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BBC Panorama GSK 14/04/2014 Who's paying your doctor? Niacin & Activated Charcoal: Agents for Detoxing, Weight Loss. Are you looking for an overall mind and body detox that will also aid in weight loss?

Niacin & Activated Charcoal: Agents for Detoxing, Weight Loss

There are tons of foods, supplements, and protocols available that can help you, though there are 2 unusual agents most people never even consider – niacin (vitamin B3), and food grade activated charcoal. Learn more on how you can use them below. Niacin, or Vitamin B3, has been used by orthomolecular (non-pharmaceutical mega-dose supplements) psychiatry to successfully help schizophrenic patients. Food grade activated charcoal powder has been used to eliminate toxins and heavy metals from the body.

Mind/ Will

Bioenergetics, the study of the flow and transformation of energy. Introduction A branch of biophysics, the multi-disciplinary field of bioenergetics is “the study of the flow and transformation of energy in and between living organisms and between living organisms and their environment.”1 As the term indicates, it deals with biology (the study of all life) and energy (perhaps the underlying structure of all life) and where these two intersect.

Bioenergetics, the study of the flow and transformation of energy

The meeting area between biology and energy is immense, extending beyond imagination. Virtually every area of human activity is touched by bioenergy. Initially, the term bioenergetics was defined as “a form of psychology based on the use of kinesthetics and muscle testing to assess energy flow and levels,” so the field first took root based on physical anatomy.

Pineal Gland

Earthing. Holistic Remedies for Ear Infections. (If you purchase anything mentioned in this post I may receive a commission (more information here).

Holistic Remedies for Ear Infections

Thank you for supporting the Kula Mama website.) Disclaimer: This post is intended for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat or diagnosis. Please see your functional medical practitioner for more information about any health conditions. When ear infections strike, they usually mean intense pain, fever and discomfort for children. Worried parents may take their child to the doctor and leave with a prescription for antibiotics. I wanted to write this article to help families who are seeking an alternative treatment for their children.


Holistic Health/Homeopathy. Love Your Human Design. Love Your Human Design » The Gates of Love. Posted on: February 11, 2010 by: peter.

Love Your Human Design » The Gates of Love

Why People Fail to See The Aura and How to Learn to See It. Harmonic Energy and Water. By Ciarán Graham Natural harmonic energy might be described as the atmosphere created as a direct result of the existence of all-living creatures, plants, and elements, found on this earth and beyond.

Harmonic Energy and Water

Just as the force of gravity on the earth’s surface stops us from flying off the face of the earth, due to its high speed of rotation, harmonic energy brings a sense of balance to the billions and billions of energy fields found on this earth, so that all might co-exist together, while retaining their own identity at the same time. The one common energy element that binds man, animal, and plant life together, is water. If we look at the air we breathe, we find that hydrogen and oxygen combine together to form one element of water. Water might be described as the catalyst found in all life forms. Science as we know it today, has chosen to take a certain route in creating chemical reactions, in order to control or influence living elements. Living Water. How Energy Flows in the Body: Meridians and Microlines. Digg HJ: The idea of the meridians are one of the few concepts that Western and Eastern medicine see eye to eye on.

How Energy Flows in the Body: Meridians and Microlines

In Western terms, meridians are referred to as the nervous system, however, the name means little as the function of this biological network is ultimately what holds significance for us. Furthermore, the Eastern concept of the network of energy channels is far more refined, going even further in specificity and identifying microlines and temporal flows which are more subtle and etheric aspects of the larger nervous system/meridian framework. Either way you approach it, this network of nerve impulses is in large part responsible for our health and wellbeing, as it bridges both physical, mental and spiritual realities simultaneously. It is important to note that the power in the relationship between this triad — mind-body-spirit — lies in the spiritual realms and flows downward through the mental realm and ultimately into the body.

How Energy Travels in the Body: The Meridian System and It's Effects on Your Health. Digg HJ: The meridian system in the human body is the basis for many different healing modalities.

How Energy Travels in the Body: The Meridian System and It's Effects on Your Health

Three that immediately come to mind are acupressure, acupuncture and EFT (emotional freedom technique). What do they all have in common? They recognize the importance of the meridians in facilitating energy flow in the body and their ultimate effects on the health of the mind-body-spirit triad. What are electromagnetic fields? Do Electromagnetic Fields Affect the Pineal Gland, Limiting Human Consciousness? By Dylan Charles As humanity continues into the new millennium, technology and communication continue to play an increasingly important role in human life.

Do Electromagnetic Fields Affect the Pineal Gland, Limiting Human Consciousness?

Today, most people in developed countries are completely connected through cell phones, tablets and computers. Today’s households have an increasing array of electrical devices, from wireless modems to intelligent appliances to smart meters. Where 50 years ago, 1 electrical outlet per room was sufficient, today, homes have at least 1 outlet per wall on every wall of the house. People are always connected, and figuratively, the world is getting smaller each day. As the Information Age unfolds, so does information about our exposure to artificial electromagnetic fields (EMF) that many believe can be quite harmful to the human body. Why children absorb more microwave radiation than adults: The consequences.

Highlights Children absorb more microwave radiation (MWR) than adults.

Why children absorb more microwave radiation than adults: The consequences

MWR is a Class 2B (possible) carcinogen. The fetus is in greater danger than children from exposure to MWR. Pulsed Magnetic Therapy: Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF Therapy) Research Review. Magnetic Pulse Therapy Bemer Magnetism Schuhmann Frequencies. Magnetic Pulse Therapy Keywords: Magnetic Pulse Therapy Bemer Therapy Bioquant Schuman Frequencies Centurion Curatron Dentamag EMG Enermed Magnecure Medicur MPG-4 Papimi Quantron QRS Vitalive Vitamag BemerTherapy Coil Mat: 10 programs 2x 8 minute therapy daily flexible, can be rolled up for travel easy-care material includes travel/storage bag Intensive Applicator: 4 programs for localized treatment alleviates pain instant and long-term effects.

Magnetic Pulse Therapy Bemer Magnetism Schuhmann Frequencies

Magnetic Field Therapy Education -PEMF Education - Dr. Pawluk. 21 Healthy Uses for Epsom Salt. Successful Safe Liver Cleanse in 24 Hours – Get rid of over 1000 Liver Stones (Literally) Liver cleanse improves digestion, and it is the base of good health. It works great in the treatment of allergies and also relieves pain in shoulders, upper arm, and upper back. Most people, including children, have stones in their liver. Some even have allergies or rashes, while others show no symptoms. X-rays cannot show the stones, as they are tiny and non-calcified. There are many types od stones and most of them have cholesterol crystals. Scientists explain that liver stones start forming around dead bacteria, which represents the core. The stones can accumulate custs, bacteria, parasites and viruses which go to the liver. Do not perform the liver cleansing during pregnancy or lactation, cold or any serious disease!

Bentonite Clay

Spondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis of the Lumbar Spine. Listening To Your Body Clock Can Make You More Productive And Improve Your Well-Being. From an early age, we're taught that getting up early is good for us. Sayings like The early bird catches the worm and Early to bed and early to rise makes and man healthy, wealthy and wise are part of the culture and have a certain moralizing force. People who go to bed early and get up early are upstanding and productive. People who go to bed later and wake up later are degenerate and lazy.

23 Ways To Get Rid Of Inflammation and Joint Pain. I want to talk to you a little bit about primary and secondary inflammatory response – how they differ from one another and why it matters! But first… What happened the last time you felt pain, had a headache? Did you reach for a pain reliever? If so, you potentially could have robbed your body long term of it’s ability to deal with it! First of all…. I’m about to reveal the shocking truth of inflammation, pain, chronic pain, gout, uric acid formation and anything else that could be limiting you from being your fullest expression of who you are. To really understand pain we must understand 2 things. Inflammation works on two levels: Primary and Chronic (Secondary).


Chakras. Untitled. Coconut oil is one of the single most nutritious superfoods you can put in and on your body. Kombucha How-To Videos. How to Grow an Endless Supply of Ginger Indoors. Ginger is one of the easiest plants to grow indoors. 7 Natural Remedies for Allergy Relief. Turmeric Honey Super Booster for seasonal allergies + immune support - With Food + Love.