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» Journée confiserie, caramels mous au beurre salé et guimauves again Certes j’avais déjà réalisé de délicieuses guimauves après un stage confiserie chez Valrhona, et, il y a quelques années, des caramels mous selon un recette de Lenôtre ! Mais comme la charmante Alice qui connaît mon penchant pour les douceurs, vient de m’envoyer le nouveau livre de la collection Ducasse, « Leçon de cuisine « , difficile de ne pas résister ! Tout fait envie et les recettes sont simples. Les explications en images facilitent le travail et laissent augurer de belles dégustations gourmandes !! Le café gourmand qui a accueilli mes hôtes ce week-end s’est donc un peu étoffé et il faut reconnaître que tout le monde a apprécié. » Journée confiserie, caramels mous au beurre salé et guimauves again
Préparation : 45 min | Cuisson : 45 min Sans viandeSans œufSans gluten Ingrédients 350 g de sucre en poudre 2 cl d’eau 100 g de beurre demi-sel 3 g de sel fin 20 cl de crème fraîche entière Caramels mous au beurre salé Caramels mous au beurre salé Caramels mous au beurre salé
CARAMELS DURS AU LAIT ET AU BEURRE SALÉ - Palais des Lys CARAMELS DURS AU LAIT ET AU BEURRE SALÉ - Palais des Lys Samedi 27 juin 2009 6 27 /06 /Juin /2009 08:52 Avec le beurre à la fleur de sel que j'ai réalisé l'autre jour, je me suis dit que vu qu'il ne se garderait probablement pas très longtemps, il était opportun de l'utiliser dans une autre pré quoi de plus gourmands que ces petits bonbons qui fondent littéralement dans la bouche une fois qu'on les y a introduit et qu'on appelle "CARAMEL". Le problème majeur est qu'on a envie d'en reprendre et d'en reprendre. Selon le temps de cuisson, vous pouvez obtenir la texture désirée allant sur une échelle du "très mou" au "très dur". Un conseil : lisez bien la recette jusqu'au bout afin de savoir quel plat utiliser et quand découper le caramel (pas si évident). Ingrédients pour une douzaine de caramels (recette extraite du livre "Délices de lait" de Laurence et Gilles Laurendon) (temps de préparation : 12 min / temps de cuisson : 25 min)
29 Easy And Adorable Things To Make For Babies
29 Easy And Adorable Things To Make For Babies
What is this good for? This generator simply creates a paper model for a box or an envelope. It does the math and all the drawing-work for you. Some of the uses for a paper-box:

Free Template Maker

Free Template Maker
This Re-Style will be slightly different, because I am adding video instructions. Gasp! That's right, I am jumping off the dock and into the dark, cold waters of the unknown. Tutorial Things you need Re-Style#54, Five Minute Draped Vest #2

Re-Style#54, Five Minute Draped Vest #2

Kaleidocycle {aka folding paper toy!} Kaleidocycle {aka folding paper toy!} By Kate on October 22, 2012 Have you ever made a kaleidocycle before? They are pretty fun. All you need is some glue, paper and 5 or 10 minutes! There is an animated gif at the bottom on the post so that you can see what they do. There are also instructions & a template below too ^_^

3D animated origami instructions to make a peace crane, flapping bird, and football shirt.

About the Peace Crane This animation shows how to fold a square of paper into a peace crane (a bird). The crane is a bird with a long neck and tail feathers. It makes a great table decoration or gift. Good quality wrapping paper can also be used to make the model. 3D animated origami instructions to make a peace crane, flapping bird, and football shirt.

packaging templates from japan

I’m not sure how I discovered this awesome collection of packaging templates but I’m glad I did! Some professor or student at a japanese univeresity was nice enough to share all their packaging templates with the world! These are a few of my favorites and you can see all of them on their website. Every situation is covered! You sell Bon Bons? packaging templates from japan
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I love this Sharpie tie die DIY from The Art Girl Jackie blog! She did it with her adorable daughter and I think it’s a fun inspiration for this Spring and upcoming music festival season. Use this technique to spruce up your ratty t-shirts or maybe a pair of of cut off shorts. For another idea, check out how to spruce up your clothes with DIY leopard print here! What You Need:

DIY Sharpie Tie Die

DIY Sharpie Tie Die

I Really Wish I Could Sew | Pioneer Woman Home & Garden | Ree Drummond

A sweet friend of mine sent the girls and me a box of adorably adorable owl pillows this week. She doesn’t sell them, doesn’t have an Etsy shop…she just makes them. I think they might be the sweetest things I’ve ever seen, and I think they’ll be precious in the girls’ new room. I Really Wish I Could Sew | Pioneer Woman Home & Garden | Ree Drummond
Last night's project, a basket made from old newspaper. After seeing this post at CraftStylish, I was inspired to try one. Maybe I'll keep books and remote controls in it. 1. I cut the folded edge off a couple sections of newspaper and then cut those pages in half lengthwise. I used about 20 pages for this basket (about 40 strips).

Newspaper basket | How About Orange

Thursday, June 14, 2012 4:30 am, Posted by Chris Groves | Internet 20 Awesome Do It Yourself Projects Topics: At Home Project Ideas , Creative DIY Home Projects , Do It Yourself Projects for 2012 , Fun How To Projects , What to Do with Extra Stuff Are you bored and have a bunch of extra little items hanging around here and there?

20 Awesome Do It Yourself Projects

OPTIONS: 1. Pendant Size Tree: If you need to make a smaller Tree of Life for a pendant or even a tiny one for earrings, you'll simply want to use a smaller ring and also decrease the number of wires used. Just remember, you'll always want to have a multiple of three (3, 6, 9...) because you'll be braiding the roots of the tree. 2. Adding charms: If you'd like to add charms to your tree, just add them while your twisting the branches or before you add beads to the branch, depending on where you want the charm to hang. 3. Fuller Trees: If you prefer the fuller looking trees, don't twist the branches as close to the edge as I did here. You're beads will then thread closer to the center of the tree and it will appear fuller.

Wire Wrapped Tree Of Life Ornament ∙ How To by Lisa H. on Cut Out

I loved this idea because not only can you recycle these horrid polystyrene containers, but the process is really simple. You could even use tracing paper and trace your design so you don't even need to be able to draw. You could make a whole series of cards like this or just a colorful print to hang on your wall and cheer up the place. Materials needed: Foam or polystyrene container pencil paint or ink small roller 1.

Fun with Foam Printing - Easy Tutorial

The first kit of the new year is this deceivingly simple looking little owl to expand the bird-population in 3EyedBear’s universe. We all know owls are one of the wisest creatures and this one certainly will be one day too. Thing is: she’s still very young and inexperienced, but she compensates that with a passion for reading thick books while you sleep. It don’t hurt to have her posted in your bedroom since owls hunt for little scary creatures by inborn instinct. She will watch over you. Happy dreams everyone

Howie Owl – hoot hoot! « 3EyedBear

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