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How to Resolve no sound problem on Ubuntu 14.04, 13.10, 13.04 and Older versions. Updated 19/04/2014 : One of the common issues facing Ubuntu users after installing or upgrading Ubuntu is the no sound problem, there are many reason for this issue, sometime is related to a volume setting configuration, misconfiguration or can be that you have a new hardware that is not supported.

How to Resolve no sound problem on Ubuntu 14.04, 13.10, 13.04 and Older versions

In this post will try to list some solutions to no-sound issue on Ubuntu. The following solution should work on Ubuntu 14.04, 13.10, 13.04 Raring Ringtail, 12.10 and any older release of Ubuntu. 1. Check the volume First thing you need to check is the volume settings, Go to top menu and click sound settings (see screenshot bellow): Ex Machina – Ava Sessions. [Como] Instalar Ubuntu junto a Windows 8. Actualizado al día 23 de marzo de 2015. 1- Crear una partición desde Windows, reduciendo sus particiones y dejando espacio libre, por ejemplo siguiendo esta guía: 2- Descargar la imagen iso de X/K/L/Ubuntu 14.04.2 versión de 64 bits 2- Grabar la imagen .iso, en un Dvd a baja velocidad ( Imageburn, o en pendrive Usb (Universal USB Installer,

[Como] Instalar Ubuntu junto a Windows 8

Cambiar el boot del bios uefi para cd/dvd/usb - windows 8. Cambiar el boot del bios para cd/dvd/usb - windows 8 y mas.

Cambiar el boot del bios uefi para cd/dvd/usb - windows 8

Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine. 31 distribuciones Linux para elegir bien la que más necesitas. Es muy posible que muchos de vosotros hayáis oído hablar de GNU/Linux pero no os hayáis decidido a probarlo por no saber qué distribución escoger.

31 distribuciones Linux para elegir bien la que más necesitas

Incluso puede que aun siendo ya usuarios de Linux, aun no estéis del todo satisfecho con él y queráis buscar alguna otra alternativa. O quién sabe, puede que después de todo lo único que necesitéis sea un sistema operativo para revivir aquel viejo ordenador que está acumulando polvo en el trastero. Sea cual sea vuestro caso, hoy os queremos ayudar poniendo a vuestra disposición una lista de 31 distribuciones Linux en la que explicamos los puntos fuertes de cada una para que podáis elegir la que mejor se adapte a vosotros.

Se trata de una lista que queremos mantener viva, por lo que estaremos atentos a cualquier sugerencia que nos hagáis. Para amantes de la estabilidad Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Distribución comercial de Linux desarrollada por Red Hat. Para principiantes. They Used To Last 50 Years. Now refrigerators last 8–10 years, if you are fortunate.

They Used To Last 50 Years

How in the world have our appliances regressed so much in the past few decades? I’ve bought and sold refrigerators and freezers from the 1950’s that still work perfectly fine. Academic Ranking of World Universities - 2016. The Institution The University of Toronto has one of the strongest research and teaching faculties in North America, presenting top students at all levels with an intellectual environment unmatched in depth and breadth by any other Canadian institution.

Academic Ranking of World Universities - 2016

Established in 1827, UofT today operates in downtown Toronto, Mississauga, and Scarborough, as well as in nine renowned academic hospitals. Offering over 200 graduate, 700 undergraduate programs across three campuses, with more than 80,000 students, over 20,000 faculty and staff, and over 550,000 alumni active in every region of the world, UofT's influence is felt in every area of human endeavour. Mission Statement: The University of Toronto is committed to being an international significant research university, with undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs of excellent quality.

Computer Hacking: Facebook Virus Prank - Making fun to your friend. Fake Facebook Virus | Freak Out Your Friends In this post i'll show you an easy step by step tutorial about how to make a Facebook virus using simple commands on notepad.

Computer Hacking: Facebook Virus Prank - Making fun to your friend

This will make the victims think that they have a virus when they click on an icon such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox...This "virus" is totlly harmless and won't do any damage to your victims computer.When a victim clicks on the icon he will get a warning message like "WARNING VIRUS DETECTED!!!!! AFTER 5 MINUTES YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT WILL BE DELETED !!!! TO REMOVE THE VIRUS CLICK OK OR CLOSE THIS BOX! ". You can change the text to whatever you want. 8 Great Chrome Extensions to Transform your 'New Tab' Page. Q42. What should you think about when using Facebook? – Vicki Boykis – Data, tech, and sometimes Nutella. Courbet, The Winnowers TL;DR: Facebook collects data about you in hundreds of ways, across numerous channels.

What should you think about when using Facebook? – Vicki Boykis – Data, tech, and sometimes Nutella

It’s very hard to opt out, but by reading about what they collect, you can understand the risks of the platform and choose to be more restrictive with your Facebook usage. Contents: Facebook, for better or worse, has become our living room, our third place online. It’s the place where we talk to friends, sound off on the news, organize events, grieve over people we’ve lost, celebrate babies, engagements, new jobs, new haircuts, and vacations. IP Location Finder - Geolocation.

Endless OS. D:\BIBLIOTECAGRATUITA. Hacker News. Herramientas PDF online gratis. 5 plataformas para empezar a hacer videojuegos - Qué Andan Diciendo. Radio Por Internet - Bizarro FM. Las mejores 7 Alternativas del 2016 a iTunes para Mac. Apple ha seguido desarrollando actualizaciones desde que se puso en marcha en 2001.

Las mejores 7 Alternativas del 2016 a iTunes para Mac

Hemos traído algunas de las mejores y perfectas alternativas a los usuarios de Apple para organizar y disfrutar de la música. Sin embargo, iTunes sigue siendo complejo y es difícil de usar. FamiTracker. Make it Real Blog - Programación Orientada por Objetos en Ruby. INTERNeX World - Canada. Immigrate to Canada. Find out if you can apply Answer a few questions to find out what immigration programs you can apply for and how to submit an online or paper application Apply to immigrate Find out how to come to Canada as a skilled worker, for family sponsorship, as a caregiver, for a start-up visa, as a refugee, and more.

Immigrate to Canada

Do you want to come to Canada, or extend your stay? Find out if you are eligible to apply Do you want to work, study, visit, travel through or live permanently in Canada? Answer a few questions to find out what immigration programs you can apply for. Each immigration program has different application and eligibility requirements. You will need about 10-15 minutes to complete the form. You may be asked questions about your: nationality age language ability family members education work experience income and/or net worth details on any job offer. La violencia. Académica Formación en Línea. The Things by Peter Watts. I am being Blair. I escape out the back as the world comes in through the front. I am being Copper. I am rising from the dead. I am being Childs. I am guarding the main entrance. The names don't matter. Ver Escuadrón suicida HD (2016) Subtitulada Online Free

Unblock YouTube Videos - SSL Encrypted Video Proxy. Conversor online a formato ebook. Cómo ganar discusiones: técnica Feynman para revelar conocimiento falso. Pasamos mucho tiempo de nuestras vidas tratando de persuadir a los demás de lo que creemos que es lo correcto. Signup - Create Your Hired Account - Hired. Manage Your Norton Products. World. Ver Warcraft HD (2016) Subtitulada Online Free Interface Sketch. Cineterrormapache. 7 ciudades que te pagan por vivir en su territorio. Twitter1175 1175facebook172K 172Kpinterest64 64google plus282Share282stumbleupon85Share85meneame123Share123tumblr102Share102 Viajar es el sueño dorado de cualquier mente libre. 2016 octubre. Sobre selfies e investigación: algunas consideraciones metodológicas. El selfie constituye un exponente actual de los modos de representación de uno mismo, de la identidad, que ha cobrado una especial popularidad. En parte, esto se debe a la frecuente aparición de noticias en las que el selfie se asocia a aspectos morbosos o negativos, conductas peligrosas u otros comportamientos relacionados con el narcisismo o el culto al cuerpo.

Dan Ariely pregunta: ¿tenemos control de nuestras decisiones? The misunderstood limits of folk science: an illusion of explanatory depth. Abstract People feel they understand complex phenomena with far greater precision, coherence, and depth than they really do; they are subject to an illusion—an illusion of explanatory depth. The illusion is far stronger for explanatory knowledge than many other kinds of knowledge, such as that for facts, procedures or narratives. The split brain: A tale of two halves. In the first months after her surgery, shopping for groceries was infuriating.

Standing in the supermarket aisle, Vicki would look at an item on the shelf and know that she wanted to place it in her trolley — but she couldn't. “I'd reach with my right for the thing I wanted, but the left would come in and they'd kind of fight,” she says. “Almost like repelling magnets.” Picking out food for the week was a two-, sometimes three-hour ordeal. Getting dressed posed a similar challenge: Vicki couldn't reconcile what she wanted to put on with what her hands were doing.

Pseudocode Standard. Pseudocode is a kind of structured english for describing algorithms. It allows the designer to focus on the logic of the algorithm without being distracted by details of language syntax. At the same time, the pseudocode needs to be complete. It describe the entire logic of the algorithm so that implementation becomes a rote mechanical task of translating line by line into source code. In general the vocabulary used in the pseudocode should be the vocabulary of the problem domain, not of the implementation domain. Inmigración a Canadá « CAHT - Centro de Apoyo para Hispanos de Toronto.

Durante varios años consecutivos, la Organización de Naciones Unidas (ONU) ha declarado Canadá como uno de los mejores lugares del mundo para vivir debido a su calidad de vida, específicamente por sus índices de prosperidad económica combinada con niveles de educación y expectativa de vida. The World Factbook. People from nearly every country share information with CIA, and new individuals contact us daily. If you have information you think might interest CIA due to our foreign intelligence collection mission, there are many ways to reach us. If you know of an imminent threat to a location inside the U.S., immediately contact your local law enforcement or FBI Field Office. For threats outside the U.S., contact CIA or go to a U.S.

Embassy or Consulate and ask for the information to be passed to a U.S. official. Please know, CIA does not engage in law enforcement. In addition to the options below, individuals contact CIA in a variety of creative ways. Fastcodesign. What is responsive design? Most people vaguely understand that it refers to websites that work just as well on desktops as they do on smartphones, but there's a lot more to it than that, leading to widespread confusion (heck, I'll admit, I've even been known to misuse it myself, even after fellow Co.Design writer John Pavlus called me a dummy for it). But the principles of responsive design aren't that hard to understand, thanks to this amazing collection of animated GIFs put together by the guys Froont, a San Francisco-based company specializing in making tools for designers to create responsive websites.

27 plantillas de Excel para organizarlo TODO. Te gusta tenerlo todo bajo control. Las mejores páginas para hacer un CV interactivo. [Guide] How to Downgrade Moto G 2nd Gen from Marshmallow to Lollipop. Grandes trucos en YouTube con solo cambiar la URL.


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