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Beginning year

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The First Ten - TPR in Two Weeks. I am often asked how I start a level I class (or any level) using Comprehensible Input and using no textbook.

The First Ten - TPR in Two Weeks

Certainly the beginning of the year is overwhelming, even ignoring the question of what your curriculum/vocabulary list may be, so my hope is that this post provides some insight into what I do, and why I do it, as well as an easy to follow lesson plan for those who with to make use of it. The What TPR stands for Total Physical Response. There are a variety of ways this is employed, but the key components of this technique involve spoken language and/or commands in the target language and a physical response, usually involving the entire body. The benefits of this technique vary, depending on the way you do it. Using American Sign Language or another form of sign language to communicate while speaking in the target language.* assigning gestures and signs (often made up by the class) to teach vocabulary and communicate. *I distinguish between ASL and gestures. The Why The How. Spanish I: The First Two Weeks - SPANISH MAMA.

I finally feel confident about my plans for the first three weeks of Spanish I!

Spanish I: The First Two Weeks - SPANISH MAMA

After a year of intense research and reading, I tossed our textbook and formulated a (developing) personal philosophy of teaching Spanish. I define our classroom as “proficiency-based and comprehensible input-driven.” My use of TPRS, IPAs, authentic resources, interactive notebooks, and other tools will probably change over the next few years. I haven’t quite nailed down what I think about it all. But for the first time, I can at least articulate how I believe student acquire language and grow. I so appreciate other teachers sharing their process (looking at you, Mis Clases Locas), so in this post I’m outlining my first two weeks. Grading, Procedures, and the Syllabus Changing my why of course changes the how, and so I am overhauling a lot.

I am trading in my old categories of tests, quizzes, classwork, etc. for these five categories: reading, writing, listening, speaking, and work habits. Macro Targets: Día 1. Procedure Checklist and Student Survey – TCI with Profe Tauchman. TLT: A Matter of Trust - Language Coaching by Amy Lenord. It's the first week of school, and I'm floored. - Jillane Baros ♦ Teaching Portfolio. Oops! HAY un problema... I have NOT posted in forever, and I hope that this gets better.

Oops! HAY un problema...

To be perfectly honest, when I jumped off the plane from attending NTPRS, I jumped into getting ready for school which started 4 days later, moving in to a new house (still unpacking the final things), painting cabinets, changing addresses, and sending my little one off to preschool! Did I mention having Open House within the first few weeks and NWEA testing which definitely reminded me that I'm a super adaptable individual (Adiós lesson plans I had made for the week! Bring it on testing and 20 minute classes!)

So...this is NOT what I wanted to REALLY post about, but it's a short & sweet idea for an activity that you can use in your classes with a high frequency structure, "HAY. " My inspiration of course comes from Martina Bex; see her post here. WHEN can you play this game? Summer Postcard: Day One. Today I projected "Emma's" Summer Postcard (see this post for a brief run-down) onto the overhead.

Summer Postcard: Day One

I inherited a document camera this year (thanks Anne!) And the process is so far much easier. It's like my own personal scanner. Growth Mindset Lesson for Students – TPRS with Profe Tauchman. I am taking a week-long break from Spanish to talk with students about: a.

Growth Mindset Lesson for Students – TPRS with Profe Tauchman

Why are we learning Spanish like this? B. How you will be assessed and what the heck are proficiency levels? C.What are some skills and strategies you can use to explain yourself without English? Updated syllabus for Spanish II. Since I wanted time to work on my syllabus, I decided to complete it over the weekend, so I wouldn’t stress next week.

Updated syllabus for Spanish II

I decided to create my own template with Picktochart, and it really was easy! In the past, I had used the template and while it was better than a Word document, it still wasn’t too fancy. It helped that I had Wendy’s ideas to reference. Spanish Teacher Blog - Throw Away Your Textbook!Ideas For a Fun & Focused Spanish Classroom. The answer to the question is... Simplicity. School starts tomorrow.

The answer to the question is... Simplicity

I'll be meeting many kids for the first time. First impressions are (almost) everything. Keep it simple: How I use flags to help. Today I want to share my “flags” to help you simplify life in the classroom.

Keep it simple: How I use flags to help

This is a ready-to-use system for assigning research topics and partners. Check out ways to use this huge time-saver! I’ve learned that I don’t need to be the expert about every country/culture. 40 Free Resources for Spanish Class. Open House Scavenger Hunt – TPRS with Profe Tauchman. I have put many hours into making my classroom look beautiful and function at its highest efficiency – and I want people to see it!

Open House Scavenger Hunt – TPRS with Profe Tauchman

Especially students and parents. For this year’s Back-to-School-Night, I will not be giving a presentation. CI Classroom Tour – TPRS with Profe Tauchman. Welcome to my classroom!

CI Classroom Tour – TPRS with Profe Tauchman

I have been inspired by so many other CI teachers. My classroom is a reflection of all that I have learned/stolen from other brilliant teachers. Get to know each other using the TL! Here’s an activity that allows you to get to know your students and helps them get to know each other. This explanation is long but the activity itself is fun, easy, and keeps students involved. Best part about it – it’s done in the target language!

10 First Day of School Ideas for the MFL Classroom. It's closing in on 2 months since I wrote my last post and now it's closing in on the beginning of school. The opening day of school for me is less than a month away and thoughts of planning for a new group of students are more frequent. In particular, my thoughts are on the first day of school. The list below has some ideas I used in the past, some I found on Pinterest, and from blogs. A few are ready to go as listed, and others will need changed depending on which level it is used. The goal is to provide comprehensible input in the target language, even on, or better said, especially on, the first day of school!

Reminder: If the activity requires output in the target language, I suggest to dismiss it for beginning levels, or tweak it and/or provide the scaffolding needed to make it level appropriate. 1. 3. 4. This isn't suitable for beginners, but is another type of get-to-know-your- classmates activity that is suitable for levels 2 or higher. 6. 9. 10. Also check out: Spanish I: The First Two Weeks - SPANISH MAMA.