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Story Maps. Story Maps. ORBIS: The Stanford Geospatial Network Model of the Roman World. Neatline. LitLong. Palimpsest. Mapping the Digital Humanities at the University of Iowa. As I drove from Milwaukee to Iowa City last year, I thought about the digital humanists at the University of Iowa and the diversity of their work.

Mapping the Digital Humanities at the University of Iowa

Though the richness of the digital interfaces for the projects had drawn me in, it was their scope – the methodologies, the content, the geographic focus – that gripped me. The digital humanities at Iowa ranged in approach from GIS to 3D modeling, in subject from Shakespeare to Walt Whitman, and in provenance from Petra to St. A Map for Big Data Research in Digital Humanities. This article is an attempt to represent Big Data research in digital humanities as a structured research field.

A Map for Big Data Research in Digital Humanities

A division in three concentric areas of study is presented. Challenges in the first circle – focusing on the processing and interpretations of large cultural datasets – can be organized linearly following the data processing pipeline. Challenges in the second circle – concerning digital culture at large – can be structured around the different relations linking massive datasets, large communities, collective discourses, global actors, and the software medium. Esri - App List. Animaps. Heganoo. Odyssey.js. MapStory : Bienvenue! StoryMap JS - Telling stories with maps.

TimeMapper - Make Timelines and TimeMaps fast! - from the Open Knowledge Foundation Labs. Storytelling with Google Maps. Getting started with Google Maps Whether you're highlighting shelter locations during a flood or setting the scene in a broadcast story, a map can be a great vehicle to share information with your audience.

Storytelling with Google Maps

Use this site to help you get started with Google's mapping tools—from interactive web maps to HD Google Earth animations for television. Sign up for our mailing listStay up to date on the latest Google Maps and Google Earth tools relevant to journalists, including new crisis maps, fresh satellite imagery and more: Sign up for our Google Group. Get in touchE-mail the Google News Lab at Timescape. Tour Builder. Tripline. uMap. Thematic Mapping. CartoDB. MapBox.