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Lee Chapman. Fontenoy. Stewart Cohen Prints. K-NARF. K-NARF is represented by CLIC GALLERY_NYC / ROBERTA MOLIN CORVO GALLERY_MILAN 0FR GALLERY_PARIS / CELINE MOINE GALLERY_LYON CLEAR GALLERY_TOKYO TOKYO STUDIO @ 0fr. TOKYO_NAKAMEGURO from Monday to Thursday, 0fr Tokyo becomes my artist studio in Tokyo. AUG. 2014 TAPE-O-GRAPH, ORIGINAL MULTIPLE [OM]#2 available from my K-STORE 01 unique large size TAPE-O-GRAPH + 05 medium size original multiple TAPE-O-GRAGHS. 13th of June 2014, SINGAPORE improbable exhibition/reception to discover a series of large tape-o-graphs in a penthouse appartment on the 14th floor of a 70's bldg.

TOKYO, Apr. 2014_Néo-Vintage Photo Lab. installation @ Artist Residency at Westminster Roppongi Hills. Nowadays I still process manually all my photographs but no more enlarger and developing chemicals... TOKYO, WINTER 2014_Original Multiples I created OM to make very limited editions (usually 5) of small artworks. 31st Dec 2013_PARIS STUDIO LAST DAYS IN THE PARIS STUDIO. FYI: I got second at the CUTLOG-ARTE PRIZE. Robert Klein Gallery | Fine Art Photography | Boston. Thomas Struth 32 - Virtual Tour. Jason Martin | Artists | Lisson Gallery. Jason Martin effects oscillations between sculpture and painting, with the vigour of action painting but a controlled hand.

He is perhaps best known for his monochromatic paintings, where layers of oil or acrylic gel are dragged across hard surfaces such as aluminium, stainless steel or Plexiglas with a fine, comb-like piece of metal or board in one movement, often repeated many times. Striations catch the light, their rhythmic textures suggestive of the ridges in a vinyl record, strands of wet hair, the grain of a feather – and whose titles flirt with association (Comrade, Amphibian, Corinthian). Martin does away with paint altogether in his wall-mounted casts of copper, bronze and nickel, whose surfaces are unctuous but frozen.

In pure pigment works, vivid colour is applied to moulded panels, whose baroque contortions appear like an extreme close-up of a painter’s palette. Home | Christophe Jacrot PhotographiesChristophe Jacrot Photographies. Niels Shoe Meulman. T!nd. LEO GABIN. Seung-Hwan Oh | Photography. Impermanence ‘Impermanence’ is about an idea that all matter including all the life forms collapse in our spatial-temporal dimension we belong to. The conceptual idea was inspired by the second law of thermodynamics. Impermanence_Untitled_DavidHyun 2013150x150cmPigment PrintEdition of 5 Impermanence_Untitled_Akio 2015150x150cmPigment PrintEdition of 5 Impermanence_Untitled_Monamour 2012150x150cmPigment PrintEdition of 5.

.:: ALAIN DELORME Photography ::. Franck Bohbot's Portfolio - COLLECTION. ANDRÉ WAGNER PHOTOGRAPHY. James Reeve | Photographer. - boogie |photographer. MICHAEL WOLF PHOTOGRAPHY. BERG DOT JPEG / Home. Singapore Documentary Photographer Edwin Koo. MICHAEL WOLF PHOTOGRAPHY. All images copyright michael wolf. VICKY MOON. SANDA ANDERLON. Manuel tanner. Mike Brodie Photography. Clement Briend Photographies. Daido Moriyama official web site|DaidoMoriyamaPhotoFoundation. Ed Gordeev. ACE GALLERY | MARTIN SCHOELLER. Frisieren Sie lieber den Rasen | Rath-Photografie. Justyna neryng photography. Cesar Ordoñez - Books. James and Karla Murray Photography.

Red Hong Yi. Chiho Aoshima | Artists | Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. Chiho Aoshima Using Bezier curves, Chiho Aoshima creates extraordinary worlds populated with ghosts, zombies, and teenage girls. Debuting in the art scene with no formal art training, Chiho Aoshima’s work transcends traditional techniques of representation. Aoshima uses computer software to create beautiful and erotic worlds of ghosts, demons, schoolgirls, and exquisite natural landscapes. Her work is printable on any surface; from canvas bags to giant wallpaper installations. “My work feels like strands of my thoughts that have flown around the universe before coming back to materialize,” Aoshima states. Aoshima’s work has garnered international renown with a number of high profile projects.

In 2004, she was invited to participate in the 54th Carnegie International at the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, where she unveiled her largest wallpaper piece to date, measuring 106 feet (32.5m ) in length by 15 feet (4.8m ) in height. DAN ECKSTEIN. Start01. STEPHANIE GONOT PHOTO. Info - Julien Douvier. About me : My name is Julien Douvier, 24 years old, I studied graphic design in France along with editorial / print design and advertising design. I'm now a freelancer looking for projects opportunities. What tools do I use to create my animated photos ?

I use most of the time a Canon 600D with various lenses, a tripod, Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe Photoshop. Quality over quantity : As you can see, I attach a great importance to quality and details in my work. What inspires me : A lot of things inspires me… Photographs, movies, videos, ads, art in general… Everything that is visual is a source of inspiration. Using my images ?

All my work is copyrighted. Only GIFs ? Gifs have some limits, but they are easy to display on various electronic devices using internet, when they are done right and doesn't weigh too much. It's also possible to display locally these images without internet on larger screens, as HD video files, without the constraits of Gif files. Contact : More works : Features : Thomas SUBTIL Photography. WILLIAM EGGLESTON. Lars Botten Photographer - KPunkka. Nadia Lee Cohen | London Based Photographer. Eric de Ville. JeanYves Lemoigne photographer. Japan - Ron Gessel Photography. Quentin Shih – Photography & Films. Camilo Jose Vergara4337-West-Madison-St. - 1. Index. Eric de Ville. PUBLICATIONS/Press | Benoit Lapray photography and creative retouching. La Company - Agence de photographes. Jordan Sullivan. Staying Power. Eddie O'KEEFE. Tao Liu. TIME recently featured the brilliant work of Tao Liu, a 32-year-old street photographer based in Hefei, China.

I’ve selected a bunch of my favourite images from his blog, below. Tao Liu’s Website Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.