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Resurser: gör eget material

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Månadskalender. Mittroligaklassrum. Printable Award Bookmarks for Primary KS1 & KS2 - SparkleBox. Instant Online Crossword Puzzle Maker. EclipseCrossword - the fast, easy, and FREE way to create crossword puzzles in minutes. 2019-arkiv – Blankettbanken. Kalender månad 2019 En komplett månadsalmanacka-med namnsdagar och flaggdagar. 12 sidor.

2019-arkiv – Blankettbanken

Handwriting Practice. The Book Chook: Secret Codes and Language Games for Kids. Secret Codes and Language Games for Kids by Susan Stephenson, Do you have children or students who want to be cryptographers (i.e. those who study techniques for keeping messages secret)?

The Book Chook: Secret Codes and Language Games for Kids

Maybe you know youngsters who want to drive an elder sibling crazy by writing notes they can’t read, or have passers-by look askance as they communicate fluently (and loudly!) In Pig Latin. Whatever the motives, codes and cyphers or just speaking gobbledygook have been intriguing we humans for centuries, so why should kids miss out on the fun?

Written Codes Probably the simplest written code for children to use is one where they substitute numbers 1-26 for the letters of the alphabet. The code my little brother and I confounded our (nonexistent) enemies with was one we called the box code. Escape Room Puzzle Ideas for the Science Classroom. Creating an engaging escape room experience for your middle school science students doesn’t have to be difficult. Set your escape rooms apart from the other by weaving a narrative throughout the activity. Students will become invested in the story and the artifacts and puzzles will be more meaningful to them. I have put together a list of escape room puzzle ideas for that will give you a boost of creativity for your next lesson.

Let’s do this! Create a Fake Receipt – This online receipt generator allows you to create a fake receipt and manipulate all of the data on the piece of paper. Clues can be hidden in the dates, line item purchases, tax, totals, phone numbers, etc. Use an Image to Create a Puzzle – Jigsaw Planet allows an image to be uploaded and it then creates a puzzle overlay over the top of it. The puzzle itself makes for a fun activity, but I highly suggest integrating content into the image or else the value in doing an escape room diminishes. Newspaper generator. - Create puzzles and other diversions.

Demotivational Poster Generator. Readathon - Storymaker. Random Emoji Generator. Allmänna skolord. Just Crosswords: Free Crossword Puzzles to Play or Make Your Own. Printable Worksheets. Newspaper generator. Cut-Up Machine. The Cut-Up Machine mixes up the words you enter in a form, a la William S.

Cut-Up Machine

Burroughs and the Dadaists. This creates new and often surprising juxtapositions of words that can inspire creativity. Type or paste some text into the field below. Click "Cut It Up". Your cut up text will appear in a text field below the "Cut it Up" button. Cut Up Text: Download the CutUp Machine WordPress Plugin! The Cut Up Technique Cut-up is performed by taking a finished and fully linear text and cutting it in pieces with a few or single words on each piece. The History of Cut Ups A precedent of the technique occurred during a Dadaist rally in the 1920s in which Tristan Tzara offered to create a poem on the spot by pulling words at random from a hat.

Burroughs cited T. Gil J. Also in the 1950s, painter and writer Brion Gysin more fully developed the cut-up method after accidentally re-discovering it. Gysin introduced Burroughs to the technique at the Beat Hotel. Musical influence source: Wikipedia. Tomt tangentbord: gör-det-själv - Skriva sig till läsning. Racing Theme Board Game Maker, make a looping board game for free with text, images, or image and text; 100% customizable. Tools for Educators offers to use as resources for lessons, lesson plans and printable games for classes This Racing Theme board game.

Racing Theme Board Game Maker, make a looping board game for free with text, images, or image and text; 100% customizable

Body parts - Vocabulary Handout Maker. Wheel Decide. Cursive Handwriting Practice - Printables for kids. Free, Online Crossword Maker - Crossword Labs. Free, Printable Bingo Cards by Bingo Baker. Start building a jeopardy template. EclipseCrossword - the fast, easy, and FREE way to create crossword puzzles in minutes.

EclipseCrossword - the fast, easy, and FREE way to create crossword puzzles in minutes. Understand what you read. Jigsaw Puzzle Template - 12 Pieces - Tim van de Vall. Jigsaw Puzzle Template 01. Bildverktyg. Med Papunets bildverktyg kan du skapa bildmaterial och skriva ut det.


Öppna bildverktyget I bildverktyget ingår nästan 27 000 bilder: 2 700 fotografier, 3 700 ritade bilder, 1 100 Mulberry-bilder, 6 000 ARASAAC-bilder, 11 000 Sclera-piktogram och nästan 2 000 ritade tecken. Du kan också använda dina egna bilder. Med bildverktyget kan du skapa bildmaterial och skriva ut det. Du kan skapa sekvenser av bilder och motiv som lämpar sig för sånger, ramsor, spel och lekar med mera. Det är lätt att ändra på sidans utseende, inställningarna för bilderna och bildtexterna, och göra egna bildtexter med hjälp av bildverktyget. Så här använder du bildverktyget Skriv ut broschyren om bildverktyget PDF Creative Commons License Bilderna i Papunets bildbank och bildverktyg är licensierade som ”Erkännande, Icke-kommersiell, DelaLika”. Den ursprungliga källan är Papunets bildbank, och dessutom ska bildens upphovsman nämnas. Källa: Papunets bildbank,, Päivi Honkonen. Spring Bookmarks. Print Custom Sticky Notes with Google Slides.

Post-it and other brands of sticky notes are put to good use everyday by teachers and students. The Post-it website has a page filled with resources for teachers, and they have a really cool iOS app for digitizing, sorting, and sharing square sticky notes. Those small pieces of paper that can be attached, easily removed, and repositioned can be even more useful when you print on them. While there is a printer designed to print sticky notes, you can send sticky notes through the printer you already have. You’ll need a template for printing, and I just so happen to have one for you. Skip ahead to see loads of ideas for printed sticky notes.

The template is in Google Slides. PuzzleFast Instant Puzzle Maker. Free, Online Crossword Maker - Crossword Labs. The Newspaper Clipping Generator - Create your own fun newspaper.

Play Online for Friends and Family – Typo. Sight Words: Teach Your Child to Read.