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It’s a Hoax! Teach Critical Thinking and Analysis Through Online Hoaxes – Creating Lifelong Learners. Miracle Mineral Solution - buyer beware. Published: 19 June 2015 Miracle Mineral Solution – buyer beware Information for consumers and caregivers Information for healthcare professionals Review Summary What actions are Medsafe taking?

Miracle Mineral Solution - buyer beware

How to report adverse events Further information Miracle Mineral Solution products are promoted as highly effective destroyers of pathogens, fungi, disease, bacteria and viruses. Medsafe is not aware of any scientific evidence that these products are effective against pathogens in the body when the product is consumed. Miracle Mineral. Learning : Huntley High School Hub : Practice: Evaluating Sources. Evaluating your sources - Evaluating your sources - Search Smart at Flinders University. Evaluating your sources Understanding how to assess the credibility of the information you come across in your study and research is essential.

Evaluating your sources - Evaluating your sources - Search Smart at Flinders University

More information is at our fingertips than ever before (IBM, 2012) and the amount of information makes it even harder to determine which information can be trusted. As the terms ‘post truth’, ‘fake news’, and ‘alternative facts’ become increasingly prevalent in social discourse and the public sphere it’s essential that you develop the skills to critically evaluate information yourself. Authority - Evaluating for credible, authoritative, reliable sources - Research Guides at Tacoma Community College.

It can be very important that the author is trustworthy.

Authority - Evaluating for credible, authoritative, reliable sources - Research Guides at Tacoma Community College

Are you using information for a research assignment? For example, if you are researching about the importance of bilingual education, you would want to use sources written by experts in the educational fields. Likewise, if you were searching for information about how to fix your vehicle, you might consult a local mechanic because he or she is knowledgeable about cars. Sometimes, though, the authority of the source might not matter that much. For example, you might use Yelp to read reviews of restaurants in your area. Image source: "Composition Fountain Pen Hands" by Pexels is licensed under CC0 (public domain) -19: Rumours, lockdowns and anxiety-fuelled social sharing. That message you saw yesterday?

-19: Rumours, lockdowns and anxiety-fuelled social sharing

It was written in Malaysia, and travelled via Australia. The first I heard of it was just after 8.15am yesterday, when a friend sent a concerned message wondering, “have you heard anything?” Through the morning four other friends sent it to me. Factitious - A Game That Tests Your Ability to Spot Fake News. Factitious is a game for testing your skill at identifying fake and misleading news stories. The game was developed by the American University Game Lab and the American University's School of Communication. I learned about the game last month when Larry Ferlazzo featured it and I have since shared it in a couple of professional development workshops. It was a hit in both workshops in which I shared it with teachers. To play Factitious simply go to the site and select quick start. You'll then see an article appear on the screen.

“Fake News”, social media and critical thinking. This is a fantastic online resource created by the BBC which puts players in the heart of the newsroom to explore sources and make journalistic decisions and attempt to discover what is real and what is fake news.

“Fake News”, social media and critical thinking

You are a new reporter for the BBC social media team, and you have to meet your bulletin deadlines through the course of a day. I tested this out this morning and was impressed by the very slick format full of interactive technology and immediate results. Players gain points for accuracy, impact, and speed – all of which are crucial in any real news setting. Links to the New Zealand Curriculum: This activity meets all elements of the key competencies – the capabilities for living and lifelong learning (which is what we’re all about in the school library business!) It also contributes to digital citizenship, information and digital literacy skills programmes, and is particularly relevant to Social Studies, English and Media studies teachers.

Introducing SIFT, a Four Moves Acronym. The Four Moves have undergone some tweaking since I first introduced them in early 2017.

Introducing SIFT, a Four Moves Acronym

The language has shifted, been refined. We’ve come to see that lateral reading is more of a principle underlying at least two of the moves (maybe three). We’ve removed a reference to “go upstream” which was a bit geeky. Dr charlie white. Parody Web site fools two into visiting Mankato. Rosaura Prada stood in tears Tuesday morning after several frustrating hours of trying to find someone to give her answers about a fake Web site that led her to Mankato.

Parody Web site fools two into visiting Mankato

Prada, of Edinburg, Texas, brought her mother, Maria Alcantar, of Garden City, Kan., on vacation to Mankato Monday to see the underwater city, the pyramid and maybe do some whale watching. Mankato, MN Home Page. New Zealand GolfCross. The chicken that lived for 18 months without a head. Image copyright LIFE / Getty Images Seventy years ago, a farmer beheaded a chicken in Colorado, and it refused to die.

The chicken that lived for 18 months without a head

Mike, as the bird became known, survived for 18 months and became famous. But how did he live without a head for so long, asks Chris Stokel-Walker. On 10 September 1945 Lloyd Olsen and his wife Clara were killing chickens, on their farm in Fruita, Colorado. Burmese Mountain Dog Club of America.