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IwiDarwin. Iwi_darwin was ported from Linux drivers made by Intel®.


This code includes derivations from the BSD and Linux drivers and is therefore licensed under GPL2. Donations should be done in mercurysquad project. Linux Deepin. Linux From Scratch. Marketplace. MSDNAA - EEMI. MultiSystem. OpenWrt. Ophcrack. OSx86.net. Plop. Project: Camphor. Tails. Tonymacx86. TV. UNetbootin. YunoHost. Zentyal. QtMoko. SHR Project. What is SHR ?

SHR Project

SHR is a GNU/Linux based operating system for smartphones and similar mobile devices. It integrates various Free and Open Source Software projects into a versatile platform - flexible enough to run on a vast selection of mobile hardware such as the Openmoko Neo Freerunner, Goldelico OpenPhoenux (GTA04), Nokia N900 and more. B2G I9000.

B2G I9100. OSXFUSE. Fuse4X. WindowsUnlocker. To know what can threat your data you should know what malicious programs (Malware) exist and how they function.


Malware can be subdivided in the following types: Viruses: programs that infect other programs by adding to them a virus code to get access at an infected file start-up. Android-x86. AOKP SGT. BackTrack. BBQLog. Boot-Repair-Disk. CM9 SGS. Forum Ubuntu. GNU/Linux Timeline. After a short essay on methodology we’re curious to find out whether there are any master-snoops among our audience.

GNU/Linux Timeline

We present exhibit M, a rare specimen we know nothing about but for the fact that it was compiled from bits of Gentoo. Hence we call publicly for any hints or leads regarding this elusive distribution! Meanwhile, a gentle reader has drawn to our attention the fact that Damn Vulnerable Linux is currently listed as a Slax derivate by the major pundit places, while it certainly boasted a Damn Small Linux pedigree in it’s very beginnings. The switch has happened, but everyone claims not to have seen when it did!

Gle Apps. TV. GParted. Heimdall. What is Heimdall?


Heimdall is a cross-platform open-source tool suite used to flash firmware (aka ROMs) onto Samsung mobile devices. How does it work? Heimdall connects to a mobile device over USB and interact with software running on device known as Loke. InsanelyMac.