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Shakespeare_ The Animated Tales - 01x04 - Romeo and Juliet.DVD Eng subs. William Shakespeare. Minimized Shakespeare: very short versions of Shakespeare plays. William Shakespeare (22097) How to make Shakespeare easy for English language learners. Have you ever had difficulty relating Shakespeare to learners of English?

How to make Shakespeare easy for English language learners

Tutor and resource writer Genevieve White comes to the rescue, in time for Shakespeare Day and English Language Day today. Last year, I wrote an article extolling the joys of teaching Shakespeare to learners of English and outlining the reasons why teachers should bring the Bard into the classroom. Some of the comments I received on this post suggested that the linguistic challenges presented by sixteenth-century English are just too great to overcome. It is true that Shakespeare’s texts may present difficulties for contemporary readers, particularly those who do not have English as a first language. Youtube. Time line. Click on the date to see related documents, then click on the documents to come back!

Time line

1564/William Shakespeare is born to John and Mary Shakespeare in the town of Stratford Upon Avon. Approximately 1570/William begins grammar school. William Shakespeare : Activities to print - Interactive activities - Cartoons - Cinema - Games to print - Interactive games - Glossary - Vocabulary - Lesson plans - Webquests - Listening - Music - Posters - PowerPoint presentations - Quotes - Resources - William Shakespeare.