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My Cookbook. Moroccan Vegetable Tagine. I have no idea how we have managed to keep this dish from you guys for so long.

Moroccan Vegetable Tagine

I have been using the same recipe for years and it is one of those dishes that always whispers in my ear: “Hey, why don’t we see each other more often?”. It’s a rich, warm and comforting dish, similar to a stew or a hot pot. It’s sweet, yet a little spicy. It has a scent of cinnamon and sweet raisins with a twist of lemon and cilantro. Not to mention, it’s perfect for a cold winter day. Entrees.

Savory. How To Make Your Very Own Gummy Bears At Home. This Is Simply Brilliant! Food Porn. Savory Olive Oil Bread With Figs and Hazelnuts Recipe. Thirsty Thursdays: Frozen Cherry Lemonade. So…this is the third week in a row that the only blogging I’ve done is the Thirsty Thursday post.

Thirsty Thursdays: Frozen Cherry Lemonade

Sorry about that, guys…things have been busy, and I’ve been tired and under-motivated. I’ve got a bunch of awesome, non-drink posts in the queue though, I promise! For now, lets talk about today’s post. Today’s recipe is inspired by two posts I saw last week – the sparkling cherry lemonade from Damn Delicious, and the frozen blackberry basil lemonade from The Kitchen McCabe. I was intrigued by the idea of a cherry-flavored lemonade, and the Kitchen McCabe’s frozen lemonade just looked so frosty and refreshing…so I combined them! Chicken recipes. Cookies. Buns. Recipes 8. Candies. Homemade candies. Candy. Wraps. Meatless monday. Spicy Curry Noodle Soup with Chicken and Sweet Potato Recipe. Simply Filling Recipes. Mains. Soup recipes. Carrot salad with tahini and crisped chickpeas. I have been gushing in the margins about David Lebovitz’s carrot salad (pardon!

carrot salad with tahini and crisped chickpeas

Salade de carottes râpées) since I made it for the first time four years ago. It’s exquisite in its simplicity, just lemon juice, olive oil, a pinch of sugar, some salt, pepper, and rough-chopped parsley, all applied in that old-fashioned taste-as-you-go method that basically guarantees it will be perfectly seasoned when you’re done. (You do this with everything you cook, right? Yeah, I forget too.) A Beautiful Mess. I love using cloth napkins to dress up our dinner table, and through the years I've grown even more fond of their sustainability and cost effectiveness.

A Beautiful Mess

Though, I'm not sure how cost effective it is if you keep buying more and more cloth napkins each year! This holiday season I thought it would be fun to look at how I could dress up the napkins I already own to give them an extra festive vibe. Chocolate! Beautiful Bread. The night Pastor Ryan arrived, he jumped right in, throwing together a bread dough not using a precise recipe (though I’ll provide it for you tomorrow), but ingredients put together according to ratios.

Beautiful Bread

It looked lovely and plump and perfect. Then he put it into…a dutch oven, of all things. Easter Bunny Shaped Rolls. Mom Always Finds Out Easter Bunny Shaped Rolls February 25, 2013 by Nicole · 110 Comments.

Easter Bunny Shaped Rolls

How to Make Cream Cheese at Home. After having nailed — if I do say so myself — how to make homemade goat cheese chèvre style, my confidence as an amateur cheesemaker has soared.

How to Make Cream Cheese at Home

In fact, for the past few months, every time I open the fridge, I can hear the collective gasp of all liquid dairy products. And they’re right to tremble in fear; my refrigerator has become the place where milks and creams from different animal species come to curdle and age. Bread. Recipes Single. Mint & Mango Marinated Zucchini Spaghetti. It has been awfully quiet around here lately.

Mint & Mango Marinated Zucchini Spaghetti

We are sorry about that. The reason for the silence is that our life outside the blog has been very hectic, but also lots of fun. Mango salad with rhubarb ginger dressing + chili almonds. It is surprisingly hard to make a house feel like a home.

mango salad with rhubarb ginger dressing + chili almonds

I’ve been cooking more and actually using our kitchen, which has been helpful. We inadvertently had our first dinner guest last weekend–a friend of both of ours that I ran into while frantically trying to make it into a Starbucks for the last 10 minutes of Frappuccino happy hour (TM) (I know, I’m bad to the bone). We had plans for curry and there was a fresh case of beer in the fridge, so it was one of those last minute “Why not?” Salad. Sweet Pies. A Little Saucy « Comfortably Domestic. ‘Ever have a day where you’re feelin’ a little bit saucy?

A Little Saucy « Comfortably Domestic

A day in which you don’t want to limit your choices to just one of anything? Or even two? Appetizers and Side Dishes. Kiss Pies. Only 5 days before Christmas! Woohoo, is everyone ready? What a great time of year. Lime Meltaways from ''The Martha Stewart Show'', Recipe from Martha Stewart Living, December/January 1998/1999.

Soups. Soups and stews. Classiques. Orgasmic Confections. Soups. On The Side. Yeah, I'd eat that. Veggie Dishes.