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Pensiero computazionale

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Coding AD e Team- Symbaloo Gallery. FORMAZIONE TEAM INNOVAZIONE - Home. Minecraft. Learn. Italia Hour of Code Risorse. Learn. Learn. Minecraft Hour of Code Grades 2+ | Blocks Moana: Wayfinding with Code Make a Flappy game Star Wars: Building a Galaxy with Code Grades 2+ | Blocks, JavaScript Gumball's Coding Adventure Grades 6-8 | Blocks, Scratch.


CS Principles Widgets. Digital Compression with Aloe Blacc This widget gives students the chance to compress a piece of text.

CS Principles Widgets

Students can use this to learn how to identify patterns, store those patterns in a "dictionary," then replace the dictionary pattern with a 1-byte symbol to create a lossless compressed version of text. The widget updates with every keystroke and performs compression calculations so students can see if they’re increasing or decreasing the total file size in real-time as they work. A challenge for students: How can you achieve the best compression possible by representing patterns of patterns? Have fun harnessing the power of this compression technique through experimentation, but also be aware that it can go very, very wrong.

Example: How to compress the lyrics of Aloe Blacc's song "I Need a Dollar" using the text compression widget. Images, Pixels & RGB w/Kevin Systrom. App Lab. Il pensiero computazionale a scuola. Terza annualità del progetto "Programma il futuro" MIUR - Continua nell’a.s. 2016/2017 la diffusione del pensiero computazionale nelle scuole italiane con l’iniziativa “Programma il futuro” del MIUR, in collaborazione con il CINI – Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale per l’Informatica, che fornisce alle scuole una serie di strumenti semplici, divertenti e facilmente accessibili per formare gli studenti ai concetti di base dell'informatica.

Il pensiero computazionale a scuola. Terza annualità del progetto "Programma il futuro"

L’iniziativa, che ha visto la partecipazione lo scorso anno di oltre 1.000.000 studenti, 15.000 insegnanti e 5.000 scuole in tutta Italia, colloca il nostro Paese all’avanguardia in Europa e nel mondo. Home ~ Schoolkit - accompagnamento innovativo del PNSD. CS Principles Widgets. Teacher Community. Teacher Community. Teacher Community — Allow your students to keep learning without... In our last post, we shared the concept-difficulty matrix we’re using to tag and classify puzzles by difficulty and intended learning outcomes.

Teacher Community — Allow your students to keep learning without...

In this post, we want to share some of the other changes we have made to Code Studio to improve our measures of student learning, one of which is changing the user (student) experience. Ultimately, to measure student learning we have to understand what students can do. So, once all the puzzles are tagged, how do we know if students can solve these puzzles successfully? Well, it turns out that assessment is hard. (We suspect all the educators reading this are unsurprised.) Almost every student eventually “succeeds” (writes a program that solves any given puzzle). This means that students could press “Run” again and again, adding the block we recommend after every submission.

We wanted to get a better handle on what students could do on their own without blocking students who could use a bit of guidance. . - Ryan Sloan, Product Manager. App Lab. Teacher Community — Try Pair Programming—track the progress of... Yesterday was a special moment for me and for all of us working on computer science education.We live in divided times, in an election year where debates about opportunity, inequality, security, and economic growth are gripping a country that feels divided to the core.

Teacher Community — Try Pair Programming—track the progress of...

But on this issue, we stand united. Computer science offers opportunity in the face of inequality, it is the driver of economic growth as the largest and fastest-growing sector of wage growth across industries, and its impact on cybersecurity is even key to our national security. Yesterday the CEOs of America’s largest companies joined 28 governors - from both parties - and our top K-12 leaders, in an unprecedented union. When we look back, this will be remembered as the moment computer science won.Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty left to do, it’s not at all “mission accomplished.”

On computer science, we all agree that every student should have the opportunity to learn. Learn to Code! Coding Resources. Minecraft: Education Edition - Home. Condizioni e Interazione: Basi di Programmazione con Scratch. Costruzione del curricolo per competenze. Pillole di didattica per progettare compiti significativi. Come valutare le competenze? - Blog Tecnica della scuola. Basi di programmazione con Scratch. Un video tutorial con le sequenze di comandi.

Corso: coding e pensiero computazionale Edizione Speciale. Coding e pensiero computazionale edizione speciale Il Corso Coding insegna ad acquisire importanti competenze in tema di Pensiero Computazionale.

Corso: coding e pensiero computazionale Edizione Speciale

Esso è rivolto a docenti della scuola primaria e secondaria ed è costituito da 10 ore di videolezioni che aiutano passo passo ad acquisire le competenze sul Coding, dalla creazione di semplici app alla padronanza completa dell'ambiente scratch. Il corso si basa sull'ambiente Scratch ( che consente di creare applicazioni semplici, fare simulazioni, utilizzare il codice per applicare le tecniche del pensiero computazionale a qualsiasi disciplina da quelle scientifiche a quelle umanistiche.

Iscrizione entro il 31 luglio 2016 Il corso è erogato in collaborazione con Wikiscuola, ente accreditato al costo di € 69,00. Variabili: Basi di Programmazione con Scratch. Uso degli spazi per la condivisione e la collaborazione Google Spaces nella didattica. Procedure: basi di programmazione con Scratch.