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Images libres de droits

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今月から、スタジオジブリ作品の場面写真の提供を開始します - スタジオジブリ|STUDIO GHIBLI. Album Vilmorin : fleurs rustiques, annuelles et vivaces, légumes et plantes fourragères / peintes d'après nature par Mme Champin et Mlle Coutance. Over 150,000 Botanical Illustrations Enter the Public Domain. “We need the tonic of wildness,” writes Henry David Thoreau in his 1854 classic Walden; or, Life in the Wood.

Over 150,000 Botanical Illustrations Enter the Public Domain

“We can never get enough of nature.” Had he lived in our time, Thoreau would’ve been thrilled to know that the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL), the world’s largest open-access digital archive dedicated to the natural world, is now offering more than 150,000 high-resolution illustrations for copyright-free download. These public domain images belong to an archive of more than 55 million pages of literature about earth’s species of flora and fauna. They include animal sketches, historical diagrams, botanical studies, and scientific research collected from hundreds of thousands of journals and libraries across the world. Some of the illustrations date back to the 15th century. According to BHL, sharing these documents with the public is instrumental in combating the climate crisis. The collections are a feast to the eye.

The free museum and library for the incurably curious. 5 sites pour trouver dessins et illustrations libres de droits. Comment trouver des dessins et illustrations libres de droits pour tous vos projets ?

5 sites pour trouver dessins et illustrations libres de droits

Cette fois il ne s’agit pas de banques d’images gratuites mais de sites proposant des illustrations et des dessins vectoriels librement utilisables. Voici cinq d’entre eux. Cinq sites pour dénicher des illustrations libres de droits. Freepik Freepik propose des milliers d’illustrations dans tous les genres. Flaticon Flaticon s’intéresse pour sa part à un genre d’illustration en particulier, les icônes. Icons8 Icons8 est connu dans le monde du design pour la qualité des contenus proposés. Free Stock Photos & Design Ressources - Motosha. CC Search. FREE Stock Photos from Pik Wizard.

Free textures: Where to find textures for your 3D artwork. While you can create textures for your 3D art yourself, you'll save yourself plenty of time and effort by grabbing one of the many high-quality free textures you'll find online.

Free textures: Where to find textures for your 3D artwork

This article is your one-stop-shop for free textures. On this page you'll find a rundown of the best places to look for free textures online, or jump to page 2 to download Creative Bloq's awesome starter pack of 40 free textures. No matter how specific your needs, you'll find the texture you're after somewhere here! Let's get started. Free Texture Downloads. Last added icons - Flaticon - Page 2. Get Creative. 11,700 Free Photos from John Margolies' Archive of Americana Architecture: Download, Use & Re-Mix.

Many connoisseurs of architecture are enthralled by the modernist philosophy of Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, and I M Pei, who shared a belief that form follows function, or, as Wright had it, that form and function are one.

11,700 Free Photos from John Margolies' Archive of Americana Architecture: Download, Use & Re-Mix

Others of us delight in gas stations shaped like teapots and restaurants shaped like fish or doughnuts. If there’s a philosophy behind these insistently playful visions, it likely has something to do with joy…and pulling in tourists. Art historian John Margolies (1940-2016), responding to the beauty of such quirky visions, scrambled to preserve the evidence, transforming into a respected, self-taught photographer in the process. A Guggenheim Foundation grant and the financial support of architect Philip Johnson allowed him to log over four decades worth of trips on America’s blue highways, hoping to capture his quarry before it disappeared for good. People generally have thought that what’s important are the large, unique architectural monuments. Related Content:   National Screening Room   Gutenberg.

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Known issues and “TO DO” items Updates on fixed items Let us know if you are still having trouble with these: OPDS: Issues resolved Kindle: Issues resolved Bookshelf detailed listings: Issues resolved Goals. La Nature en images. Plantes, animaux et minéraux ont donné lieu à de superbes ouvrages illustrés. L’histoire naturelle se prête particulièrement bien à l’image, et une intention scientifique n’exclut pas de réelles qualités esthétiques. Collection. Free radio Stock Photos. BBC Sound Effects Player. Biodiversity Heritage Library’s albums. Biodiversity Heritage Library. Vintage Crafts, Print and Make Paper Toys.

The Public Domain Review. Frostbitten Sun – Old Book Illustrations. ClipArt ETC: Free Educational Illustrations for Classroom Use. Alphabets The Alphabets ClipArt collection offers 1,193 illustrations arranged in 43 galleries including decorative letters and numerals, complete alphabet sets, and several sign language systems.

ClipArt ETC: Free Educational Illustrations for Classroom Use

If you are looking… American History and Government The American History and Government ClipArt collection offers 2,513 illustrations arranged in 26 galleries. The images range from exploration and Colonial America, to the American Revolution and Civil… Ancient and Medieval History The Ancient and Medieval History ClipArt collection offers 1,456 illustrations in 18 galleries from ancient Egypt, the Middle East, Greece, Rome, and Byzantine cultures. Animals.