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MasterChef Junior 3. Compelling and Comprehensible Input YEAR by YEAR – TOWARD PROFICIENCY. CONFESSION: I don’t like being prescriptive.

Compelling and Comprehensible Input YEAR by YEAR – TOWARD PROFICIENCY

I completely understand the need to follow a recipe especially when you begin your journey but I hesitate to provide a “one size fit all” recipe. There are so many ways to cook a delicious meal!  Slides vous permet de créer et de modifier des présentations en ligne gratuitement. Lily And The Snowman Worksheets & Teaching Resources. Mi Burrito Sabanero. Blooket en français - Google Slides. Carla Tarini – CPLI Bookstore. Venn Diagrm - Google Slides. GETTING THE AP SPANISH ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY UNDER CONTROL! – DIEGO OJEDA. Dear AP Spanish Language and Culture colleagues.


We all know how stressful is for both students and teachers to prepare well for the essay portion of the exam. In this webinar I explain the steps I take to make this a more manageable, kind and effective experience for my students. I hope you find the webinar helpful. As always I´m open to any quiestions and/or kind comments. Please remember that this is only my experience and my practice that have resulted in good scores for my students.

Click HERE to find an Argumentative Essay organizer that I´m sharing with you for free. Structures and expressions to support ap SPANISH students. Muchacha Nearpod Interactive Lesson. I stumbled onto this amazing song by Gente de Zona this Spring and I haven't been able to get it out of my head!

Muchacha Nearpod Interactive Lesson

Every time I hear it, I start dancing around. I knew immediately I just HAD to use it in class, but with the exhaustion that is teaching in 2020, I couldn't wrap my head around how... Enter and! – Recursos académicos para profesores y estudiantes de español.

Ddm 2020 – Google Drive. Pareja de casados en Ecuador entra al Guinness como la más longeva del mundo. Zambombazo - Lengua, música y cultura - Page 7 of 415. Simple Stories in Spanish: ¿Quién soy yo? – Small Town Spanish Teacher. Miguel tiene que estudiar: The Perfect Digital Resource For Spanish 1! - Novels & Resources by A.C. Quintero. I discovered the story, “Miguel tiene que estudiar” (available on TPT) last year with my Spanish 1 students.

Miguel tiene que estudiar: The Perfect Digital Resource For Spanish 1! - Novels & Resources by A.C. Quintero

They absolutely loved it. The raved about it for ever! As I read each slide to them, each fragment of the story was met with visceral reactions as this the main character prioritizes playing games over learning. ¡Chévere! Episodio 1: En la playa. Lesson plans for COVID-19 school closure / 10+ days of Spanish class work. Many school districts have asked their teachers to provide up to two-weeks of printable lesson plans for students to be able to complete at home in case of emergency school closure in relation with the containment of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Lesson plans for COVID-19 school closure / 10+ days of Spanish class work

Creating a single sub plan is a big enough task, but creating multiple weeks’ worth of plans is completely daunting. If I was going to be absent for a single class period, I didn’t feel too bad about using the period for busy work, or filling the time with an output task like a 1-3-10 Free Write. After all, I’d be back the next day, ready to flood my students with input. Time is precious, and I don’t want your students to miss out on 2+ weeks of exposure to linguistic input.

To help out teachers that are using SOMOS, I have pulled together some very flexible resources that can be quickly modified and shared with your administrator and/or your students. Spanish Review Board. Teaching "quisiera" (and also... representation matters!) So much of Actually, almost all popular music and music videos that feature "relationships" (physical and/or emotional) feature male-female hetero relationships.

Teaching "quisiera" (and also... representation matters!)

I mean, think about some of the March Madness brackets out there - ugh, many of the songs objectify women, are a bit misogynistic, and again, all (of the ones I have seen) are male-female relationships. How do our LGBTQ students feel if they are never seeing any representation of themselves? So, anyways... those are some of the reasons that I love this 👩‍❤️‍👩 ❤️ video. Top 10 Songs for Spanish Class, 2020.

I know non-targeted input is all the rage, but frankly, I’m hung up on high-frequency vocab repetition.

Top 10 Songs for Spanish Class, 2020

And the more I can get key words, phrases, and structures stuck in kids’ heads, the more Spanish they can take with them when the class is over. So these are the tunes I have been using or plan to use this school year. How many are already on your list? Mi padre es un elfo - LETRA. AB INITIO 2020 – Google Drive. MATE ? De mi Rancho a Tu Cocina. Persona Especial.pdf. Persona Especial Slides.pptx. Spanish rejoinders. Diy rejoinders - Google Slides. Spanish Class Superlatives - Google Slides. No Me Ama (She Doesn't Love Me) - Free Spanish Short Films. No Me Ama (She Doesn’t Love Me, in English) is about a couple traveling through Uruguay.

No Me Ama (She Doesn't Love Me) - Free Spanish Short Films

Besides a beautiful backdrop of scenery, this film features an interesting monologue about a guy and his feelings for the girl he is backpacking with. He longs to hear words she hasn’t told him, but is it about the words left unsaid, or the expression of love through little gestures? This short is the kind of film for people who think that actually saying the words “I love you” is an important step in any relationship. It is also for those who like to think too much about what other people say or do, and for those who love noticing little details about the person they’ve come to like. Overall though, this one’s a pretty cute film. (This one’s available with English subtitles, plus it’s on both Vimeo and YouTube. No Me Ama, on Vimeo No Me Ama, on Youtube Directed by Martín Piroyansky. Summer Spanish Practice. The Fruit Language - NAS Daily. (432) Pinterest. Classroom job survey. Classroom jobs blank - Google Slides.

La buena excusa — Read to Speak Spanish. UNILAD - Send help! □□ Los pasatiempos — Read to Speak Spanish. Gustos y Actividades trabajos. Actividad para practicar el presente de indicativo (I) Etiquetas: A1, A2, actividades, DELE, ejercicios, ELE, EXPRESIÓN ORAL, gramática, I, II TL, indicativo, infografía, lengua, presente, verbos.

Actividad para practicar el presente de indicativo (I)

Juego de Deletrear Frutas. Juego de Deletrear Frutas. Actividades para practicar el imperativo. Etiquetas: actividades, Cortázar, DELE, ejercicios, ELE, imperativo, infografía, recomendaciones, vídeos Para practicar el modo imperativo, o lo que es lo mismo, para que deis órdenes, instrucciones y consejos con soltura, os propongo las siguientes actividades: Actividad 1: Consejos para ser feliz En este vídeo aparecen recogidas vuestras recomendaciones para ser feliz.

Actividades para practicar el imperativo

Actividades para niños – Eleconole. f84fb3411e4e58e7292204572b775259?1_7tYm6_tJ9wbXbKACpXhOpDQXGzxuJfDThCLopvTpJN... Pinterest. Top 20 High Frequency Verbs. Beginner Input Survey (Spanish) — Read to Speak Spanish. Beginner Input Activity (Spanish) — Read to Speak Spanish. Tableros - Lápiz de ele. Actividades primer día de clase ELE. ** SOMOS Collaboration (new) – Google Drive. ** SOMOS Collaboration (new) – Google Drive.

** SOMOS Collaboration (new) – Google Drive. Curriculum map/articulation for Look I Can Talk. Weather video in Spanish for kids. Comprehensifying and Extending Authentic Resources. España desbanca a Italia como el país más saludable del mundo. España es el país más saludable del mundo, según el índice Bloomberg Healthiest Country, que otorga al país una puntuación de 92,7 sobre 100 tras haber adelantado cinco posiciones desde el último análisis, en 2017, y destaca la calidad del sistema sanitario público.

Tienen que ver el tomate y el jamón, el aceite de oliva y otros almuerzos, pero también el sistema sanitario de atención primaria. Family members. Un año by Sebastián Yatra/Reik Spanish Song Activities Packet - Song of the week. Pronombres de complemento directo e indirecto en español 1. □️ Llavero de conversación para tus clases de español e inglés. La comida - Food Names in Spanish — Read to Speak Spanish. Spanishproject. Leonardo Zapata - La mejor conversación que verás en tu vida..

Answer key- Perdido en Madrid escape room. Answer key- Perdido en Madrid escape room. Perdido en Madrid escape room. Las vacaciones de primavera en Madrid. ALGUNOS CONSEJOS PARA TOMAR TAPAS. Adivina quién ropa/colores somos 1 unit 2. EL PRESENTE. Ejercicio con verbos+"rutinas" - Divinas Palabras. Victoria Monera. EL PRESENTE es el tiempo verbal que usamos para expresar lo que hacemos cada día, en nuestra vida habitual. Con este ejercicio vamos a aprender el presente de verbos regulares e irregulares y, además, vamos a practicar el vocabulario “RUTINAS“.

Materiales TEACCH: ¿En qué habitación lo encuentro? LA CASA: MUEBLES y OBJETOS by Marta Castellani on Prezi. Means of transportation. Los padres son los reyes magos. EBOOK: La Leyenda de La Llorona Embedded Reading - Bryce Hedstrom - TPRS Mate... Description Teach the Authentic Legend of La Llorona with Embedded Reading The legend of La Llorona comes alive in this adaptation of the popular Mexican folktale.

Now even beginning students can read and experience a real story from the culture—all in easy-to-read Spanish. With this extremely effective form of scaffolding, students read multiple versions of a text, with each version increasing in detail and complexity. This version of the dramatic and culturally significant Mexican folk legend La Llorona was developed with guidance from Laurie Clarcq and Michele Whaley, the creators of embedded reading.

Amazon. La Leyenda de la Llorona (Level 1) READ-TO-LEARN Spanish - COMPLETE SET Folder. Spanish lessons for dogs #1 - Nic and Pancho. Input lesson: My Typical Day. Martin Luther King Jr. & Black History Month in Spanish class - Mis Clases Locas. How are you? Feelings. Que Me Pongo - Mango Punch - RECOMENDADO! No te va gustar - Aprendemos Juntos. Comprehensifying and Extending Authentic Resources : The School Unit... made ... Roca, Papel, Tijeras MovieTalk Reading by CI Spanish Resources by Christy Clark. AQA Spanish GCSE New Specification. Sub Plans – Loading up my little darlings with Comprehensible Input. Resources for Spanish. □□ □□ Ricardo Salazar, nuestro becario... - Fundación UWC Ecuador. Videos y Fotos for LA COMIDA unit. Pip – Google Drive. Sueños con ele. Las doce uvas de la suerte, La Nochevieja y El Año Nuevo.

Cultural Activities: Tradiciones de la Navidad. La nueva manera de explicar el pretérito perfecto. Mis alumnos se pierden cuando tienen que estudiar los verbos Para los estudiantes que están empezando a estudiar español, enfrentarse a toda la retahíla de tiempos y formas verbales, puede resultar abrumador. Tanto, que hasta podemos perder totalmente su atención en clase. Spanish Machu Picchu Game - TCI By The Lake. Do you have a deskless classroom and kids who like to/need to move?

Do you want your students to be able to understand and answer questions in Spanish with more automaticity? Here’s a fun, no-prep game they will beg you to play. Think of it as a communicative form of musical chairs. Why I Love This Activity Students can output some language in a safe and fun setting.