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Gpiozeroruler. The RasPiO GPIO Zero Ruler recently finished KickStarter shipping and is now available for general purchase.


A single is £6 + £1.50 shipping. Discounts for multiples… Creative electronic tools - Bare ConductiveBare Conductive. Pi-top. The World's First and Best 3D Printing Pen. Voltera. .NET Micro Framework.

A new way to make sophisticated devices Even someone with little or no electronics background can build devices made up of components like sensors, lights, switches, displays, communications modules, motor controllers, and much more.

.NET Micro Framework

Just pick your components, plug them into a mainboard and program the way they work together. .NET Gadgeteer uses the .NET Micro Framework to make writing code for your device as easy as writing a desktop, Web or Windows Phone application. An open source and open hardware community project If you're building projects with .NET Gadgeteer, you'll find inspiration and product information on this site. If you're interested in building .NET Gadgeteer hardware, you can find hardware interface specifications and core libraries at A variety of hardware vendors are building components for .NET Gadgeteer, so you’ll have a huge assortment of modules to choose from. Netduino. Buy Kinect for Windows v2 Sensor (Commercial) - Microsoft Store United Kingdom Online Store. The Kinect for Windows v2 sensor gives developers more of the precision, responsiveness and intuitive capabilities they need to develop interactive voice- and gesture-based applications for the Windows desktop and Windows Store.

Buy Kinect for Windows v2 Sensor (Commercial) - Microsoft Store United Kingdom Online Store

The v2 sensor is intended for use with the Kinect for Windows software development kit (SDK) 2.0. Learn more at the Kinect for Windows Dev Center. Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer. .:oomlout:. HomePage. .:oomlout:. Arduino & DIY Electronics and kits in the UK. Circuit Scribe Official Store: Teach Electronics by Drawing! Wearable Technology. IkeGPS. Dream big, build bigger. Bare Conductive. Revolution - Robots - Shop - EZ-Robot. The Structure Sensor is the first 3D sensor for mobile devices. Head Mounted Display. Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits. E-Textiles & Conductive Thread from Kitronik.

123D Circuits. Education – Bare Conductive. LilyPad. Shopping Cart 0 items.


Tools Equipment/Hand tools/Pliers Tweezers/Sets of Pliers. Tools Equipment/Hand tools/Pliers Tweezers/Sets of Pliers. Electrical Power/Power Supply Units/Bench Power Supply Units. Uni T Modern Digital Multimeter UT61E. Store — MindWave Mobile: MyndPlay Bundle. MindWave Mobile: MyndPlay Bundle Designed in Silicon Valley by the world’s leading innovator of brainwave technology, the new MindWave Mobile headset is evolved for today’s mobile user.

Store — MindWave Mobile: MyndPlay Bundle

It is compatible with Apple iOS products, including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and Android phones and tablets. And you can double your use of the MindWave Mobile with Mac and PC compatibility. Also, another 5 bonus apps for PC/Mac are included: Brainwave Visualizer, Man.Up, ZombiePop, Meditation Journal, and the MindWave Tutorial. Main Benefits MindWave Mobile is the world’s least expensive research-grade EEG headset available. Overview The MindWave Mobile safely measures and outputs the EEG power spectrums (alpha waves, beta waves, etc), NeuroSky eSense meters (attention and meditation) and eye blinks.

Oomlout - Buy & Learn Arduino in the UK. WunderBar: Internet of Things Starter Kit for App Developers - LittleBits: DIY Electronics For Prototyping and Learning. Novint Falcon. Electronic educational and hobby project kits, accessories, tools and resources. The Works of Dickson Chow. Plant Friends MKII Article Date: July 13th, 2014.

The Works of Dickson Chow

Updated: August 4th, 2014. What is Plant Friends? Plant Friends is a plant environmental monitor system. It monitors the soil moisture, air temperature, and air humidity of your indoor plant(s) and will alert you via email and SMS when your plants are thirsty. Plant Friends is based on my original proof-of-concept project which you can see here. The Sensor Node The Base Station The App How does it work? Here is a diagram to show how Plant Friends operate: The (many) sensor nodes consists of a Moteino (an Arduino clone with an RF transceiver), a soil moisture sensor, a humidity sensor, temperature sensor and a battery meter. The base station houses another Moteino, which acts as a gateway to recieve the RF signals, and a Raspberry Pi where the data is logged into a MySQL database and serves the data to the Plant Friends mobile app. I love plants! AWESOME! 1. Paper Cutting Machine - Electronic Paper Cutter - Cricut Explore.

Resistors. Contributors: Jimb0 Share Use this URL to share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Google+ Resistor Basics Resistors are electronic components which have a specific, never-changing electrical resistance.


The resistor’s resistance limits the flow of electrons through a circuit. They are passive components, meaning they only consume power (and can’t generate it). Resistor units The electrical resistance of a resistor is measured in ohms. As SI units go, larger or smaller values of ohms can be matched with a prefix like kilo-, mega-, or giga-, to make large values easier to read. Schematic symbol All resistors have two terminals, one connection on each end of the resistor. Two common resistor schematic symbols. The terminals of the resistor are each of the lines extending from the squiggle (or rectangle). Gesture Controller for PC & Mac.