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Data Science Competence Framework (CF-DS) Generations of teachers have built their classes around the course syllabus, a semester-long contract that spells out what each class meeting will focus on (readings, problem sets, case studies, experiments), and what the student has to turn in by a given date.

About Universal Design for Learning. Biodiversity Heritage Library’s albums. Goodjudgment. Fermi Estimates - LessWrong 2.0. Just before the Trinity test, Enrico Fermi decided he wanted a rough estimate of the blast's power before the diagnostic data came in.

Fermi Estimates - LessWrong 2.0

So he dropped some pieces of paper from his hand as the blast wave passed him, and used this to estimate that the blast was equivalent to 10 kilotons of TNT. His guess was remarkably accurate for having so little data: the true answer turned out to be 20 kilotons of TNT. Fermi had a knack for making roughly-accurate estimates with very little data, and therefore such an estimate is known today as a Fermi estimate.

Why bother with Fermi estimates, if your estimates are likely to be off by a factor of 2 or even 10? Often, getting an estimate within a factor of 10 or 20 is enough to make a decision. Estimation tips. Microsoft Cognitive Services Labs - Cognitive Services LabsVISIONProject GestureProject Ink AnalysisSEARCHProject Local InsightsProject Event TrackingProject Answer SearchProject URL PreviewLANGUAGEProject Conversation LearnerProject Personality ChatKNOWL. Center for Digital Education. Higher ed group seeks key role in alternative credential landscape.

PBLearn. Social Learning Management System Social LMS Make learning easier with PBLearn Sample Classes and Projects Planning Innovation Student projects: Three Star Hotel Plan, White Finger, Start-up Plan Applied Innovation Student projects: Three Star Hotel Plan, Strategic Innovation Plan BS336 Business Planning Student projects: Strategic Plan, Project Plan and Start-up Plan.


New 'Vertically Integrated Projects' program gives students experiential learning opportunity at NYU. A group of undergraduate engineering students at New York University is working with industry mentors, faculty members and each other to design a high-speed pod that could contribute to the future of travel.

New 'Vertically Integrated Projects' program gives students experiential learning opportunity at NYU

Some of their peers are designing a standalone system that will be able to turn used plastic bottles into 3D printing material. Others are exploring the potential for emerging technologies and their interactions with humans to contribute to innovative health care. These projects are among the first to be tackled by participants in NYU’s Vertically Integrated Projects program. The VIP Consortium includes two dozen universities in the U.S. and abroad, all bringing students, faculty members and industry professionals together to solve problems and, ultimately, have a societal impact. Bloom's Taxonomy Blooms Digitally. From Educators' eZine Introduction and Background:

Bloom's Taxonomy Blooms Digitally

What skills does a digital CIO need? Academically Adrift's authors on faculty project to define learning outcomes in six fields. Faculty members tend to be skeptical about attempts to go beyond grading with standardized definitions and measures of what students should learn -- the so-called student learning outcomes accreditors require colleges to collect.

Academically Adrift's authors on faculty project to define learning outcomes in six fields

The wariness of professors is often well founded, the authors of the influential book Academically Adrift argue in a new book, because faculty members often haven’t been at the table when these measures and related assessments are being developed. “There’s good reason for a lot of the skepticism and discontent,” said Richard Arum, a professor of sociology and education at New York University and director of the Social Science Research Council’s Education Research Program. To train future ed-tech leaders, higher ed needs new discipline, some say. Does higher education need a brand-new discipline to train its next generation of ed-tech leaders, or should the work take place across disciplines in a reworked teaching and learning center?

To train future ed-tech leaders, higher ed needs new discipline, some say

Those were some of the questions broached during a conference last Friday at Georgetown University to discuss how developments in the fields of ed tech, instructional design, learning analytics and higher education leadership are changing colleges -- and what colleges should do in response. One idea, which would touch on all of those topics, is a new kind of teaching and learning center. Academia do Minho Online – Aprender para ser competitivo, inovador e empreendedor. Georgia Tech plans next steps for online master's degree in computer science. Georgia Institute of Technology is working on expansion plans for its affordable online master’s degree program in computer science, even though the program isn’t growing at the rate it first anticipated.

Georgia Tech plans next steps for online master's degree in computer science

“We will start another program,” Georgia Tech President G. P. Peterson said during a recent interview with Inside Higher Ed. Book argues faculty members should actively resist 'culture of speed' in modern academe. In 2013, the jobs website CareerCast named university professor the No. 1 least stressful job, unleashing a torrent of criticism that only grew after Forbes picked up the ranking.

Book argues faculty members should actively resist 'culture of speed' in modern academe

Professors -- those with tenure and without -- said the study ignored the changing dynamics of the university, namely the increasingly administrative nature of academic work, the emerging student-as-customer model, unrealistic research expectations and 24-7 contact with colleagues and students via email. Non-tenure-track professors also pointed out that they in many cases lack all job security. CareerCast evidently learned something from the controversy -- its 2016 least stressful jobs list specifies tenured professor, at No. 3 -- but old notions about what it is to be a professor die hard.

Prova Final – Adoro Dar Aula. Em tempos de intolerância e divisão, temos uma unanimidade no meio educacional.

Prova Final – Adoro Dar Aula

Não importa se o professor é coxinha ou petralha, corinthiano ou palmeirense, evangélico ou ateu, de Santa Maria ou João Pessoa, TODO professor odeia corrigir prova! Se você leitor deste blog gosta de corrigir prova, por favor, me escreva que eu tenho bastante interesse em estudar o seu caso! ENIAC, o "cérebro gigante", faz 70 anos - Tecnologias. O avô dos computadores como os conhecemos hoje foi apresentado ao mundo a 14 de Fevereiro de 1946 e foi concebido inicialmente para a área de balística do exército norte-americano. Em comparação com os computadores actuais, o ENIAC teria um poder de processamento menor do que o de uma calculadora de bolso. Em 1942, o físico John Mauchly propôs a execução de uma máquina de calcular totalmente electrónica e o projecto foi financiado pelo exército dos Estados Unidos da América, que o manteve em segredo na Universidade da Pensilvânia com o nome de código "Project PX".

International Association for Continuing Engineering Education. Reviews and Top Software at Capterra. Compass. Best Alternatives to PowerPoint. Let’s face it: PowerPoint isn’t the easiest to learn and use, especially if you’re wanting to elevate your design beyond headers and bullet points. Thankfully there are other tools available today that allow you to easily create presentations — and have them look good, too.

Here’s a look: 1. Keynote Keynote is Apple’s version of PowerPoint. Pros: Easy to use; not bloated; works well with video and audio; can export to PowerPoint; iPad and iPhone friendly. 5 Free (or Low-Cost) Tools for Flipped Learning. Flipped Classroom Page 2 of 2 5 Free (or Low-Cost) Tools for Flipped Learning Office Mix For Windows users, Office Mix is a free add-on that lets you turn PowerPoint presentations into interactive online videos, complete with built-in polls, quizzes and analytics to check for understanding. Office Mix works on versions of Office 2013 or later, including the free Office 365 for educators. Guiding the Digital Transformation of Organizations « Legerity Digital Press. As information technologies (IT) become core elements of an organization’s competitive and operational strategies, executives, technologists and business professionals cannot ignore important decisions about their IT investments and IT-enabled business initiatives.

They must focus their attention toward alignment among business and technology strategies, competitive markets, organization structures and processes, implemented technologies, and people. Sambamurthy and Zmud have in-depth experience in both interacting with executives, technologists and business professionals, and teaching these materials in graduate programs and executive programs. They have drawn upon their experience in crafting this book on the strategic management and use of IT in organizations. Welcome to the Global Text Project. Cheaters Are Thieves. Learn How to Do the Right Thing. Why shouldn’t you poach other people’s ideas and pass them off as your own? For one thing, taking other people’s ideas and using them as if they were yours is plagiarism.

Plagiarism reflects a fundamental lack of thought and imagination. People who aren’t thinking and don’t have an imagination are prime plagiarizers. Plus, cheaters are incredibly lazy. Don’t be lazy. Educator Preview « Legerity Digital Press. Computer and Information Systems Managers. IT directors sometimes present new ideas to a firm’s top executives.

Computer and information systems managers, often called information technology (IT) managers, or IT project managers, plan, coordinate, and direct computer-related activities in an organization. They help determine the information technology goals of an organization and are responsible for implementing computer systems to meet those goals. Duties Computer and information systems managers typically do the following: Using Student-Generated Reading Questions to Uncover Knowledge Gaps. March 30, 2015 By: Erika G. Offerdahl, PhD and Lisa Montplaisir, PhD in Educational Assessment, Effective Teaching Strategies Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt from Student-Generated Reading Questions: Diagnosing Student Thinking with Diverse Formative Assessments, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education, 42 (1), 29-38.

The Teaching Professor Blog recently named it to its list of top pedagogical articles. Outcome Simulations. How to Get Your Students to Come to Class Prepared. February 16, 2015.


The True Cost of Comic Sans. Eight SoTL articles that deserve a place on your reading list. January 7, 2015. Main Page - Wiki. Sentence Diagramming - Learn How to Diagram a Sentence. The Future of College?