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North Coast 500: Take a ride along Scotland's most scenic route, in pictures. The North Coast 500 is an 830-km long route along the north coast of Scotland.

North Coast 500: Take a ride along Scotland's most scenic route, in pictures

The NC 500 starts and ends at Inverness Castle, which is situated on a cliff overlooking the River Ness in Scotland's Inverness. The scenic route travels across some beautiful landscape, often shaped over thousands of years by geological forces, glaciers and the weather systems of the North Atlantic. Here are some of the best photos of the landscape along and around the NC 500: The NC 500 begins in Inverness before heading into the pastoral Black Isle.

The wide road on the way to Bettyhill is surrounded by gorgeous landscape. Zanskar: Here’s an entire valley in the heart of the Himalayas, waiting to be discovered. It is the “land far, far away” of a fairy tale.

Zanskar: Here’s an entire valley in the heart of the Himalayas, waiting to be discovered

Its unknown corners have the call of an adventure. The beauty here changes your definition of beautiful. Its in-your-face isolation has the power to transform. Zanskar is a valley in the higher Himalayas, about 250 km and an 8-hour drive from Kargil, which is its only connection to the outside world in the summer. In the winter (if they can step out in the cold), a satellite phone connection might be possible. These two Nikon cameras D750 and D3400 are set to take your travel photography experience to a new level. If you are a traveller and have a knack for clicking some exceptional photographs then this piece is for you.

These two Nikon cameras D750 and D3400 are set to take your travel photography experience to a new level

No journey is complete without great pictures. You want to make sure that you perfectly capture that very moment as it is! And this just cannot happen randomly. You will have to put in some extra effort to find your kind of camera. Yes, it will take a bit of your time but be rest assured the output will be worth the sweat. The best travel camera in 2019: see the world and capture amazing images. What makes for the best travel camera?

The best travel camera in 2019: see the world and capture amazing images

It should be light and easy to carry around, that's a given, but this doesn't mean it should skimp on imaging power. A good travel camera should be able to operate in a range of different lighting conditions, and should be able to keep up with fast-moving subjects. A little weatherproofing wouldn't hurt either, and if possible it should be nice and unobtrusive. So if you're planning a trip or some extended travel, it's worth taking your time to think about which travel camera to buy to capture the memories from your travels.

2019 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Winners Announced. By Ian Bongso-Seldrup, June 19, 2019 @ 04:00 AM (EST)Source: National Geographic National Geographic has revealed the winners, runners-up and honorable mentions in its latest Travel Photographer of the Year contest, which accepted entries in three categories—Cities, Nature and People.

2019 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Winners Announced

The Grand Prize award, which took 1st place in the Cities category, was an atmospheric picture of a small fishing village in west Greenland by Weimin Chu. Among the amazing images were a couple of great shots that will interest underwater shooters: a serene dolphin capture by Scott Portelli, which earned 3rd place in Nature, and a split shot of crabeater seals by Rita Kluge, which was a People’s Choice pick in the Nature category. Best Travel Camera 2019 (Top Compact Cameras For Every Budget)

Travel Photography: the importance of making a connection when photographing people - PhotoHound Blog. Travel photography is not only about discovering beautiful destinations, it can also be a passport to meeting new people, experiencing other cultures and discovering common ground as well as differences.

Travel Photography: the importance of making a connection when photographing people - PhotoHound Blog

Photography can be a powerful tool for telling stories and creating awareness and understanding across cultures, communities, and countries. And yet often as photographers we find ourselves holding back for fear of how people might react to the lens being pointed at them; a certain unease that we are somehow ‘taking’ something from them; snatching intimate moments. One of the best ways to overcome this fear and ensure that we make captivating photographs is by being genuine, having respect for the subject and building a relationship in whatever time we have with that person or group of people.

Sometimes, as in the case of Travel Photographer Of The Year runner (Mankind category), Panos Laskarakis, it’s simply a question of asking outright and explaining your motive for making the images. Variety in The Studio Enhances Any Photography Session. All Photos Courtesy of Cutting Edge Photography Are you stuck in a rut?

Variety in The Studio Enhances Any Photography Session

Do you keep working with the same background and getting the same results? Why not diversify your Savage seamless background options for more inspiration! These darlings come in four sizes, ranging from 26” to 140” wide in select colors. Shake It Up: 3 Easy Ways to Add Variety to Your Photos. The low angle changes the dynamic of this image, made at Lake Eola in Orlando, Florida.

Shake It Up: 3 Easy Ways to Add Variety to Your Photos

I had a 16mm fisheye on my camera, and the camera was just above the waterline, mounted on a Platypod Max that was on my Really Right Stuff BH-55 Ballhead. Photos © Deborah Sandidge. Creative Grass Photography. Grass is everywhere, and comes in a rich variety of colours, textures, and varieties.

Creative Grass Photography

Find out how it can make an intriguing photography subject. One of the best ways to improve your photography is to take a common, everyday object that most people would ignore, and experiment with ways to capture it in a new and interesting way. Grass is a perfect example. We are surrounded by it, making it one of the most easily-accessible subjects to photograph, yet most of us would completely overlook it as something which can make a fascinating photo in its own right. 12 Amazing Photo Series to Inspire You. Photo series come in a variety of interesting styles, but why do photographers love them so much?

12 Amazing Photo Series to Inspire You

Focusing on one theme might seem like a boring task that could only result in a creative slump. In reality, the opposite is true. If you come up with a photo series, you’ll be able to reinvent your style and improve your creativity skills. 10 Reasons Why You Should Try Wildlife Photography. I have had many hobbies in my life, but nothing comes close to my love for wildlife photography. Over the years, I have made many wildlife photographer friends. Interestingly, many of them were competitive in one or more hobbies, or were doing well in their professions before taking up wildlife photography. Some were successful commercial photographers, wedding photographers, graphic designers, bass fishing champions, hunters, birders, engineers, world-class professors and researchers, while others were retired medical doctors, entrepreneurs, and even lawyers.

The Complete Guide To Wildlife Photography: 89 Great Tips. If you are out in the wild, photographing animals, then you are shooting wildlife photography. It involves documenting the creatures, in and out of their habitats. For everything you need, from gear to techniques, read our wildlife photography guide here. 10 Best Places for Wildlife Photography in India. India is a tropical land endowed with numerous landforms starting from desert to mangrove forests.

People visit India to enjoy its wildlife attraction. When it comes to wildlife photography, it is not just about clicking picture of animals. Top 10 Wildlife Photographers To Watch - International Photography Awards - IPA. “From an early age growing up in Miami, I was captivated by the worlds depicted in Life, Look and National Geographic. Photos mesmerized me, people fascinated me and injustice infuriated me. I found an outlet for my passion for Documentary Photography at the University of Florida where I graduated in 1979. I continued my studies under eminent photographers like Mary Ellen Marks, David Allen Harvey, and Steve McCurry. The 10 Golden Rules of Wildlife Photography. Generally speaking, people give close attention to good quality work. A good craftsman is appreciated; his skill, creativity and professionalism exude quality. Photographing wildlife is no different; the successful photographer must give attention to every aspect of his craft and treat it professionally.

The following golden rules provide a strong foundation: A good Wildlife Photographer: The best of the wildlife photography awards 2017 – in pictures. Wildlife Photography for Beginners - Guidelines. 8 Essential Tips for Food Photography Props and Lighting. Food Photography 101: How to Take Perfect Pictures of Your Food — Product Photography. Best Food Photographer In Ahmedabad India - Varun Patel Photography. Food Photography Tips and Techniques. Food Photography and Styling Workshop Le Cordon Bleu Adelaide 12-13 April. Fireworks around the world - Japan - Exploding stuff videos. We've Climbed Great Heights to Bring You This Year's Best Wildlife Photos  Cyprus, Greece renewable, non-renewable energy news. 25 Most Amazing and Beautiful Nature Photography You'll Love - Fine Art and You. Wonderful Nature Photography. 12 Wonderful Photos of Enchanted Nature. 25 Breathtaking Examples of Nature Photography.

Wonderful Nature Photos by Mariusz Szymaszek. This beautiful photograph of an owl has the quality of a painting. - Weird & Wonderful... - Heart. The Photograph That Made Ansel Adams Famous. Matterhorn photography...taking photos of our famous mountain – Summit Ski & Snowboard School. Blissful Stay at Fragrant Hotels, Kerala.