various grade levels and content. What makes them routines, versus merely strategies, is that they get used over and over again in the classroom so that they become part of the fabric of classroom' culture. The routines become the ways in which students go about the process of learning. Thinking routines form the core of the Visible Thinking program. Is goal oriented in that it targets specific types of thinking Gets used over and over again in the classroom Consists of only a few steps Is easy to learn and teach Is easy to support when students are engaged in the routine Can be used across a variety of context Can be used by the group or by the individual. Login - Advanced Learning Schools. Teaching for Understanding (Harvard GSE) Welcome to the International Website. ManageBac. Learning theory: models, product and process.

Photo by Antenna on Unsplash Contents: introduction · what do people think learning is?

Learning theory: models, product and process

· learning as a product · learning as a process · experience · reflective thinking · making connections · committing and acting · task-conscious or acquisition learning, and learning-conscious or formalized learning · the behaviourist orientation to learning · the cognitive orientation to learning · the humanistic orientation to learning · the social/situational orientation to learning · the constructivist/social constructivist orientation to learning · further reading · references · how to cite this article See, also, What is education? Over the last thirty years or so, ‘learning’ has become one of the most used words in the field of education. Adult education became lifelong learning; students became learners, teachers facilitators of learning; schools are now learning environments; learning outcomes are carefully monitored.

There has been a similar situation in the field of education. Taxonomies. Social Cognitive Learning Theory and other Theories and Models. LinkedIn Groups. OCC Login. Search - art. Looking for a tag in this wiki?

Search - art

We found 2 tags with "art" in their names: art, participants - all tags Final questions: How do you define 'the arts' for this discussion? Group items matching "art" in title, tags, annotations or url - PYP Threads. Art Through Time: A Global View - The Natural World. Visible Thinking. Purpose: What kind of thinking does this routine encourage?

Visible Thinking

The routine helps students make connections between new ideas and prior knowledge. It also encourages them to take stock of ongoing questions, puzzles and difficulties as they reflect on what they are learning. Application: When and Where can it be used? The natural place to use the Connect-Extend-Challenge routine is after students have learned something new. It doesn't matter how much they have learned – it can be a lesson's worth, or a unit's worth. Game Word Generator - The Game Gal. When I was putting together this site of games, I discovered that my printable word lists became very popular.

Game Word Generator - The Game Gal

I had word lists for pictionary, charades, and other games, and visitors seemed to really like them! So I got to thinking, what’s one step better than a printable list of words for playing pictionary? An online word generator! Here I’ve taken all the words on my printables, plus hundreds more, and combined them into different categories for playing games like pictionary, catchphrase, charades, or any other game you want. Here’s how it works: First, select a Game (the game menu also includes a Holiday option). My amazing husband also made an iPhone app with all the same content.

Finally, I love feedback! Art history. K–12 Teachers. Assessment in pyp art. PYPLIBRARY - home. Princess Artypants: Visual Arts in the PYP: How We Express Ourselves. Central Idea: Expression of belief is all around us.

Princess Artypants: Visual Arts in the PYP: How We Express Ourselves

Lines of Inquiry: Middle eastern architecture, the roles of pattern in Islamic art These lovely ceramic and glass pieces would have been a great culmination of a unit focusing on Islamic Art but it being the end of the year and given the time it takes to "do clay", we worked backwards. The doors were the first thing we did and then we backtracked and explore patterns and their role in Islamic art. I got the idea for this project over here, but I adapted it a bit. The children were given pre-cut slabs and I had examples of middle eastern archway shapes for them to take a look at. The children were given scrap paper that was cut to the same size as their slabs-- they had to fold it in half and draw half an arch, then once they cut the folded paper it was perfectly symmetrical.

Here was the success criteria for the patterns which were imprinted with screws: Learnist: Experts Curate Lessons to Share Their Knowledge on the App Store. 1000+ images about Possible teaching resources for PYP Art on Pinterest. Learner Profile, International Baccalaureate and Baccalaureate.