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Photographer Tim Flach Captures Emotive Portraits of Fascinating Birds. Peruvian Inca Tern Portraiture often attempts to capture the essence of the sitter—their emotions, their personality, their thoughts.

Photographer Tim Flach Captures Emotive Portraits of Fascinating Birds

For photographer Tim Flach, animal subjects offer as much dynamic range and emotional intimacy as human models. The London-based artist is well known for his work with endangered species, canines, and rare birds. Newfound brain structure explains why some birds are so smart—and maybe even self-aware. Never before has “bird brain” been such a compliment: In recent years, birds have been found to make tools, understand abstract concepts, and even recognize paintings by Monet and Picasso.

Newfound brain structure explains why some birds are so smart—and maybe even self-aware

But their lack of a neocortex—the area of the mammalian brain where working memory, planning, and problem solving happen—has long puzzled scientists. Now, researchers have found a previously unknown arrangement of microcircuits in the avian brain that may be analogous to the mammalian neocortex. And in a separate study, other researchers have linked this same region to conscious thought.

Bird Photographer Mario Cea Shares Secrets of Kingfisher Photo. Spanish wildlife photographer Mario Cea is known for his incredible bird photography.

Bird Photographer Mario Cea Shares Secrets of Kingfisher Photo

Using slow shutter speeds and artificial light, he's able to capture feathered creatures in unexpected, artistic moments. Regularly winning international photography competitions, Cea's stunning photo of a kingfisher diving into a pond won the People's Choice Award at the 2016 Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition and was recently shortlisted for the Bird Photographer of the Year Awards.

A Murder of Crows Nature Documentary. Dolphins recorded having a conversation 'just like two people' for first time. Xavi Bou's photographs reveal flight paths of birds – in pictures. Earth - The 13 birds with the most amazing eggs. 34 Of The World's Most Beautiful Types Of Pigeons. Researchers find birds can theorize about the minds of others, even those they cannot see. The question of what sets humans apart from other animals is one of the oldest philosophical puzzles.

Researchers find birds can theorize about the minds of others, even those they cannot see

A popular answer is that only humans can understand that others also have minds like their own. But new research suggests that ravens - birds singled out by many cultures as a symbol of intelligence and wisdom - share at least some of the human ability to think abstractly about other minds, adapting their behavior by attributing their own perceptions to others. The study, "Ravens Attribute Visual Access to Unseen Competitors," was published Feb. 2 in Nature Communications.

These sparrows are singing a new song, in a rapid, unprecedented shift. Most birds have distinct calls that tend to stay the same.

These sparrows are singing a new song, in a rapid, unprecedented shift

It’s how birders can recognize a species without seeing it. But new research shows these tunes can change. Over the course of two decades, white-throated sparrows across western and central Canada have changed one of their songs, replacing a three-note call with a two-note one. Życie lasu – ptaki [film przyrodniczy] Alfabetyczna lista głosów ptaków. Google Image Result for. (2) Facebook.

50 Bird Species and the Sounds They Make. Click any bird to hear the sounds they make!

50 Bird Species and the Sounds They Make

Click a second time to pause the sound. Use our quick, clickable guide for identifying backyard birds by the sounds they make! Chose any of these popular species to hear its typical bird sounds, from vocalizations of parrots to the chirping of songbirds. As you? Re gardening in your backyard or wandering in the woods, you might be able to use our guide to identify a few distinctive bird calls. Today, identification is easier when you can listen to birds singing in short sound clips. Apparently, Dracula Parrots Are A Thing And They Might Be The Most Gothic Birds On Earth. More than a century after it was written, the novel that tells the story of Count Dracula still piques our interest.

Apparently, Dracula Parrots Are A Thing And They Might Be The Most Gothic Birds On Earth

This mixture of folklore, legends, history, and Gothic fiction has had a significant influence on literature, arts, and culture in general. And now, we present you the Dracula parrot, named after the novel’s mysterious and secretive aristocrat. These magnificent birds, actually called Pesquet’s parrots or vulturine parrots, have black and grey chests, black beaks, and bright red feathers. Their scarlet plumage contrasts perfectly with the chest, back, and tail.

50 Bird Species And The Sounds They Make - Earthly Mission. How Birds See The World As Compared To Humans - Earthly Mission. Thanks to UV vision, birds see the world in a different way.

How Birds See The World As Compared To Humans - Earthly Mission

A very different way. Birds have the amazing ability to see a whole spectrum of colors that are invisible to humans. Back in 2007, scientists used a spectrophotometer to analyze the colors of 166 North American songbird species which did not have an apparent physical difference between the sexes. They were amazed by what they found, to say the least. From a human’s perspective, in 92 percent of species, both males and females look identical. The Secretary Bird Is So beautiful It Could Easily Become A Pixar Movie Character. The secretary bird (Sagittarius Serpentarius) is a large bird of prey related to eagles and falcons.

The Secretary Bird Is So beautiful It Could Easily Become A Pixar Movie Character

It is named for its black feathered crest on the head that makes it look like 18th century secretaries with feathers and pencils attached to their wigs. But this bird has another important distinction: prominent, long eyelashes that many models would love to have. Photo credit: Rudi Luyten Photo credit: Brian Connolly. The Rare and Fascinating White Ravens of Vancouver Island. Qualicum, White Raven Capital of the World There is little doubt that Qualicum is the White Raven Capital of the World, and just to prove the point, another White Raven was recently added to the family.

The Rare and Fascinating White Ravens of Vancouver Island

Photographer stopped by the woods close to the Qualicum Civic Centre and was lucky enough to photograph the latest white, blue-eyed offspring. According to a town worker there was only one White Raven seen this year. This Is How Birds See The World As Compared To Humans And It’s Pretty Amazing. For many years, people were in the dark about how other animals see. Thankfully, recent scientific research has revealed an amazing world of vision diversity across the animal kingdom. For example, a dragonfly’s brain works so fast that it sees movements in slow motion, snakes pick up infrared heat signals from warm objects, thus detecting their prey, whereas horses and zebras have eyes pointed sideways, enabling them to have peripheral vision and escape danger when necessary. In addition to this, insects use compound eyes that are made of thousands of tiny lenses that look like a honeycomb pattern. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that animals are diverse in their vision, but one species in the animal kingdom stands out the most – birds.

A Fascinating Documentary on Crows, One of the World's Smartest Animals (VIDEO) A Murder of Crows brings you these so-called feathered apes, as you have never seen them before A Murder of Crows is a visually stunning one-hour documentary that offers a rare and intimate glimpse into the inner life of one of the most intelligent, playful and mischievous species on the planet - the common crow. It is also a film that explores a unique pairing of science and cinema as world-renowned scientists, including crow expert Professor John Marzluff, joins forces with an award-winning camera team to explore the secret world of crows. Crows Can Pass The Marshmallow Test as Well as Human Children, New Study Shows.

Once again, crows have demonstrated their wicked smarts by passing a cognitive test to prove they can exercise self control almost as well as a human child. Offered treats, they were able to hold off devouring available snacks if they could see an even better snack coming. The research, conducted on New Caledonian crows (Corvus moneduloides), is the first of its kind conducted on both children and crows at the same time, the researchers said. It's based on a famous experiment conducted on children in the 1960s, called the Stanford marshmallow experiment. In this experiment, a child is placed in a room with a marshmallow. Bird Migration GIF. 5 Most Unique Birds In The World! (1) Facebook. Investigating the Cockatoo With 14 Dance Moves. Snowball the cockatoo gets his groove on. Credit: Irena Schulz A sulphur-crested cockatoo named Snowball garnered YouTube fame and headlines a decade ago for his uncanny ability to dance to the beat of the Backstreet Boys.

Now, researchers reporting in Current Biology on July 8 are back with new evidence that Snowball isn't limited in his dance moves. Despite a lack of dance training, new videos show that Snowball responds to music with diverse and spontaneous movements using various parts of his body. A cockatoo revolts and pulls out all the bird spikes of a street. Une vidéo publiée par Isaac Sher­ring-Tit sur Face­book le 1er juillet dernier montre un caca­toès perché sur le rebord d’une fenêtre, qui arrache les pics anti-oiseaux des rues de Katoomba, dans l’État austra­lien de Nouvelle-Galles du Sud, rapporte le Guar­dian. Quand la nature reprend ses droits sur l’ur­ba­ni­sa­tion, Inter­net s’em­brase : la vidéo a déjà été vue près de deux millions de fois.

Photographer Took One In A MILLION Photo, Didn’t Know Until He Got Home. Bald eagles keep dying and no one’s talking about it. This Woman Set Up A Photo Booth For Birds In Her Yard, And The Results Are Extraordinary (30 Pics) Bird Migration Patterns - Western Hemisphere Dataset. Description This dataset shows the migration of 118 species of terrestrial bird populations in the Western Hemisphere. (8) Facebook. Birds - Great White Egrets (Ardea alba) by Andrea Benventuni.

Back to Nature - A Polish Frizzle Chicken. Cute or Not? ☺️ Hi there I give YOU □5 - Life on planet earth. Crafty New Caledonian Crows Can Assemble Tools. BBC Earth - Life Story: Chick makes the ultimate leap of faith. Ptaki śpiew. Facebook. Birds can see Earth's magnetic fields, and we finally know how that's possible.

Ravens might possess a Theory of Mind, say scientists. Crow hitches a ride on eagle because nature is awesome. Some Birds use a Hurricane to Fly Fast - REALLY Fast! Migrating Whimbrels — a type of shorebird — may struggle for hours against winds when trying to cross the Caribbean during hurricane season but get a huge boost as they fly out of storms, report researchers from the Center for Conservation Biology in Williamsburg, Virginia. Ahead of a large tropical storm last year scientists attached satellite transmitters to one Whimbrel, which they named "Hope".

Wild Ravens Frolic in Snow Like Children. Have You Been Seeing Crows? What The Crow Symbolizes (More Than Just Death) We're creating viewer supported news. Become a member! 10 Fascinating Facts About Ravens. Ravens have paranoid, abstract thoughts about other minds. Getty Images. Głosy ptaków - posłuchaj 275 różnych gatunków ptaków. Także na Twoim telefonie. BBC Two - Natural World, 2015-2016, Super Powered Owls. Swinging birds play with rhythm like jazz musicians.

William Leaman/Alamy Stock Photo. Interesting :) - 4outof7 food, gardening, housing and thriving. Vultures: Photographing the Antiheroes of Our Ecosystems. 20+ Birds Taking Care Of Their Babies. See the Birds We've Lost to Extinction—and Those on the Brink. Have You Been Seeing Crows? What The Crow Symbolizes (More Than Just Death)

Bird Guide: Endangered Species and Why They Matter.