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Cooperative Learning: 7 Free PDF Assessment Instruments. Introduction Evaluating cooperative learning activities may seem like a Herculean task. But, actually it's not. Like any other assessment, you must determine in advance what you would like to assess and to what degree. Do you want to evaluate individual success, group success or perhaps, cooperative skills? Actually, I think you may find that it's useful to evaluate all three. I'm relatively sure what you may be thinking here. We teachers already have full plates--with all of the paperwork, lesson planning, endless paper grading, and the myriad of other things that are demanded of us, we just don't need something else to do. However, as you know from your own experiences, kids EXPECT to be evaluated. Pity the poor teacher who would respond to that question with, "No, but this will make great practice. " The kids, of course, would immediately shut down.

What follows on this page is a small collection of assessment tools that can be used for cooperative learning. Quick Links for THIS Page. The Jigsaw Classroom. Aprendizaje Cooperativo. El juego del Stop! Colaborar vs. Cooperar en el aula. Aprendizaje cooperativo. Cómo formar equipos de aprendizaje en clase. 10 Consejos para organizar grupos de aprendizaje cooperativo en clase.