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Potato pizza with taleggio, basil and red onion. Spiced pumpkin, tomato and chickpea stew. Ricotta gnocchi with cherry tomatoes and sage. Pan-fried pork and prawns with cellophane noodles. Ukrainian village breakfast. Deliciously Ella's pea and cauliflower bowl. Onion tart with parsley sauce. Easy fish pie. Broad beans, peas with mozzarella and parma ham crumble.

Broad beans, peas with mozzarella and parma ham crumble. Tom Kerridge's crayfish 'popcorn’ Shepherd’s pie. Rick Stein's spiced lamb filo pastries with pine nuts. Tandoori chicken tikka. Mini pork and apple meatballs. Indian vegetable curry. Aduki bean vegan casserole   Tex-Mex beef burritos. Roasted beetroot tart with thyme, olives and Parmesan recipe. Meanwhile, slice the beetroots into ½cm-thick rounds.

Roasted beetroot tart with thyme, olives and Parmesan recipe

Place in a bowl with the garlic, thyme and bay and season well. Add a few generous glugs of oil and mix well with your hands. Cover a baking tray in foil and lightly oil. Spread out the beetroot in an even layer, then add a few splashes of water, then place in the oven for 10 minutes until just cooked. Place the beetroot leaves in a pan with a few splashes of water, cover with a lid and cook over a medium heat until wilted, then scoop out and leave to cool and drain on kitchen paper. Remove the pastry from the fridge and on a lightly dusted surface, roll it out to a thickness of ½cm – the edges can be quite rough. When cool, scatter the cooked beetroot, its leaves and the olives over the pastry. Broad bean and lemon-dressed aubergine with pine nuts.

Warm new potato, broad bean and chorizo salad with garlic mayonnaise. Slimmed-down southern fried chicken. Butter chicken. Courgette & lemon risotto. Poached fish. Thai-inspired spiralised salad. Jamaican prawn, pepper and coconut stew recipe. Roasted pink fir apple potatoes with slow-cooked garlic. Soused sardines with red cabbage and seaweed salad cream. Roast Tenderstem® broccoli and lemon pasta recipe. Kashmiri paneer masala in a tomato, ginger & fennel gravy.

Bb salad. Butter bean and chorizo stew. Baked chermoula salmon with roasted red pepper couscous. Simple fish stew. Anytime pesto & prawn pasta salad. Seafood tagine. Italian chicken bake. Butter chicken. Roast pork ramen. Ramen is a classic and very popular Japanese noodle soup with many variations.

Roast pork ramen

Our version uses a marinated roast pork that adds plenty of Asian flavour and fragrance. 40 minutes. Serves 2. Easy pork fillet 300g piecechicken stock 750mlgarlic 1 clove, bruisedroot ginger large chunk, slicedred chilli 2, 1 split, 1 slicedpak choy 2, quarteredramen noodles 250g ready-to-use pack (from Waitrose) or cook 125g threadegg noodles sesame oilhoisin sauce 3 tbspChinese five-spice 1 tspchilli flakes a pinch Heat the oven to 220C/fan 200C/gas 7. Meanwhile put the stock, garlic, ginger and split chilli in a pan and simmer gently for 5 minutes then strain out all the bits.

Blanch the noodles, drain and divide between two bowls. PER SERVING 551 kcals, protein 43.3g, carbs 56g, fat 18.7g, sat fat 4g, fibre 3.4g, salt 4.35g. Healthy cheeseburger Recipe. Oven-baked leek & bacon risotto. Green chicken biryani Recipe. Sticky sausage and lentil stew Recipe. Chilli chicken and broccoli noodles. Chicken noodles are a quick, easy and delicious dinner recipe.

Chilli chicken and broccoli noodles

The broccoli adds a healthy crunch and the the chilli and ginger add a fiery kick. 20 minutes. Serves 2. Easy. One-pot fish with black olives & tomatoes. Asian broth with meatballs and winter greens. Dhal with spinach and tomatoes Recipe. Mushroom & rice one-pot. Mini fish pies Recipe. Chicken tagine with preserved lemons Recipe. Perfect boiled egg Recipe. Smoked mackerel and chorizo potatoes Recipe. Vegetarian casserole. Dijon chicken with mushrooms Recipe. Mexican-style pork wraps Recipe. Mulligatawny soup with spicy chicken Recipe. CROQUE MONSIEUR BAKE. Classic beef casserole Recipe.

Jersey Royals and wild mushrooms Recipe. Leek, potato and gorgonzola tart Recipe. Spanish meatballs with clams, chorizo & squid. Chorizo and sprouting broccoli frittata Recipe. Vinegar chicken Recipe. Quick houmous Recipe. Pumpkin, feta and pine nut filo layer pie Recipe. Cashew, chilli & lime-crusted fish. Paneer tikka masala. Beetroot and paneer with curry leaves Recipe. Salmon and horseradish cream lentils Recipe. Tzatziki burgers Recipe. Rigatoni with spiced prawns, tomatoes & chorizo. Pork saltimbocca with garlic fried potatoes Recipe. Chicken katsu curry - Lulu's notes. This indulgent curry is a real treat and easier to make than expected.

Chicken katsu curry - Lulu's notes

The breadcrumbs provide a great texture to hold the rich sauce. 45 minutes + chilling. Serves 2. Easy seasoned flour for dustingegg 1, beatennatural dried breadcrumbs 100gskinless, boneless chicken thighs 4 largebasmati rice 100gfrozen peas 75gsesame oilsoy sauce onion 1, choppedgarlic 2 cloves, crushedginger a small chunk, peeled and finely choppedchilli flakes a pinch (optional)oil for fryingplain flour 1 tbsp mixed with 1 tbsp mild curry powderchicken stock 350mlbrown sugar (any kind will work) 1 tsp Put the flour, egg and breadcrumbs in separate dishes. To make the curry sauce cook the onion, garlic and ginger (and chilli flakes if using) in a little splash of oil until softened. Heat the oven to 180C/fan 160C/gas 4. Boil the rice in lots of salted water, adding the peas for the last 2 minutes of cooking.

Slice the chicken and arrange on top of the rice then serve with a drizzle of the reheated sauce. Smoked haddock, leek and potato chowder Recipe. Spaghetti with chilli prawns, salami & gremolata breadcrumbs. Baked Brie and wild mushroom tart Recipe. Vietnamese fish curry. Meatball stroganoff. Home-style pork curry with cauliflower rice.

Filled croissants Recipe. Sea bass, clam and chorizo cataplana - Lulu's notes. In the November issue (on sale now) we go shopping in Loule market with Andrew McGie, the executive chef of Conrad Algarve, to buy ingredients for his amazing cataplana.

Sea bass, clam and chorizo cataplana - Lulu's notes

Cataplana refers to the clamshell-shaped dish in which the recipe is cooked (you can find one on amazon). If you fancy making it yourself, here’s the recipe. We haven’t made it in the test kitchen yet so if you beat us to it, let us know how you get on. Find out about some exciting Portuguese pop-ups happening in the UK over the next few months at Serves 4. Chicken tartiflette Recipe. Healthier dauphinois potatoes Recipe. Niçoise pasta. Brunch: Kopapa’s chorizo hash with rocket, fried egg, crispy shallots and sriracha chilli sauce. Eating breakfast and brunch out is now a firmly rooted fashion.

Brunch: Kopapa’s chorizo hash with rocket, fried egg, crispy shallots and sriracha chilli sauce

If you would prefer to eat in the comfort of your own home but still want inspiration from a restaurant, we are sharing Kopapa‘s brunch classic with you to celebrate our olive loves chorizo week. You can buy ready-made crispy shallots from Asian grocers or just fry thinly sliced shallots in oil until crisp, then drain on kitchen paper. 40 minutes. Serves 4. Easy. Spaghetti with chorizo and rosemary pangritata. Spinach, watercress and pea soup Recipe. Thai chicken and sweet potato soup. Bean, Artichoke and Chorizo Salad I Brindisa Spanish Foods. Merguez beanpot. Creamy chicken, leek, bacon and thyme pie Recipe. Spicy corned beef hash with egg Recipe. Mac ’n’ cheese, US-style Recipe. Potato and pea fishcakes Recipe. Mushroom and blue cheese risotto Recipe. QUICK CALABRIAN LASAGNE. I do realize that a dish that needs an hour in the oven, might not, at first glance, seem to qualify for the epithet "quick", but I'm not trying to pull a fast one.


All things are relative, and what makes this recipe feel so speedy is that there is no white sauce - with its roux and patient stirring - involved, the meat sauce takes around 5 minutes, and the lasagne sheets are used straight from the packet (no pre-boiling) and cook in the exaggeratedly liquid meat and tomato sauce. The recipe comes courtesy of an Italian informant from Calabria, where sliced cooked ham and hard-boiled eggs are part of the local lasagne. Should you wish to provide a vegetarian version, boost the number of hard-boiled eggs to 6, the mozzarella balls to 4 and dispense with the meat, stirring a couple of canfuls of chopped tomatoes into the passata instead. You could certainly increase the cheese content - perhaps adding a stronger-tasting cheese, too. Photo by Petrina Tinslay.

Creamy baked eggs with hot smoked salmon and chives Recipe. Pasta with creamy greens & lemon. Sausage roast Recipe.