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Landscape photography

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Photographer Captures the Milky Way Mirrored on Earth at the World’s Largest Salt Flat. Salt flats around the globe are known for their intoxicating visuals and otherworldly feel.

Photographer Captures the Milky Way Mirrored on Earth at the World’s Largest Salt Flat

Russian photographer Daniel Kordan recently made the trek to Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia—the world’s largest salt flat—and shot the Milky Way as it reflected off of the mineral-covered plain. “There are not so many places in the world where you can enjoy absolute dark sky,” Kordan tells us in an email. Most Beautiful Forests in The World. Bluebells in Halle`s forest, Belgium.

Most Beautiful Forests in The World

From late April to early May a few acres of woodlands are covered by a splendid carpet of wild bluebell hyacinths. Photo by: Raimund Linke Thick grove of poplar trees, Oregon. Photo by: David Thompson Arashiyama, a bamboo forest in Kyoto, Japan. Magical winter in Quebec forest, Canada. The Black Forest during night in Baden-Württemberg region, southwestern Germany. Deep in the green forest, France. Stunning Abstract Aerial Photos of Namibia's Desert Landscape. Calma poética en las fotografías de paisajes invernales de Håkand Strand. Como en las películas de Ingmar Bergman o Tarkovsky en las que las escenas de ritmo pausado y contemplativo invitan a la introspección y a la reflexión, hay fotógrafos, que buscan en la traquilidad y la inmovilidad de un paisaje, la belleza en una esencia primaria de dramáticas formas lineales.

Calma poética en las fotografías de paisajes invernales de Håkand Strand

Son los árboles esos entes de la naturaleza que atienden inmóviles al paso de lo años y a los cambios de estación; permaneciendo impasibles en un espacio y en un tiempo en el que sólo mutan un aspecto y unas formas lineales y sencillas, aportan dramatismo y poesía visual a las bellas fotografías invernales del artista Håkand Strand. Con el clima invernal como su musa, el fotógrafo sueco explora la serenidad de los entornos nevados, árboles desnudos, carreteras solitarias o vallas de madera entre alfombras de nieve blanca y espesa, son los únicos elementos entre la quietud gélida. Dioniso Punk - The truth of the story lies in the details... Chojnik, Karkonosze - Karol Nienartowicz - Mountain Photographer. Best Camera Settings for Landscape Photography. Last Updated: March 9, 2018 Don't miss stories.

Best Camera Settings for Landscape Photography

Follow PhotographyTalk It's no wonder that landscape photography is so popular... For starters, it's an accessible given that we're surrounded by landscapes big and small that we can photograph. Landscape Photography. 5 Advanced Landscape Photography Tips. Most of the time, landscape photography tips are intended for beginners rather than advanced photographers.

5 Advanced Landscape Photography Tips

That’s a problem — it says to advanced photographers that there is nothing new to discover. But landscape photography is incredibly complex, and there are still techniques out there for everyone. 15 Helpful Landscape Photography Tips for Beginners. Everyone loves shooting landscape photos, right?

15 Helpful Landscape Photography Tips for Beginners

OK, maybe not everyone, but what's not to love? Landscape photography gets you out of the everyday busyness of life and into the stillness of our wide open and wild spaces. Whether in the rugged mountains and alpine meadows, or the dry and unforgiving deserts. Or perhaps the mysterious coastal forests, or the wind-blown prairies. 21 landscape photography tips you'll never want to forget. The wind in your hair, a camera slung over your shoulder and a great location in mind: nothing beats getting out into the great outdoors to shoot landscapes.

21 landscape photography tips you'll never want to forget

With the right conditions to hand, a successful outdoors shoot can be an exhilarating experience. But when time is of the essence, you need to learn how to work quickly and methodically to guarantee great shots on every outing. It doesn’t matter where you live: you’re rarely ever far from a great location or two. And even if you have to travel, it’s all part of the adventure. Whether you’re shooting at home or abroad, the internet has made location research easier than ever, and the planet certainly feels like a smaller place, with even far-flung destinations feeling within reach.

Landscape Photography Tips. By Robert Caputo, From Photography Field Guide: Landscapes and Ultimate Photography Field Guide: Landscapes We've all had the experience: Driving through a beautiful landscape, you stop at every scenic overlook to make photographs sure to capture the grandeur of what you see.

Landscape Photography Tips

You get home, look at the pictures, and find them flat and boring. All the elements that enthralled you at the time are there, but not the feeling. 11 Surefire Landscape Photography Tips. By skoeber My first love in photography when I first got my trusty old Minolta SLR as a teenager was landscape photography.

11 Surefire Landscape Photography Tips

There’s something about getting out in nature with the challenge of capturing some of the amazing beauty that you see. Perhaps it fits with my personality type – but I loved the quietness and stillness of waiting for the perfect moment for the shot, scoping out an area for the best vantage point and then seeing the way that the light changed a scene over a few hours. Landscape Photography Tips. Landscape photography is a favorite with professional and amateur photographers alike.

Landscape Photography Tips

There awaits a wealth of natural landscapes filled with beauty and drama, always changing with the seasons. To avoid taking bland images, follow these top landscape photography tips. When you are taking a landscape photograph, try creating a sense of depth by keeping all the different elements of the image in focus. Welcome - Terra Quantum. This Is What A Great Lake Looks Like After All The Vacationers Are Gone. Riding The ‘Wave’ Of My Life With My Lake Erie Liquid Mountains Series! For those of you who don’t know me, I am Dave Sandford, a professional photographer of 20 years from London, Ontario, Canada.

I grew up right in the heart of the Great Lakes region. Just over two years ago, I finally obtained the photo gear I had long desired to acquire, which would enable me to shoot our lakes and oceans the way I had always envisioned. Armed with new Canon cameras and protective gear from Aquatech, I was ready to take on the 11th largest lake in the world, Lake Erie, and create what evolved into my ‘Liquid Mountains’ series. Show Full Text Only 40km south of my home, just off the shores of the village of Port Stanley, Ontario, is where I had my sights set on. This is a shallow lake that has deep emotion and for myself, it has become my most favorite time of the year.

I owe a great deal to Lake Erie. 20 Gorgeous Winter Landscapes. 57K views. Landscape Photography.