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This is a fantastic site that provides faith based curriculum resources. – faithsnyder


BrainPOP is a video source that has short videos covering topics for each subject. – faithsnyder

3 Test Review Games that You can Play TODAY — The Simple Classroom. Teacher, Teacher Ok, I’m going to put a disclaimer on this one by letting you know that I don’t particularly understand why my students find this to be entertaining. 😂 Just goes to show that kids will get into anything if you act excited enough about it.

This is a blog that has great review game ideas for playing in the classroom. – faithsnyder

Put each of your kid’s names on a popsicle stick.

3 Test Review Games that You can Play TODAY — The Simple Classroom

Chances are you already have this done somewhere in your room. Assign the kids a test review question to work independently. How to Create QR Kids. Back in 2014 I published the blog post 5 Easy Technology Projects which featured the idea of creating QR Kids as an All About Me or Goal Setting activity.

How to Create QR Kids

This idea came from an ad I saw on Pinterest for business cards: I got permission to post the image above to my Facebook page saying, "Wouldn't it be neat to create QR Kids that look something like this? " Emily Albis, a 4th grade teacher who I worked with at the time when I was an ITRT in Virginia, saw the post and asked to sign up for a technology lesson to create QR Kids for her Open House. Students created audio recordings of themselves talking about their goals for the year. (Click HERE to read about other options for creating audio QR codes) Mrs. Fast Forward 4 years... I brought this idea back to life in my recent post 10 End of the Year Technology Activities and instead of talking about goals, mentioned that students could share their favorite memories from the year.

A Few Words About Mary-Kate Hagmann 1. 2. 3. 5. 6. 7. 8. Miss Giraffe's Class: 25 Chatty Class Classroom Management Strategies for Overly Talkative Students. Have a chatty class?

This gives ideas on how to work through a difficult classroom issue. – faithsnyder

Do your talkative students get louder and louder during small groups until it feels like chaos?

Miss Giraffe's Class: 25 Chatty Class Classroom Management Strategies for Overly Talkative Students

Do they talk when you're talking then ask you what the directions were as soon as you finish? Don't worry. This is totally normal. And completely fixable. Here are some simple but effective classroom management strategies for taming talkative students and getting that side chatter under control! 1. This works like a charm. 2. Another way to get students to not talk while you give directions is to play "Beat the Timer. " Tell them that if they can "beat the timer," they'll get some free time to chat. How to Teach Parts of Speech So They Stick - The Classroom Key. Sharing is caring!

This site is used to give ways to help students maintain and remember parts of speech. – faithsnyder

Inside: Find out how to teach parts of speech so that kids remember what they have learned!

How to Teach Parts of Speech So They Stick - The Classroom Key

I’m sharing my favorite ideas and activities. Free Printable First Grade Curriculum Book – Miniature Masterminds.

This website provides curriculum resources to have extra resources. – faithsnyder

Smiling and Shining in Second Grade: Morning Work for First Grade. First Grade Common Core Language Arts - Tiny Teaching Shack. Search Standards.

This website is a great resource for not only recognizing standards as well as potential lesson plans. – faithsnyder

First Grade Curriculum & 1st Grade Lessons by Time4Learning. Overview of First Grade Learning Milestones First grade is a year of highly visible progress in reading and language arts.

This website can be used asa resource for 1st grade curriculum as well as how to enhance learning. – faithsnyder

The four major milestones in first grade reading and language arts are: Knowing the names and sounds of all the consonants and vowelsUnderstanding phonics concepts such as consonant combinationsFollowing along, reading, and summarizing simple stories with picturesDeveloping an understanding of composition First grade is also a year of exploration and discovery of the numbers in the world around us. 1st Grade Kids Activities - Fun Online Learning - JumpStart. 1st grade.

Khan Academy is a wonderful online resource that provide practice and videos to help grow students understanding for subjects. – faithsnyder

First Grade Sight Words. Resources for Grades 1-2. Home › Classroom Resources › Grades 1-2 Grades K – 12 | Student Interactive Alphabet Organizer Students use this online tool to create an alphabet chart or pages for an alphabet book. more Student Interactives.

Resources for Grades 1-2

Free, First Grade Worksheets & Teaching Resources.

Teachers Pay Teachers is a great source for material made by other teachers. – faithsnyder

First Grade Resources. Beginning Of School on Best Room Ideas 6659.

This blog helps give good advice and guidance for good ways to set up the classroom for best learning. – faithsnyder

Free Math Worksheets — Mashup Math. Free First Grade Math Worksheets by My Teaching Pal. All Categories Log InJoin Us Cart Cart is empty Total: View Wish ListView Cart 38,947 Downloads.

This is a great resource for extra math practice for first grade. – faithsnyder
Free First Grade Math Worksheets by My Teaching Pal