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Engineers Without Borders Australia. NASA released a ton of software for free and here’s some you should try. NASA has just published its 2017-2018 software catalog, which lists the many apps, code libraries and tools that pretty much anyone can download and use.

NASA released a ton of software for free and here’s some you should try

Of course, most of it is pretty closely tied to… you know, launching spacecraft and stuff, which most people don’t do. But here are a few items that might prove useful to tinkers and curious lay people alike. If you’re interested in a piece of software, head to the link provided; it should provide the release or license type (some things are limited to the U.S., for instance), a contact you can hit up for more info and sometimes a dedicated site for the app or service.

Flying around looking at things, NASA style Say you’re building a drone or satellite from scratch. Once you’ve got the imagery on the ground, you might want to put it through PixelLearn, which lets you set rules about certain pixels and patterns, letting the program automatically find and categorize things like craters, buildings and so on. SPI 2016 – STEM Programme Index 2016. 3D Resources. NASA - Station Spacewalk Game. <center><div class="site_errors"><div class="floatType_site_error_top"></div><div class="floatType_site_error"><table summary="layout table"><tr><td bgcolor="#000000"><font color="#ffffff"><h2><img src="/templateimages/redesign/modules/overlay/site_error.gif" title="Site Error" alt="Site Error"/>There's a problem with your browser or settings.

NASA - Station Spacewalk Game

</h2></font><font color="#ffffff"><p>Your browser or your browser's settings are not supported. To get the best experience possible, please download a compatible browser. If you know your browser is up to date, you should check to ensure that javascript is enabled. NASA's Software Catalog. HASSE Senior Space School Program — iVicon Australia. HASSE Senior Space School Program is designed for students ages 15 and up.

HASSE Senior Space School Program — iVicon Australia

Australian School students will have the opportunity to tour NASA facilities and learn from scientists and engineers who work in the space program. This program includes hands on simulations and projects that are focused on NASA’s Mars mission program. Students will simulate the launch and landing of a robotic rover on Mars. Besides understanding the engineering involved in the landing, students will be given a budget and be required to use their risk assessment and managerial skills to plan the mission.

Draw Your Own Circuits With Our Conductive Ink Pens.

STEM thinking

A Free STEM Project Journal for Solution Fluency Learning. High Tech High. STEM Career Resources - RiAusRiAus. Jansen Walker - Beta 2 by 4volt. An openly designed Creative Commons Licensed robot.

Jansen Walker - Beta 2 by 4volt

Note: New Version (Beta 2.1) posted 06/05/2009 New features: 12 legs instead of 8, "drop-in" center platform, 1:1.8 ratio gears, many small changes. I only update this listing for major revisions of the walker, it\'s possible there\'s a minor revision posted at my site that is not here: What you see here is the Jansen walker, a laser-cut robot, based on the Jansen Mechanism. It has 12 legs and scuttles similar to a crab walking sideways. This project is heavily influenced by Theo Jansen\'s natural gearing mechanism, it’s a very efficient mechanical leg design for converting rotary motion into leg movements, and is very elegant in my opinion. For more info on Theo Jansen as well as some video and pictures see I\'ve marked this as non-commercial creative commons licensed, but it would be very easy for anyone get me to license a commercial version to almost anyone.

Build your own DIY “Animal” (Theo Jansen Strandbeest) Project Ignite. Refraction Media — Excellence in science content and publishingRefraction Media. LED Light Drawing Pens: Tools for drawing light doodles. I'll be creating a blue light pen.

LED Light Drawing Pens: Tools for drawing light doodles

Attention to voltage requirements and current draw are important as different color LEDs have different ratings. Here is a list of the parts used. Plastic Tubing - 5/8" outside diameter - 1/2" inside diameter Plastic Tubing - 1/2" outside diameter - 3/8" inside diameter 1 LED 1 Normally Open Switch 1 20 ohm Resistor - size is determined using Ohm's law 3 1.5 volt Button Batteries Heat shrink tubing 24 gauge wire Electrician's tape LEDs, switch, resistors, heat shrink and electrician's tape purchased at local electronics store.

The plastic tubing was "discovered" in the hardware store. Gear Generator. Animation: * Shift + Enter: Set RPM of the selected gear * Shift + Enter: modifies the Diametral pitch Display.

Gear Generator

Wintergatan. Whoops! 12 Tales Of Accidental Brilliance In Science. Courtesy of Texas A&M University; Johanna Varner; Oregon State University; Stanford News Service; Carlos Jared Author Isaac Asimov once wrote, "The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not 'Eureka!

Whoops! 12 Tales Of Accidental Brilliance In Science

' but, 'That's funny ... ' " Good scientists search for the significance of surprises, coincidences and mistakes. With a little curiosity and perseverance, they can turn unexpected incidents into new insights. The Golden Mole Award, from NPR's Skunk Bear, celebrates these moments of serendipity in science. Here are a few of our favorite stories — a shortlist of Golden Mole Award nominees. STEM at Calrossy Anglican School. Time travel: take a peek at the future of transportation - in pictures. Why the history of maths is also the history of art. When I was a graduate student in art history, I read many explanations of abstract art, but they were invariably inadequate and misleading.

Why the history of maths is also the history of art

So after completing my PhD, I went on to learn the history of biology, physics, and astronomy, and to publish a book detailing how modern art is an expression of the scientific worldview. Yet many artworks also express the mathematics and technology of their times. To research Math and Art I had to learn maths concepts like calculus, group theory and predicate logic. As a novice struggling to understand these ideas, I was struck with the poor quality and confusing content of illustrations in most educational books.

So I vowed to create for my book a set of cogent math diagrams that are crystal-clear visualizations of the abstract concepts. Tutorials for WPF, WebGL, Individual and Group Behavior, Workplace Diversity, Consumer Behavior, Business Ethics, Work Life Balannce, Data Structure & Algorithms, Business Acumen, Business Etiquette, Cracking Interviews, Drupal, Spark, Spark SQL, R, Apach. Learn to code. Front End Developer Playground & Code Editor in the Browser. First Australians were also the first farmers. LEAP - National Indigenous Science Education Program.

Macquarie University's Indigenous Science Education Program (ISEP) was expanded as part of the LEAP program in 2010 and has continued to reach more students and community members.

LEAP - National Indigenous Science Education Program

In 2011 ISEP was awarded an Australian Learning and Teaching Award for Programs that Enhance Learning and in 2012 was successful in receiving an Inspiring Australia grant to expand its programs nationally. The National Indigenous Science Education Program (NISEP) is an innovative, university based program, run collaboratively by Macquarie University staff, high school staff, Aboriginal communities and a growing number of partner organisations and universities.

The main aim of NISEP is to provide secondary students, especially Indigenous students, with the motivation and skills to complete their high school studies and to open pathways to tertiary education. NISEP: The main activities through which NISEP currently address these aims include: Engineering Innovation. An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python (Part 1) from Coursera. Design Technology. Flip Your Mat!

Design Technology

Stage: 2 and 3 Challenge Level: What shape and size of drinks mat is best for flipping and catching? Tom Learns to Cook If Tom wants to learn to cook his favourite supper, he needs to make a schedule so that everything is ready at the same time. Troublesome Triangles Many natural systems appear to be in equilibrium until suddenly a critical point is reached, setting up a mudslide or an avalanche or an earthquake. Make Your Own Robot A simple robot to make, plus robots in everyday life to investigate.