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Better Learning Through Movement - Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson. And fun as well.

Better Learning Through Movement - Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

Recently a co-worker sent me a link to some videos that were done by the Houston Independent School District about the pilot program they are running in several elementary schools. These schools are using video games involving the Kinect Sensor to help teach. And not just physical education which is sort of the default image people have for Kinect-based games but things like math as well. How to Teach Computing across the Curriculum: Why not Logo? April 13, 2012 at 8:55 am Because of my recent posts on teaching with Logo and the culture of older programming languages , I’ve been poking around the Logo sites.

How to Teach Computing across the Curriculum: Why not Logo?

My most enjoyable find has been the Logo Books page of the Logo Foundation . Kids can't use computers... and this is why it should worry you - Coding 2 Learn. TL;DR?

Kids can't use computers... and this is why it should worry you - Coding 2 Learn

Why not just go watch another five second video of a kitten with its head in a toilet roll, or a 140 character description of a meal your friend just stuffed in their mouth. “nom nom”. This blog post is not for you. The phone rang through to my workroom. It was one of the school receptionists explaining that there was a visitor downstairs that needed to get on the school’s WiFi network. iPad in hand I trotted on down to the reception to see a young twenty-something sitting on a chair with a MacBook on her knee. I smiled and introduced myself as I sat down beside her.

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New Visual Tool Teaches Kids How to Code at Home. Digital Tools As the conversation about education shifts towards helping students develop useful skills in life beyond the classroom, a new spotlight on computer coding has emerged.

New Visual Tool Teaches Kids How to Code at Home

Kids are impressing adults with their creativity, with their facility in learning new technologies, and their ability to design challenging video games. More and more, parents are beginning to see computer science and programming as the key to success for their children. And like other foreign languages, even if the child doesn’t grow up to be a computer programmer, learning to code can yield many other benefits, the thinking goes.

Cracking coding: Why schools should invest in computer programming. Released 26/07/2013 Curriculum changes that came into play last September saw children as young as eight learning how to program.

Cracking coding: Why schools should invest in computer programming

Computational Thinking - IAE-Pedia. Information Age Education (IAE) is an Oregon non-profit corporation created by David Moursund in July, 2007.

Computational Thinking - IAE-Pedia

It works to improve the informal and formal education of people of all ages throughout the world. A number of people have contributed their time and expertise in developing the materials that are made available free in the various IAE publications. Click here to learn how you can help develop new IAE materials. Computers are incredibly fast, accurate, and stupid. Human beings are incredibly slow, inaccurate, and brilliant. Introduction. Computer Science Teachers Association: The Good News about Computer Science. As is my usual practice, I have been mulling over what to write in my blog post for approximately the last month.

Computer Science Teachers Association: The Good News about Computer Science

The good news about computer science is that it is definitely in the news. Almost every day! There have been articles about Women in Computer Science, Computer Science in K-12 Education, Computer Science in STEM, Business and Industry Involvement in Computer Science, Interesting our Youth in Studying Computer Science, the Computer Science Employment Outlook, and the list keeps growing. One issue near and dear to me is the issue of women in CS or the lack thereof. The first article I encountered was titled Fewer Women Obtaining Computer Science Degrees published in the Orlando (FL) Sentinel in September. Computing Projects for Girls. This is a big topic on my mind of late.

Computing Projects for Girls

There is some discussion of this in the comments on my Boring Projects post and well as some responses via Twitter. Joanne Cohoon left a comment on the post suggesting health related projects like Body Mass Indicator (BMI) might appeal to girls. She added “helping people” via Twitter with a recommendation for the DotDiva website for ideas.

It’s at not .com. Blog Post #999: Research Questions in Computing Education. May 3, 2012 at 6:16 am The 999th blog post feels like a good point to think about where we’re going.

Blog Post #999: Research Questions in Computing Education

Here’s how I define the big question of computing education research: Computing education research is the study of how people come to understand computing, and how we can make that better. But that’s the big question. There are lots of research questions inside that. Using Hip-Hop to Teach Computer Science. Posted July 11, 2012 | Atlanta, GA Georgia Tech is welcoming 18 metro Atlanta high school students to campus this week, hosting a musical summer camp that is intended to have broad implications for the future of computer science education.

Using Hip-Hop to Teach Computer Science

The teenagers are creating and remixing hip-hop beats using a software program called Earsketch. Although only 5 of the students had ever written computer code before they arrived at the camp, each high schooler will create a three-minute, computerized tune by Friday. Introducing Programming to Preschoolers. Kids and Coding Teaching Strategies Flickr: AngryJulieMonday By Heather Chaplin Since MIT’s Lifelong Kindergarten group released Scratch in 2007, kids ages 8 to 13 have built more than 2.2 million animations, games, music, videos and stories using the kid-friendly programming language. Scratch allows kids to snap together graphical blocks of instructions, like Lego bricks, to control sprites—the movable objects that perform actions. Sprites can dance, sing, run and talk. 20 Tips to Successful Learning Programming.

20 Tips to success are as follows: 1. Initial capital is the motivation to learn programming. Young Programmers Podcast. Why all our kids should be taught how to code. What's missing from teaching computing in schools is a big vision. Photograph: Alamy A vigorous debate has begun – within government and elsewhere – about what should be done about information and communication technology (ICT) in the school curriculum. Various bodies – the Royal Society, the Association for Learning Technology, Computing at School (a grassroots organisation of concerned teachers) and the British Computer Society, to name just four – have published reports and discussion documents aimed at ministers and the Department for Education. Michael Gove, the education secretary, made an enigmatic speech at the recent BETT technology conference indicating that a rethink is under way in the bowels of Whitehall.

Teaching kids how to write computer programs, by Marshall Brain. Is programming the new math? This past semester I taught a programming elective for seniors We used Python because it's already installed on all of the school computers and we have a resident Python expert who I could turn to for support.To be honest, I didn't have very much programming experience before the class began. I had taken a C class in grad school when I was too sick of math to care about my research, and that's the only formal programming I had done. This summer I taught myself some Python using this fantastic book by Michael Dawson, which teaches the basics through programming games. By the end of the summer, I knew enough to plan the first couple of months of class. Nobody Wants to Learn How to Program.

Jamie Tolentino: How to Get Your Kid Coding When You Don't Know How to Code Yourself. Teaching kids how to write computer programs, by Marshall Brain. Blog: What every web developer must know about URL encoding. Table of contents Introduction There are a number of technologies we use everyday when we browse the web. Awesome Universe of Creative Coding, Explained in Five Minutes [Video] Learning to Code Isn't Enough. The 2020 Science report released in 2005 observed that science was changing in a subtle but fundamental way--from the use of computing to support scientific work, to integrating Computer Science (CS) concepts and tools into the very fabric of science.