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Why You Have Mixed Emotions, Even at Happy Times. Мужчины не дарят подарки? Причина в вашем детстве! Есть ряд женщин, которые почти никогда или очень редко получают подарки от мужчин.

Мужчины не дарят подарки? Причина в вашем детстве!

Одни — жалуются, другие создают вид, будто им все равно. Иные — считают всех мужчин козлами и скупердяями. 8 слов-паразитов, по которым можно судить о человеке. Когда мыслительный процесс слишком медленный, а говорить уже надо, именно лишние слова помогают выиграть время.

8 слов-паразитов, по которым можно судить о человеке

» Handbook for Life: 52 Tips for Happiness and Productivity. Mental Floss: Why Do We Knock on Wood? Reader Dante wrote in to ask, “Why is knocking on wood good luck?”

Mental Floss: Why Do We Knock on Wood?

Traditionally, when you speak of your own good fortune, you follow up with a quick knock on a piece of wood to keep your luck from going bad. More recently, simply saying the phrase “knock on wood”—or “touch wood” in the UK—has replaced actually knocking. 15 Things That Emotionally Strong People Don't Do. There is a particular aspect of mental strength that is the deciding factor of whether or not you will have a good life.

15 Things That Emotionally Strong People Don't Do

There are many levels to mental strength and all are needed to be successful and happy. The one particular area of mental strength that has the greatest impact is that of emotional strength. Emotions are, of course, a part of our psyche, yet nevertheless, can be distinguished from the remainder of mental qualities because they most directly influence our physical body. They affect the way our body functions and they drive every single one of our actions. Forget Stress. Post written by Leo Babauta.

Forget Stress

Follow me on Twitter. The prevailing way of living in our Western societies is to plan out our lives, both for the long term and on a day-to-day basis. We have planners and digital calendars that map out our lives, sometimes to the minute. We feel we’re in control, with plans like this. But it’s an illusion, as I’ve said before. We cannot control our lives to this degree, no matter how we try. And what happens when the plans go wrong?

Think about how often your days actually go according to plan, exactly — it’s pretty rare, because we have no way of predicting the future. How to Detect Lies - body language, reactions, speech patterns. Two Types of Depression. Depression test Signs of depression Depression symptoms According to psychologists and psychiatrists, however, you will not get depressed.

Two Types of Depression

3 Categories of Personality Disorders. 3 Types of Mental illness Some Psychological disorders Mental disorders Personality disorders Everyone does sometimes weird, crazy or anything which is not appropriate in a given situation.

3 Categories of Personality Disorders

10 Facts on Teen’s Brain That Every Parent Should Know. 10 Facts on Teen’s Brain That Every Parent Should Know Amazing Facts on Teen’s Brain Brain Facts Inside the Teen mind They are dramatic, irrational and scream for seemingly no reason.

10 Facts on Teen’s Brain That Every Parent Should Know

And they have a deep need for both greater independence and tender loving care. There is a reason this description could be used for either teens or toddlers: After infancy, the brain's most dramatic growth spurt occurs in adolescence. 10 Psychological States You've Never Heard Of... and When You Experienced Them. Is Music the Key to Success? Multiple studies link music study to academic achievement.

Is Music the Key to Success?

But what is it about serious music training that seems to correlate with outsize success in other fields? The connection isn’t a coincidence. I know because I asked. I put the question to top-flight professionals in industries from tech to finance to media, all of whom had serious (if often little-known) past lives as musicians. Almost all made a connection between their music training and their professional achievements. The phenomenon extends beyond the math-music association. Will your school music program turn your kid into a Paul Allen, the billionaire co-founder of Microsoft (guitar)? 6 Best Tips to Turn off Negative Thoughts.

How to Avoid Negative Thoughts How to stop negative thoughts How to Turn off Negative Thoughts Here are the best ways to avoid negative thoughts which looks like Negative Thoughts quotes.

6 Best Tips to Turn off Negative Thoughts

Dan Ariely: Are we in control of our own decisions? 20 mental barriers you should let go of. Why Procrastinators Procrastinate. PDF: We made a fancy PDF of this post for printing and offline viewing. Buy it here. (Or see a preview.) pro-cras-ti-na-tion |prəˌkrastəˈnāSHən, prō-| noun the action of delaying or postponing something: your first tip is to avoid procrastination. Who would have thought that after decades of struggle with procrastination, the dictionary, of all places, would hold the solution. Getting Others Mad May Be a Winning Strategy. "Don't get mad, get even," may not be the best advice in all competitive endeavors. In fact, anger can sometimes help people win, new research suggests. When people are made to feel angry in a game of strength, they tend to perform better.

In games of strategy, anger is a handicap. Competitors, however, seem to realize this, the new study suggests — and they take advantage of their opponents' emotions. 25 Things You Keep In Your Life That Are Only Holding You Back. 1. The phone numbers of people that never, ever call you or text you first, and often don’t even respond when you text them. 15 styles of Distorted Thinking. 15 styles of Distorted Thinking Filtering: You take the negative details and magnify them while filtering out all positive aspects of a situation. Polarized Thinking: Things are black or white, good or bad. You have to be perfect or you're a failure. There is no middle ground.

Overgeneralization: You come to a general conclusion based on a single incident or piece of evidence.