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CV. Interviews. Cover letters. Recruited 101: 10 Egg-citing Quotes For Fall Recruitment. The fall is a very egg-citing time for both students and new grads.

Recruited 101: 10 Egg-citing Quotes For Fall Recruitment

For students it’s the beginning of another school year and for new grads it’s prime recruitment time! With over 70% of recruiters employing new grads for every type of role in every industry, the recruitment season is a busy one. From perfecting your resume, to attending the right recruitment events, to getting all your eggs in a row, recruitment season can be draining. Recruited 101: 4 Ways To Get Your Business Card Noticed. Since many of us have taken our job hunt online with the likes of LinkedIn, the power of the humble business card has gone overlooked.

Recruited 101: 4 Ways To Get Your Business Card Noticed

However, in a real-life recruitment session, you’ll need to have this tried-and-true networking staple ready to go. Having just any old card won’t do. A 2012 survey by Statistic Brain notes that around 88% of business cards will be thrown out less than a week after they were received. Your business card needs to be the exception to this rule.

Before you start planning your card, take 5 minutes and think about what makes a card memorable. Here are 4 tips for putting together a good business card: 1. Many people leave the back of their business cards blank for no reason! Something that you could include on the back might be a space to write notes. 2. When a campus recruiter is being handed piles and piles of 2 by 3 inch pieces of card stock, it’s going to be tough to match the card to the candidate. 3. 4. Prep Your Resume For Success During The Coming Year. With 80% of employers on the search for eggs-traordindary candidates this fall, you may be trying to get all your eggs lined up in a row to make the most of all the career-hatching opportunities.

Prep Your Resume For Success During The Coming Year

There’s a lot to think about when heading into the recruitment season – from what you’re going to wear to networking. Though your outfit might be on the top of your priority list, there is one other thing you need to ensure is perfect: your resume! Do some research Preparing your resume effectively will take some quick research to figure out which employers are hiring, what jobs interest you, what skills you need to focus on when tailoring your resume for each opportunity, and to learn about the companies themselves. Once you do this, it will be easier for you to focus your resume and gain important company information and align this information with your content (e.g., their business environment, recent projects, goals).

Tailor, tailor, and tailor Company Y is hiring for a Sales Trainee. Student & graduates, learn what employers really want! - HeySuccess. I have been involved, one way or another, in graduate recruitment, for the last ten years.

Student & graduates, learn what employers really want! - HeySuccess

I spent my final uni year applying to grad programmes, attending assessments, and chewing my nails as I awaited an answer. After some decidedly varied interview experiences, I joined a great scheme and became a 'buddy' to other new grads in the years after. Later, I became an assessor of potential new grad joiners - and even designed the talent days and assessment centres we used to select candidates. And I promise you, those assessment days are as nerve wracking whichever side of the interview desk you're on. The truth is, though, that there is a fairly simple formula, across many industries and companies, which, with a little time and effort on your part will help you to impress recruiters. Before you apply Match the skills required There is broad agreement across graduate recruiters, about the skills that make for a great grad catch. You're already great at these things, right?

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It's Your Future Calling...

Learn the job responsibilities and how to prepare for this career. Explore earnings and job outlook in the future and present your findings in a Power Point presentation. Optional: Conduct Job Interview 1. First, write a reflective paragraph about where you see yourself upon graduation from high school. Reflective Paragraph: 2. Career Survey: Career Search: Job Descriptions: Career Checklist: 3. Company Formation in Latvia: EU Business Set-up: Latvian Business: Start-ups in Europe: 4.