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Tiny House on Wheels with Downstairs Bedroom by Liberty Cabins. On May 6, 2017 This is the a Tiny House on Wheels by Liberty Cabins that features the much-desired downstairs bedroom.

Tiny House on Wheels with Downstairs Bedroom by Liberty Cabins

The home also has a loft accessible by a standard ladder, but for those wary of climbing up and down all the time, you can sneak to the back of the house where you’ll find the cozy bedroom, complete with a TV! In the bathroom there’s a residential toilet and standard shower stall, and the living room includes a great couch and a table that doubles as workspace. Enjoy the pictures below and take the video tour on the last page! You’ll find contact information for the builder there, too. Related: The Liberty TM Tiny House on Wheels Sit and watch your favorite shows. Under-couch storage accessible from the outside. Another look at the entry-way/living space. Sturdy ladder slides into place. Beautiful tile back splash in the kitchen. Work, eat, read. Double sinks are great for dish-washing. Bedroom adjacent to the bathroom.

See the rest of this new Liberty Cabin on the next page! Christine Model by La Tiny House in France. On March 10, 2017 This is the Christine Model by La Tiny House in France.

Christine Model by La Tiny House in France

It’s about 19.5 ft. long and features two lofts, one of which is accessible by some cool floating bookshelf stairs. The best part of this home might be the giant wall of windows that lets in tons of natural light. You can check out details on models and pricing at the La Tiny House website. 250 Sq. Ft. Handcrafted Movement Tiny House. On June 29, 2016 This is a 250 sq. ft.

250 Sq. Ft. Handcrafted Movement Tiny House

Handcrafted Movement Tiny House on Wheels in Battleground, Washington. Woman Designs/Builds her own Pocket Mansion Tiny House. On March 21, 2016 This is one woman’s pocket mansion tiny house that she designed and built herself.

Woman Designs/Builds her own Pocket Mansion Tiny House

From the outside, you’ll notice a gable roof with back dormers for the loft, cedar shingles, and bright purple trim. When you go inside, you’ll find an open floor-plan with an l-shaped couch that turns into a dinette, a loft bedroom with stairs, a kitchen with a copper sink, and a full bath. Watch the video below for more details or rent it on Airbnb. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Images © Airbnb. Thompson THOW - Tiny House Listings. 250 Sq. Ft. Handcrafted Movement Tiny House. Loft-less 160 sq. ft. tiny house for people who hate climbing. The idea of downsizing for financial and emotional freedom appeals to many, but some may find some tiny house designs a bit too sappy, or the stuffy, low-clearance reality of a sleeping loft a bit too uncomfortable or even unsafe.

Loft-less 160 sq. ft. tiny house for people who hate climbing

So it's always interesting to see builders offer alternatives, like this small studio-style dwelling by Florida-based Tiny Home Builders that does away completely with the loft. © Tiny Home Builders The bed is tucked away under a raised platform instead. When not in use, it acts as a rather comfy-looking living room sofa. And when pulled out, it's generously sized, and plenty of head room. Looking to the side, we discover that the stairs follows the same pull-out principle, hiding storage space -- a lot of it. An Eco-Friendly Tiny House by Jeff Hobbs Costs $77,000. Boat maker Jeff Hobbs is no stranger to construction, and in his latest project he’s applied his skills to creating an eco-friendly tiny house on wheels.

An Eco-Friendly Tiny House by Jeff Hobbs Costs $77,000

The house was built for the website Living Big in a Tiny House and features a host of on-board renewable systems. The structure of the house is made from Structural Insulated Panels, or SIPs. SIP technology has been around for quite some time, however it’s only been applied to tiny houses in the last few years. They’re a lightweight, better insulated, alternative to the more common strick-frame construction. The house is powered by a 600-watt solar panel array that should provide for the occupants day-to-day electrical needs. The first floor of the house contains the living room, kitchen and toilet. Le Blog - Site de tinyhouse-baluchon ! La tiny house a pris la route pour la toute première fois.

Le Blog - Site de tinyhouse-baluchon !

Une aventure de 20kms pour la conduire jusqu'à la fatidique balance ! Depuis le début du projet, aucune contrainte n'a été plus difficile à respecter que celle du poids. Le poids, le poids, toujours le poids ! Ces fameuses 3,5 tonnes que je ne devais absolument pas dépasser pour pouvoir déplacer légalement la petite maison. Chaque morceau de bois, chaque élément d'éléctroménager, chaque meuble ajouté à la structure faisait résonner dans ma tête cette petite voix "Attention, c'est peut-être trop lourd".

Je pense avoir rarement eu autant d'émotions en quelques heures. La Tiny house Baluchon - Présentation. Elle crée une tiny-house en France et prouve que tout est possible ! Kleines Raumwunder ganz groß: Minihaus mit cleveren Aufbewahrungsmöglichkeiten. Für viele sind Tiny Houses keine Option, weil es in den kleinen Häuschen naturgemäß meist an Stauraum mangelt.

Kleines Raumwunder ganz groß: Minihaus mit cleveren Aufbewahrungsmöglichkeiten

Nicht so in der "Amalfi Editon" des kanadischen Herstellers Tiny Living Inc. – geschickt integrierte Aufbewahrungsmöglichkeiten machen das fahrbare Minihaus zum wahren Raumwunder. Eine voll ausgestattete Küche, ein für Tiny-House-Verhältnisse ungewöhnlich komfortables Bad und eine gemütliche Schlafnische unter dem Spitzdach: Die "Amalfi Edition" verfügt über alles, was man für ein komfortables Leben auf einem sechs Meter langen Anhänger benötigt.

Das besondere Extra dieser Minihaus-Edition: Der Treppenaufgang zum Schlafbereich fungiert gleichzeitig als Aufbewahrungsmöglichkeit, ist mit großzügigen Schubladen ausgestattet. Hier findet mühelos alles Platz, was in anderen Tiny Houses mitunter draußen bleiben muss: Die Schuhsammlung, Arbeitsmaterialien, Kleidung oder nützliche Kleinigkeiten, die das Leben "auf der Straße" komfortabler machen können. Lora’s Tiny House. Lora’s 192 square feet tiny house on wheels on Robins Air Force Base, Georgia.

Lora’s Tiny House

Photos by Full Quiver Photography. Tiny house is a Tumbleweed Cypress model. More info. Mitchcraft. Hello Swoon!!!


144 Sq. Ft. Dewdrop Tiny House by Zyl Vardos. This is the 18′ version of the Dewdrop Tiny House by Zyl Vardos which offers about 144 sq. ft. of space inside. It’s another incredible design/build by the amazing carpenter/artist and founder of Zyl Vardos, Abel Zimmerman Zyl. Zyl specializes in artistically designed and built tiny homes with handmade windows, doors, and curved rooflines. And with the Dewdrop, it’s no different. So I’m pleased, honored, and excited to show it to you here.

Natalie's Tiny House on Wheels by Nanostead. On December 23, 2014 Natalie Pollard now lives in her very own tiny house on wheels in Asheville, NC. Her tiny house was designed and built with the help of the people at Nanostead. Natalie runs her own store in Asheville dedicated to other villagers and sustainability enthusiasts. You can see her store and even shop in it online, too. It’s called For Villagers. 120 Sq. Ft. Acorn Tiny House by Nelson Tiny Houses for sale: $38k.

Amazing Tiny House Vacation with Sauna. On May 21, 2015 This gorgeous tiny house vacation with a sauna is called Hope Cottage. It’s a little bed and breakfast called Hope Island Cottages Bed and Breakfast in Fidalgo Island near La Conner in Washington State. So if you’ve been wanting to try out tiny living, here’s yet another tiny house vacation option for you.

And this tiny house is simply stunning. See for yourself below. :) Images © Christopher Tack Learn more: Resources. Luxurious small smart homes by Tiny Heirloom. Much like how camping can come in a a more luxurious, "glamping" version, so too can tiny homes come in more expensive variants that are equipped with all the bells and whistles you might imagine, in addition to the off-grid options. Positioning itself as the "first luxury, custom tiny home manufacturer in the U.S. ," the motto of Oregon City-based Tiny Heirloom Homes is to "downsize, don't down grade," offering extra services like legal help, models that can be customized from top to bottom, and tiny smart home automation, thanks to a partnership with Nest Labs. © Tiny Heirloom Homes The interiors do look gorgeous. Hefty 224 sq. ft. little house doesn't feel tiny at all.

Be they salvaged trailers, gypsy-style caravans, modernist or Japanese inspired, we've seen a real diversity coming into the once quaint world of tiny homes. Built by tiny housers Shelley and Joshua, here is one 224-square-foot tiny abode that looks almost like a regular-sized house, thanks to a few decisions that they made before starting: like keeping a regular-sized fridge, having a generous countertop, and installing a lovely floating stair instead of a ladder. © Tiny House Basics Being enthusiastic campers who love to throw a good party, Shelley and Joshua of Tiny House Basics decided to simplify their lives and began planning their new small home back in June 2014. But they had a few things they would not part with: a full-size fridge, decent closet space, and enough space to entertain.

With the help of friends and family and the crew of Tiny House Nation, they were able to construct their home in a lightning-fast seven days. Tiny House Built from Earthquake Materials. On May 16, 2015 In 2010 and 2011 an Earthquake hit Christchurch, New Zealand causing a great amount of damage and a whole lot of salvaged material. With what many saw as destruction and waste, Stephan Cook saw as a great opportunity to get high quality material for a low cost. With the material, he built what is known today as the “Biggish Tiny Home.” Coming in at about 215 square feet, this tiny home is a sight to see! Complete with industrial windows and doors, Stephen’s home includes an open floor plan which gives the illusion that the house is bigger than it actually is. It also includes a sitting area, full kitchen, eat-in bar (which has a lovely outside view when the windows are open) and a loft upstairs which holds a queen sized bed and closet space.

Amazing Tiny House Vacation with Sauna. Poco by Tiny Living Homes. Tiny House, Tiny House, Is There Room Enough For Me? Vina's House Comprises 140-Square-Feet of Adorable Comfort. Designer Vina Lustado of Sol Haus Design has designed her dream Tiny House, which is 140 square feet of pure charm. Called “Vina’s House,” the self-sufficient abode is placed on an 8 by 20 foot trailer and clad in wood. Illuminated with skylights, the tiny home boasts a gas fireplace and lofted sleeping area that comfortably sleeps two. Point Robinson Cabin. I wanted to show you this tiny house that I built over the course of 8 months with my dad on Vashon Island.

Somewhat based off an old Tumbleweed model (The Tarleton), it currently resides in Seattle where I live in it full-time. Going into this project I had no construction experience besides building a toolbox (which remains unfinished, actually). It features a marine cooking stove, composting toilet and gravity-fed water system. Archive Caravan's Skyline. During a trip to Portland last week, I was fortunate enough to meet up with Deb and Kol of Caravan — The Tiny House Hotel in the cool and funky area of Alberta Street in the Northeast part of the city. Most readers know about the couple’s selection of tiny homes for nightly rental in the middle of the city, and now the hotel has a new addition. Americans construct tiny houses – and new lives.

11 April 2014Last updated at 20:02 ET. Brevard Tiny House Company. The following is a guest post from the Brevard Tiny House Company. Hello! Tiny House Open House. Our Wee House. Tiny Tack House. Georgia Tiny House. Northwest Territories Tiny House. Tiny Cabin. April’s Tiny House. Trekker Trailers Tiny House. Tiny r(E)v House. Tiny Worker Housing. Goldfinch Tiny House. Jeremy’s Tiny House. Jenn’s Tiny House. Almost Glamping Tiny House. Tiny House UK. Green Built Tiny House.

Blue Sky Tiny House. Fy Nyth Redux. You Must See: Tiny Hall House !