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Source Credibility and Fact-Checking

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Assoicated Press Fact Check. - A Project of The Annenberg Public Policy Center. Scientific News Fact Check. Balanced News via Media Bias Ratings for an Unbiased News Perspective. The definitive fact-checking site and reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation.

PolitiFact - The Poynter Institute Fact Checker. Lateral Reading to Evaluate Information Credibility. Most Reliable and Credible Sources for Students. Media Bias 101: The Difference Between News, Analysis, and Opinion. Many media outlets do not properly label content.

Media Bias 101: The Difference Between News, Analysis, and Opinion

You can be easily deceived by media bias when you think you’re reading news, but are actually reading someone’s opinion or analysis. These guides can help you learn how to spot the difference. News: What happened. Analysis: What happened and why — writer considers facts and draws conclusions. How to Use Google Reverse Image Search to Fact Check Images. Toolkit. To spot bad and misleading information, ask yourself these three simple questions: Where’s it from?


A trusted source is your safest option. If you don’t know the source, check out the about page or ask yourself why they’re sharing the story. If there’s no source, search for one. You can search for images to find out where they’ve been seen before or search for the story to see where it started. How statistics can be misleading - Mark Liddell. Why people fall for misinformation - Joseph Isaac. Introduction to Crash Course Navigating Digital Information #1. Fact Checking Websites - Fake News & Misinformation: How to Spot and Verify - LibGuides at St. Louis Community College. How to Choose Your News.

How the media landscape has changed Media visionary Clay Shirky gave a TED Talk on how the media landscape has changed.

How to Choose Your News

“The moment we’re living through, the moment our historical generation is living through, is the largest increase in expressive capability in human history.” In other words, the amount of information we are capable of capturing is unprecedented. News Habits & Media - Research and data from the Pew Research Center. Test Your Fake News Judgement with Factitious.