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Raspberry Pi - Projects 2

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Raspberry Pi 2 IoT: Thingspeak & DHT22 Sensor. Introduction.

Raspberry Pi 2 IoT: Thingspeak & DHT22 Sensor

Scary Pi. Every time i go to Disney theme Parks, I love to visit Haunted Mansion attraction there.

Scary Pi

First time i really got scared. There is lot of spooky stuff in that haunted mansion. One of the things they like to do in the Haunted Mansion is have these portraits that slowly change from regular people into monsters. That is my inspiration to do this project for this year (2016) Halloween. We assembled this at the entrance of the house where we handout the candy and some kids loved and some got really scared :-). 3D Scanning with Raspberry Pi and MATLAB. Motivation Raspberry Pi opens a lot of possibilities for do-it-yourself projects.

3D Scanning with Raspberry Pi and MATLAB

It’s affordable and full of potential for implementing challenging projects. After having spent several years tinkering around my 3D printer, wanting to build my own 3D scanner to complete the 3D work flow was an exciting idea. Hackster. General Description: This project is entitled for the development of a fully functional mobile prototype ”the Rover Station”, responsible for environmental data capture as Temperature, Humidity and Luminosity.


The idea is in the future add other functions/parts to this prototype to really get a Mars Rover emulator. This prototype is for education purposes only and was part of my Capstone Project at Coursera - University of California, Irvine "An Introduction to Programming the Internet of Things (IOT)" course. Run Raspberry Pi on Smart Phone.

Step 1: Getting Raspberry pi IP Address: To begin with the project, one will need to know the IP address ofraspberry pi.

Run Raspberry Pi on Smart Phone

In order to do so connect your raspberry pi with the LCD and, type "ifconfig" or "hostname-I" in the terminal window. Note: Only for this particular section any external display is used like LCD, else for whole of the project smartphone (Android Phone) will be used. Another Smart Mirror - Artik Cloud Edition. Overview This is the continuation of the Another Smart Mirror version 2 that was published about a month ago.

Another Smart Mirror - Artik Cloud Edition

This project objective is to research and see what can be possible to create with current libraries and APIs to get as close as possible to the video that I would like to call my main inspiration: A Day Made of Glass. That video display such great ideas that are and would be possible in the near future. So this is my attempt to do so. So here is Another Smart Mirror - Artik Cloud Edition. Step 1: Artik Cloud setup. Build a Compact Raspberry Pi 3 cluster (part 1): assemble – Huidong Tian – IT advisor, R and RPi fan. Shopping list: The RPi 3 consumes more power than it’s predecessor due to it includes WiFi and Bluetooth.

Build a Compact Raspberry Pi 3 cluster (part 1): assemble – Huidong Tian – IT advisor, R and RPi fan.

The official suggest of power supply is no less than 800mA, but to run it safely, it’s recommended to use a 2.5A USB charger! A USB charger with one port and the maximum output current is 2.5A is common, like iPad’s charger, but a 4-ports USB charger, all ports with maximum output current 2.5A is very rare. I spent a lot time, and finally found this cheap yet meet the requirement USB power hub. It has 6 USB ports, and maximum output current can reach to 12A (the seller said 10A is stable,while 12A can’t last long ).

AWShome - Home automation using RPi + Alexa + IoT. Demo Video Introduction Most wireless outlets like Wink and SmartThings cost around $70, and then each additional outlet can cost another $50!

AWShome - Home automation using RPi + Alexa + IoT

Older remote control outlets, like this one from Etekcity, can be as cheap as $5 an outlet! The problem is, they don't have all those fancy voice and Wi-Fi features the new ones do, that's what this tutorial is going to help you solve! We'll be using a Raspberry Pi (any model will do, but the pins might be different!)

There's no hard language dependency, all of the libraries I use are basic and written in multiple languages. All IDs in this tutorial were deleted after completion, so don't worry about everyone being able to see my authentication secrets! Hackster. Proof of Concept I have created a sample skill for Alexa using this service to turn on RGB LEDs and play a game which can be found here.


Basics This scipt allows you to send commands to a raspberry pi via email. The subject of the email is used as a command. Commands come in the form of a command keyword followed by arguments which are space separated. How to build cheap and easy data dashboards for your startup. How to build cheap and easy data dashboards for your startup Ever since we moved to our shiny new offices in Holborn we longed to have zero-maintenance always-on dashboards showing interesting stats on every aspect of the company.

How to build cheap and easy data dashboards for your startup

Initially we tried a spare Mac Mini, which was a disappointment — it took up lots of space and it felt wasteful to use more of such expensive devices to cover for our 6+ large screens. After trying out several solutions (including small android devices) we settled with Raspberry Pis which work delightfully and are easy to conceal.

Before we start, please note that I use a Macbook at work so my examples will be focused on MacOS users. Alexa Assistant Prototype. Alexa Assistant Prototype. The Carputer. Meet Benjamin, a trainee air traffic controller from the southeast of France. Benjamin was bored of the simple radio setup in his Peugeot 207. Tracking Aircraft with a RPi. What is radar spotting I hear you ask? Basically, it’s tracking aircraft that are in flight, from your PC or smartphone. It takes plane spotting to the next (geeky) level. If you want a more in depth answer, there are a heap of resources that describe it in much greater detail (check out the FlightRadar24 guide to start) Why?

Short answer .. why not? A while ago I took my kids to the Perth Airport Public Viewing Platform to watch some planes take off and land and we all had a good time. I have played with a couple of different apps, on my phone, that show flights but didn’t bother too much as they had ads in the bottom of the screen, which annoys me. Then one day I was lamenting to one of my work colleagues about a Raspberry Pi I had that was sitting in my drawer doing nothing. What? MichMich/MagicMirror.

Userexec/Pi-Kitchen-Dashboard: A simple HTML/CSS/JS time and weather dashboard for use with Raspberry Pi and Chromium. IoT-433mhz. Summary IoT System to control 433 MHz RC power sockets, PIR sensors, Door Sensors and much more. To start is required a 433mhz transmitter and receiver, a connected Arduino with the iot-433mhz sketch or directly with capable hardware like the Raspberry Pi. UI Demo Features Multi-platform (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux).Basic Authentication.Intuitive API & WebHooks to build your own interface.Built-In Material design cards-based template.Real-time UI refresh.Detect Radio Frequency codes (433mhz).Generate Cards and assign it to your rooms.Control RC power sockets, PIR sensors, Door sensors and much more.Telegram Bot for alarm notifications.Totally Open Source & Open Hardware.

Recommended Hardware For more about the required 433mhz transmitter/receiver and the supported hardware see the hardware-layer page. Raspberry Pi Security System with Motion Detection / Camera. Requirements You will need this hardware: Raspberry Pi with camera interface.Raspberry Pi camera module.PIR sensor module. Any generic HC SR501 (or similar) module should work. Example from Adafruit.USB Wi-Fi that supports monitor mode. I used a RT5370 based adapter, they are cheap at about €6 and easy to find.An enclosure of some sort. Control a Door Lock from a Smartwatch. Motivation Smartwatches are gaining in popularity as they are more affordable and offer good and easy APIs for developers.

Moreover, they are easier to use in everyday actions. I published some time ago Open Sesame project that aims to enable the control of the doors using a Smartphones. In this project, I propose an application for pebble watches to control this system. Temperature and Humidity from Pi to Power BI. Weather Station V 2.0. Smart Environmental Monitoring. Description The goal is to build a small and easy to use device to monitor temperature, humidity, noise levels, luminosity and atmospheric pressure. The idea is to have multiple devices spread across the city to send environmental data to the AWS IoT platform for processing and analysis. Open your Garage Door Using Bluetooth LE (BLE)

This was one of those projects I had kept in the backlog for too long, but finally got the time and drive to finish it up. The problem was very simple and common. Transformer une glace sans tain en miroir intelligent. Il y a quelques mois, le développeur américain Evan Cohen postait une vidéo Youtube qui semblait sortie d’un film d’anticipation : monsieur se mirait tout en consultant ses notifications, son itinéraire et commandait une lumière d’ambiance à la voix. La frime. Il Fabrique Un Miroir Connecté Avec Contrôle Vocal Sous Raspberry Pi (Video) Inspiré par le travail de Michael Teeuw et Hannah Mitt, Evan Cohen vient de réaliser Smart Mirror, un miroir connecté sous Raspberry Pi.

Michael Teeuw. Smart Mirror by evancohen. Evancohen/smart-mirror: The fairest of them all. Raspberry Pi Zero AirPlay Speaker. How to turn your Raspberry Pi 2 into a Smart Hub. Hello Beasts! Un Amazon Echo a faire vous-même avec un Raspberry Pi. Amazon a annoncé hier 2 nouvelles versions de son Amazon Echo : Le Amazon Tap et le Echo Dot. Building a Raspberry Pi Baby Monitor - Stuff Babies Need. As an expectant Dad, I was searching for helpful things to do in preparation for the arrival of our little one. Summon the Chef. Monitoring your Broadband Connection with Raspberry Pi. IoT Kitteh. How to build a texting doorbell with a Raspberry Pi. Traquer le débit de votre connexion internet avec un Raspberry Pi «

Wii Balance Board Cloud Scale. Tech insights: Mood lighting with Raspberry Pi. Restful Weather. A 4-node Raspberry Pi cluster. Pi Player. Basic Temperature Logging To The Internet With Raspberry Pi. IoT Temperature Sensor with Raspberry Pi 2 and Thermistor. Conference Room Truth Serum. Raspberry Pi Photo Booth. Mapping Household Temperature Flow with Cheap Sensors. Building a Raspberry Pi Smart Home. Raspberry Pi Based Wireless FM Microphone. Space Shooter Arcade Controls. Windows IoT Meeting Room Presence. Seattle web developer creates voice-controlled smart mirror (Includes interview) AirPlay Mirroring without Apple TV (using RPi) Windows 10 IoT Core : Hydroflyer. WinIoT: Inter-Application Communication using App Services. Security Camera. Azure remote switching system. Start Your [ANYTHING] with NFC. World Map of Makers.

Weather Station. Full Home Automation System with Azure and Voice Assistance. Full Home Automation System with Azure and Voice Assistance. Long Range UHF RFID Item Tracking System. Raspberry Pi Home Automation. Eagle Eye. Security camera to make in Rpi2 and WebCam. Home Automation using Raspberry Pi 2 and Windows 10 IoT. A Raspberry Pi dashcam with two cameras and a GPS. This Raspberry Pi project sends push notifications, triggered by an alarm door sensor, to iOS and Android apps. The Python source code can be downl…

Learn.adafruit. Wireless Multi-Channel Voice-Controlled Electrical Outlets with Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi: Top 15 projects to try yourself. Face Counter with Raspberry Pi. Motion Sensor Surveillance Camera using Azure Storage (C#) Home Monitoring with Raspberry Pi and Node.js. OH HAI! on Windows 10 IoT Core. Personal Home Safety Agent. Raspberry Pi: Top 15 projects to try yourself. Beacon tracking with Node.js and Raspberry Pi — Truth Labs. Learning System. High Sensitivity Water Sensor on MCP3008. IFTTT Buzzer with IFTTT Do Button and Raspberry Pi. Pi Skype Monitor. Le Raspberry Pi comme émetteur FM expérimental.

Android Arduino Control: Raspberry Pi Smart Home Control. Raspberry Pi Webcam Using MJPG-Server: Internet Live-stre. Review: Raspberry Pi 2 as Music Streamer. [Tutorial] Stand alone Squeezebox server and player for BBQ. Construire son système audio multiroom facilement et bon marché avec des raspberry ! How-To: Using Raspberry Pi as a Streaming Music Player. Morse Code Translator. Monitor Fire and Temperature Using SAMI. AirPi weather station. Web Controlled 8-Channel Powerstrip. A People Counter with Raspberry Pi and Ubidots. Shift Register Sample. Networked RGB Wi-Fi Decorative Touch Lights.

Temperature controlled fan. 07 : Allumer/éteindre une vraie lampe OU comment faire de la domotique low cost. 07 : Allumer/éteindre une vraie lampe OU comment faire de la domotique low cost.