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Moving to Maths 2.0

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BEAUTY OF MATHEMATICS. BASE Cinque light - Appunti di Matematica ricreativa. How to Use Wolfram Alpha Inside Google Docs. Wolfram Alpha is a search engine that is probably best know for helping students solve mathematics problems.

How to Use Wolfram Alpha Inside Google Docs

But there is more to Wolfram Alpha than just computational data. Wolfram Alpha can help students quickly locate information about famous people in history, locate socioeconomic data, find science data, and even help students find information about music theory. Unlike on Google or Bing, when students search on Wolfram Alpha they won't be shown a list of links.

3D GEOMETRIC SHAPES - QUİVER. Viewer - Learning Designer. Area and Perimeter. Peer Review Walkthrough. The peer assessment experience of a Turkish teacher trainer and secondary school language teacher. Learning Designer – per progettare bene le attività didattiche. Learning Designer è stato creato dal London Institute of Education.

Learning Designer – per progettare bene le attività didattiche

Questo tool si propone di aiutare gli insegnanti a tenere il passo con l’innovazione tecnologica, a costruire le attività didattiche in modo che siano efficaci e ad usare la tecnologia per far sì che ogni studente possa raggiungere il proprio potenziale di apprendimento. The Learning Designer experience of a Turkish teacher trainer and secondary school language teacher. QR Code Generator. QR Code Generator: QR Stuff Free Online QR Code Generator And Creator For Brochures, Print Advertising, Business Cards & Stickers. Teacher Author Tip 2: How to Make QR Codes. How to Scan QR Codes and Ideas for Classroom Use (mainly math) How to Scan QR Codes and Ideas for Classroom Use (mainly math) How to Scan QR Codes and Ideas for Classroom Use (mainly math)

Minecraft Maths - Introducing VOLUME and CAPACITY - Mister Teach. Flipped maths classroom. Conrad Wolfram: Teaching kids real math with computers. Conrad Wolfram: Teaching kids real math with computers. Mangahigh. Math Manipulatives: About Virtual Manipulatives. Math Manipulatives contains three pages of resources: About Virtual Manipulatives What is a virtual manipulative?

Math Manipulatives: About Virtual Manipulatives

In What are Virtual Manipulatives? , Patricia Moyer, Johnna Bolyard, and Mark Spikell (2002) defined a virtual manipulative as "an interactive, Web-based visual representation of a dynamic object that presents opportunities for constructing mathematical knowledge" (p. 373). Static and dynamic virtual models can be found on the Web, but static models are not true virtual manipulatives. Virtual manipulatives have a range of characteristics, such as pictorial images only, combined pictorial and numeric images, simulations, and concept tutorials, which include pictorial and numeric images with directions and feedback (Moyer-Packenham, Salkind, & Bolyard, 2008).

Back to top. NLVM Geometry Manipulatives. INVOLVING STUDENTS IN MATHS 2.0 (2) by irina vasilescu on Prezi. Five Principles of Extraordinary Math Teaching. Math class needs a makeover - Dan Meyer. Technology in the Math Classroom by Kelsey Zlab on Prezi. CollaboMath Challenge 05: International Paper. Collaborative Mathematics - Current Challenge Video. Curriculum - Collaborative Mathematics. Collaborative Mathematics: How It Works. Thinklink e-twinning. How to Teach Math as a Social Activity.

Learning Maths through code and robotics webinar. FLATlandia - Problemi di Geometria - Home Page. FLATlandia "Abbi pazienza, ché il mondo è vasto e largo" (Edwin A.

FLATlandia - Problemi di Geometria - Home Page

Moving-to-math-2-0. Login. TIC TAC TOE - World's Best Warmup Game. LA MATEMATICA E.. ARMONIA TRA CORPO E DANZA by Marghe Preni on Prezi. La Matematica nella Musica. The Harmonious Mathematics of Music. According to legend, the Ancient Greek Pythagoras was once walking on the streets of Samos, when the sounds of blacksmiths’ hammering suddenly gave him an epiphany.

The Harmonious Mathematics of Music

Pythagoras rushed into the shop and, as he analyzed mathematically the shapes of the blacksmiths’ hammers, he laid the foundations of music that today’s Rihanna, Shakira and others are building upon. Wait a minute… Are you talking about the guy from the Pythagorean theorem? I am. And despite what you’ve learned at school, this Pythagorean theorem is absolutely not Pythagoras’ greatest idea — most notably because he probably wasn’t even the one who came up with the Pythagorean theorem. At least, that’s what I think: Pythagoras’ greatest idea was the mathematization of music, whose harmonious structures would later be the playground of the greatest musicians like Ludwig van Beethoven (we’ll get there!) I’ve been a bit reluctant about writing this article at first because I’m very, very bad in music. The Perfection of Octaves. A-rhythm-etic. The math behind the beats - Clayton Cameron.

The science of symmetry - Colm Kelleher. Mystery Mathematics in Nature and Universe - Web Education. Mystery Mathematics : The theory can be considered a form of Pythagoreanism or Platonism in that it posits the existence of mathematical entities; a form of mathematical monism in that it denies that anything exists except mathematical objects; and a formal expression of ontic structural realism.

Mystery Mathematics in Nature and Universe - Web Education

There is debate going on among scientists today about whether math discovered or invented by humans, where some believe that mathematics is the hidden language of the universe Others believe that mathematics is the invention enables intelligent human beings in it to predict what is happening in the universe. Einstein’s questions about: How is it possible to be able to interpret the mathematics of the universe is a good way that we see it Are we discover or invent mathematics ??? From time immemorial, man in search of cycles and patterns, used them to explore the physical world and to understand the rules of nature, the number of flower petals (answering “suites”) symmetry of our body.

Maths and English Practice. 10 Unusual Ways to Explore Math. I confess.

10 Unusual Ways to Explore Math

I never really liked math. I played the school game well so I received pretty good grades, but after I passed the test (even after receiving an A in most cases), those rules, theorems and facts didn’t stick around for very long. The problem was everything was drilled into me, or as I like to think now, drilled out of me. I sat and did problem after problem before I really had a great grasp of with math could mean, how it related to my life and how I could approach it in a way that made sense to me. Everyone is different, but I needed more hands-on things, more time to invent my own problems. I’m so excited that now, as an adult, I have the time and opportunity to get to know math all over again with my kids.

Algebra and Mathematics. Explained with easy to understand 3D animations. Learning Design Rubrics Maths 2 0. Learning Design Rubrics Maths 2 0. Math is Fun - Maths Resources. Further resources. Real World Math - Home. Yummy Math. The Futures Channel Educational Videos and Activities. Real World: Comets - It's Done With Math. NASA. The right spin: how to fly a broken space craft. June 2006 On the 25th of May 1997 an unmanned cargo ship named Progress crashed into the Russian space station Mir, tearing a hole into Mir's side and sending it hurtling through space.

The right spin: how to fly a broken space craft

In his desperate attempt to save Mir and its crew, NASA astronaut Michael Foale had no choice but to get right down to the maths that governs space flight. Crunch The space station Mir, manned by NASA astronaut and scientist Michael Foale, Flight Engineer Alexander "Sasha" Lazutkin and Commander Vasily Tsibliev, had been put in orbit around Earth to test for the first time the feasibility of long-term human habitation in space.

On this particular day in May 1997, the unmanned cargo ship Progress, orbiting Earth a few kilometres away from the station, was due to dock with Mir, under remote-control by Mir's crew. The space station Mir. But this wasn't a routine docking manoeuvre. Get the Math in Music ~ Introduction : Get The Math. Thinking Blocks - Model Your Math Problems. Thinking Blocks is a nice site for elementary and middle school mathematics teachers.

Thinking Blocks - Model Your Math Problems

Thinking Blocks provides interactive templates in which students use brightly colored blocks to model and solve problems. As students work through the problems they are provided with feedback as to whether or not they are using the correct sequence to solve each problem. There are templates and problems for addition, multiplication, fractions, and ratios. You can also develop your own problems using the modeling tool. Get The Math in Fashion ~ Introduction : Get The Math. Real World Math - Home. Media4Math+: Math in the News. Resources for Teaching the Math & Science of Sports. The Super Bowl is coming up this weekend and many classrooms will have students buzzing with their predictions for Sunday's game.

Resources for Teaching the Math & Science of Sports

This provides a good opportunity to incorporate math and science with sports. Below is a re-publishing of a review I wrote two years ago about NBC's Science of Football lesson materials. The Science of Football is a series of ten videos from NBC Learn explaining and demonstrating math and science concepts as they relate to football. The Science of Football could be a good way to get students who enjoy sports, but don't necessarily enjoy math and science, interested in learning math and science. Lessonopoly offers lesson plans corresponding to each video to support your use of the videos in your classroom.

Using Maps in an Elementary School Math Lesson. When it comes to creative uses of Google tools, Tom Barrett is certainly a leader that we can all learn from. A great example of this can be found in Tom's Math Maps. Math Maps are Google Maps on which Tom and others have created placemarks which when clicked reveal mathematics questions for students to answer based on the maps. There are questions available for every elementary school grade level. The placemarks are color-coded to indicate the level of the questions. Blue = Kindergarten, Red = 1st grade, Green = 2nd grade, Light Blue = 3rd grade, Yellow = 4th grade, Purple = 5th grade. Weather Forecasting. Dolce matematica 1314 casalgrande.wmv. Math 2.0. Real Life Math. Textbook type problems in the real world.

PBL in the Maths Classroom. Applying Math Skills to a Real-World Problem. Algebra and Mathematics. Explained with easy to understand 3D animations. 10 Unusual Ways to Explore Math. A Piece of Pie in ... Bucharest by Maria Petrescu on Prezi. E se ripartissimo da Talete? «La rivoluzione, nel caso di Anassimandro, è un pensiero che diventa realtà», sostiene Valeria a 10 anni, aggiungendo: «Tu provi a crederci, però, visto che non ci crede nessuno, nessuno ti incoraggia, perdi un po' la capacità. Poi però, quando scopri che è vero, allora è un sogno che diventa realtà». Create your own scavenger hunt for mobile devices – GPS treasure hunt app – iPad rally – Tablet tour.

ClassDojo. Fidenia – Il social learning italiano. Graphing Calculator. Tangrams. Spiromath - The Intersection of Math and Art. Online Math Games for Kids. Test your Multiplication - Times Tables From 2 to 15. Math Games - HOODA MATH - over 100 Math Games. Cool Math Games - Free Online Math Games, Cool Puzzles, and More. 87 Free, Fun Math Games for Kids « Fun Educational Games for Kids. Mangahigh. Online Math Games Balance Challenge with Mastery Learning.