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R graphics plot gallery - plots, charts and graphs with R code. R has great graphics and plotting capabilities and can produce a wide range of plots very easily.

R graphics plot gallery - plots, charts and graphs with R code

The following is an R plot gallery with a selection of different R plot types and graphs that were all generated with R. In each case you can click on the graph to see the commented code that produced the plot in R. Note that the R code produces pdf files, which I have converted in gimp to png format for displaying on the web.

R graph Gallery. R Graph Catalog. Gallery. Gallery · mbostock/d3 Wiki. Wiki ▸ Gallery Welcome to the D3 gallery!

Gallery · mbostock/d3 Wiki

Sigma js. Plotly Blog — Automatically Grab Data From an Image with... Imagine you find a cool graph on the web, and you’d like to see the source data.

Plotly Blog — Automatically Grab Data From an Image with...

If it was made in Plotly, that data’s a single click away — either click if you’re looking at a shared graph, or the data grid icon if you’re looking at the graph in the plot editor. But source data for most other graphs won’t be that easy to access. Here at Plotly, we use an amazing tool called WebPlotDigitizer (WPD) to automatically grab data from a static image. Let’s say, for example, you’re reading this wonderful Mother Jones article on the rising strength of hurricanes. Step 1, load the image: We saved the image locally (if it were an interactive graph or otherwise tricky to save, we would just take a screenshot), then launched WPD. And uploaded our image. Visualisation Tools and Resources. - Learn d3.js by Example. - the code & musings of @ChrisPolis, Ruby on Rails web developer. JavascriptOO. MLDemos - A visualization tool for machine learning. 16 Online JavaScript Editors for Web Developers. 9 Minimal Frameworks for Front-End JavaScript Development. Imagine for a second the fact that, five years ago, we already had frameworks like jQuery to play with, and while not as functional and feature rich as today – it was already possible to configure and play with the web in hardly imaginable ways.

9 Minimal Frameworks for Front-End JavaScript Development

Today, there are literally hundreds of thousands of frameworks available to anyone who is brave enough to learn something new. Yes, most of them play very tiny role in the collective evolution of web development, but even that tiny contribution counts. Front-end is not just about HTML & CSS, it involves creativity just as much as it involves writing code in JavaScript, PHP, Python or any other programming language of your choice.

Have a look at my post on the top web programming languages in 2014 – if you’ve been following the trend, it will not be hard to see that most of those languages have held the top spot for over a decade. PHP: The Good Parts AuraJS Kraken It has all of the essentials that any mobile developer should need. Mr. Data Converter. Tableau Software. Examples by Freakalytics. Tableau Hub Data - The Information Lab. Tableau Hub / Data Data Posted by The Information Lab on Jan 1, 2012 Data Provider Mapping Latest Blog Posts.

Tableau Hub Data - The Information Lab

Data visualizations. The Lake Baikal is not so mysterious anymore, one riddle has been solved, how infrastructure for eco-tourism was created.

data visualizations

The Great Baikal Trail was created to develop system of environmental trails around Lake Baikal. The projects are based on work done by volunteers from all over the world; Russia, Australia, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands, United States, Canada, Mongolia, and many more places. To show the amount of work done in different areas of the lake I used: number of volunteers involved,man-days (=number of volunteers*number of projects' days).

API Reference. JavaScript API Tutorial. Show .js file Create the Viz As you build your web application, the first step is to create, or instantiate the view.

JavaScript API Tutorial

To do this, you create a new Viz object, passing the required parentElement (document.getElementByID) and url parameters, along with any options, such as hideTabs and hideToolbar. Getting started with the Java script API. Training & Tutorials. Health Intelligence. The Tableau Desktop Starter Kit data visualization (above) was designed by Lari McEdward, Dusting Smith and Ellie Fields from Tableau Software digital team.

Health Intelligence

This viz was originaly featured in Tableau Public blog "20 Days to Tableau Success" Tableau Training and Tutorials - Online training and tutorial materials from Tableau. On-Demand Training section provides useful videos to improve Tableau use and skills. InterWorks Training Resource - A comprehensive collection of over 100 of the most requested links, blogs, tips and tricks the InterWorks team uses regularly, to help speed trainers in their way forward after a Tableau training course.

Tableau Reference Guide - A collection of links to Tableau resources by Jeffrey Shaffer | Data + Science Product Help. Data Visualization with D3.js. Import to The Directory of News Visualizations. Tableau Love. Tableau 8.1 and R. There are many reasons for this: The cost: While commercial distributions exist, open-source R is free. The rich features: R has an estimated user community of 2 million, which includes thousands of contributors from different domains expanding the language’s capabilities through new libraries.

The quality: R libraries are enhanced by domain experts and field-tested by the large user base including other experts with real datasets in real analysis scenarios. The learning resources: Thanks to the active user community, plenty of tutorials and sample code are readily available. When we were working on building a bridge between Tableau and R, we wanted to enable three core scenarios and types of users. Dream Team – combining Tableau and R. Last quarter was a bit too busy to write some new blog post because of a new job.

Dream Team – combining Tableau and R

And changing the job often come along with changing the tools you work with. That was my way to Tableau. Tableau is one of the new stars in the BI/Analytics world and definitely worth a look. The people at Tableau describe their tool as an instrument that combines interactive visual analytics, sophisticated visualization methods, an easy to use graphical user-interface and a lot of connectors for dozens of different data sources ranging from standard Excel to more “Big Data” like things such as different Hadoop distributions and NoSQL databases. Tableau 8.1 and R. Data Visualization with Tableau. Wannabe Data Rock Star. RGraphExampleLibrary: R Example Graph Library. Introduction I wondered why there wasn't a website with output of the many examples of R packages.

RGraphExampleLibrary: R Example Graph Library

Well, here it is. This site contains hundreds of plots and graphics from the example sections of over 90 packages. There are many more R packages available and even within the selected packages some plots are not created (for various reasons). But this collection should give a broad overview of the graphic features available. Using the library. Graphics in R. Please direct questions and comments about these pages, and the R-project in general, to Dr. Tom Philippi. Introduction. Find your palette. Librairies Javascript pour gérer les graphiques.

Outils visualization

Browsing visualizations. MapStory : Welcome! La boite à outils. Gallery: U.S. Federal Budget. Back to Gallery Home Let’s begin with some tilted 3D pie charts and work our way toward a more revealing visualization. Here are the above 1993 and 2012 pie chart pairs, with Receipts and Outlays converted to flows in two separate Sankey diagrams: Diagram Notes: Receipts are shades of green, Outlays are shades of blue.

Two flows have other colors, since they are qualitatively different from the other Receipts & Outlays: “Borrowing to cover deficit” is red. The above diagrams lay out the relative proportions without any distortion from 3D tilting. Now that we have the two diagrams, though, what if we want to compare the two years to each other? Then the above diagrams are not that useful—the 2012 budget could be ten times the size of 1993’s (or vice versa) and these diagrams would still quietly imply that the budgets’ sizes are similar. Extraction. The Dataviz Design Process: 7 Steps for Beginners. Find your palette. A dynamic, browser-based visualization library. DataRemixed. VizWiz - Data Visualization Done Right.

Visual Business Intelligence. - mbostock. D3.js crash course. d3.js - How to Use sql queries to draw dynamic chart in NV D3. D3.js: How to handle dynamic JSON Data. Explore - Data Visualization with D3.js. Timeline JS. Load data from gist. GUESS: The Graph Exploration System. Data Visualization for the Web. Axiis : Data Visualization Framework. 45 Free or Super Cheap Tools for Creating Amazing Visual Content « Marketing Tools. Visualisation de données pour le web avec D3.js. Bio Pablo est ingénieur HES en informatique. Il travaille depuis 2007 au CERN, où il développe des applications web Java pour la gestion de projets et la planification des ressources.

Quand il porte ses pantoufles, il lui arrive de créer des visualisations de données, de générer de l’art et de s’adonner aux joies de la programmation fonctionnelle. Conférence sur le développement logiciel. General Update Pattern - Data Visualization with D3.js.