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Les scènes de repas imaginaires par la photographe Jill Burrow. Ses images remplies d’ombres et de lumière, décrivent un pique-nique suspendu à une corde à linge, un petit-déjeuner immergé dans l’eau ou une nature morte d’ustensiles de cuisine à base de pain. « J’ai toujours aimé cuisiner, alors quand j’ai commencé à créer des décors artistiques, j’ai réalisé à quel point la nourriture était diversifiée et créative.

Les scènes de repas imaginaires par la photographe Jill Burrow

La nourriture est déjà si vibrante et pleine de vie et de plaisir, qu’il est assez facile de la transformer en œuvres d’art. » Pour en savoir plus : Jill Burrow. Trees Growing in Cars. Photography. Walk_ Europe. Generations on Behance. Towering Holographic Dinosaurs Stalk the Streets of Paris in Projections by Julien Nonnon. RUVEN AFANADOR. Tender photographs of traveller communities in Britain by Sandra Mickiewicz. Photographer Sandra Mickiewicz has released a new body of work to celebrate and capture the spirit of traveller communities living in Britain today.

Tender photographs of traveller communities in Britain by Sandra Mickiewicz

The tender portraits of both young and old aim to break down stereotypes that are often associated with gypsies. "I want the audience to realise that the subjects I photograph are valuable members of society," says Sandra. "My aim is to capture the resolute, spirited nature of the people I have met and the pride they rightly feel towards their ancestry. " Entitled Proud of the Origin, the project is ongoing. Why Cashmere Is So Expensive. I’m an award-winning photographer from the UK, and I recently spent two weeks living on the highest permanently inhabited plateau in the world to document the looming Cashmere crisis in the Himalayan ice desert.

Why Cashmere Is So Expensive

At an altitude of more than 14,000ft, where winter temperatures can fall to -40 degrees, it is hard to believe anyone or anything can survive in this vast ice desert that is the Changthang Plateau. More info: Instagram | Situated between the Himalayan and Karakorum mountain ranges, it is the highest permanently inhabited plateau in the world and home to an extremely hardy and rare breed of goat – the Changra, or Pashmina goat. The high altitude, freezing temperatures and harsh bitter winds in this unforgiving mountainous region are essential to stimulate the growth of the goats’ super-soft undercoat. Martin Oeggerli › Fine Art Prints.

Portraits / Photographs – han cao. Smartphone Addiction in Pictures. Life Without Smartphones. My Wife And I Want To Fundraise $100,000 In 2020 By Capturing Unique Photos Of Pets. What was once a volunteer role at an animal shelter has turned into a pet photography company that aims to raise awareness about pet adoption as well as raise funds for rescue animals in need.

My Wife And I Want To Fundraise $100,000 In 2020 By Capturing Unique Photos Of Pets

Back in 2013, I was hired by the Humane Society of Broward County to manage its website redesign as well as the shelter’s social media as a full-time role. Once the website redesign was finished, the shelter asked if I could take on the photography program. 27 Designers Illustrate How Trendy People Look In Their Countries. Groom+Style is a fashion and style blog that recently gave designers from all over the world a unique challenge.

27 Designers Illustrate How Trendy People Look In Their Countries

They were given generic headshots of a man and a woman and were asked to photoshop their looks to represent how trendy people look in their home countries. Even the organizers were surprised by the results. “While in Costa Rica, the emphasis on natural beauty means that the photos are hardly changed at all, the Belarusian designer turned the male photo into a suntanned action hero, complete with a cigar. Meanwhile, in Israel, the current fashion trends seem to be for men to look like Chris Pine and women to look like Mariah Carey,” writes Groom+Style. Trendland Online Magazine Curating the Web since 2006. Ben Zank pictures have all a similare thing in common: a kind of surrealism that mixes the unsettling, a feeling of danger and that something was going on just before and will continue afterwards.

Trendland Online Magazine Curating the Web since 2006

His self-portraits aim to stretch the viewer’s imagination and express his feelings when words fail. Ben images are often shown without faces, their visages disappearing into foliage or smoke, or otherwise, buried into the Earth. Instead of depending on the human face, Zank says that “the image itself is the emotion.” He says: ‘I didn’t go to school for photography. Instead I majored in journalism. I Depict American Presidents Through The Postulates Of The Ten Commandments (10 Pics) You Look At Me Like An Emergency — Cig Harvey. 30 Most Creative Signs Spotted At The 2019 Climate Strike. A h n J u n - G r a v i t y # 0 1 0.

Nicolas Ruel Photographer. Amazing Graffiti Artist Turns A Block Wall Into A Bus (+15 More Transformations) People Are Using This FaceApp Filter To Make Themselves Look Old (30 Pics) Sleeping Venice By Thibaud Poirier-NUIT. Winners of the 2019 Food Photographer of the Year Awards-FOOD. Tadas Kazakevicius - Between Two Shores. Food Kids Eat In One Week Around The World -FOOD - ENFANT. Meet 6 extreme animal dads for Father's Day. Apollo 11 moon landing 50th anniversary, we look to the future of space travel. How space suits have evolved to keep astronauts safe. Photo Basel 2019: tender moments – in pictures. Vapes, snakes and fireworks: hanging out at the Cracker – in pictures. Photography. Dandaka: Chapter four of Vasantha Yogananthan’s epic series A Myth of Two Souls – British Journal of Photography. Mareecha’s Magic Trick Kattumannarkovil, Tamil Nadu, India, 2018, Black and white C-print hand-painted by Jaykumar Shankar “When you grow up in the West you have preconceptions, it was difficult to find a way to shoot India that wouldn't feel exotic or expected,” says Vasantha Yogananthan, who has recently published Dandaka, part four of his ambitious project, A Myth of Two Souls “Assume the form of a golden deer and lure Rama away.

Dandaka: Chapter four of Vasantha Yogananthan’s epic series A Myth of Two Souls – British Journal of Photography

Meanwhile I will run away with Sita,” commands Ravana, the ten-headed King of Lanka, to one of his demon slaves in the ancient Indian epic poem, the Ramayana. Ravana’s plan is to entice Sita, the beautiful goddess, and steal her away from Prince Rama. While the golden deer distracts the prince, Ravana disguises himself as a holy man begging for money; and when Sita reaches out to offer him food, he catches her and carries her away to his kingdom. The Lakshmana Rekha, Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh, India, 2013 Jatayu #1, Kodiyakarai, Tamil Nadu, India, 2018. Paolo Di Paolo’s unseen images from post-war Italy – British Journal of Photography.

Anna Magnani nella sua villa a San Felice Circeo (Roma), 1955. foto Paolo Di Paolo, © Archivio Paolo Di Paolo.

Paolo Di Paolo’s unseen images from post-war Italy – British Journal of Photography

Lake Baikal Ice Formations in Photos. Ces lieux saccagés par Instagram. Tamara Dean wins 2019 Moran contemporary photographic prize – in pictures. The dad who gave birth: ‘Being pregnant doesn't change me being a trans man’ Freddy McConnell takes out his phone and shows me a film of his baby snoring contentedly.

The dad who gave birth: ‘Being pregnant doesn't change me being a trans man’

Jack is gorgeous, with blond hair, blue eyes and heavy eyelids, and McConnell is the classic doting dad – albeit more hands-on than most. It’s many months since he gave birth to Jack, an experience he describes as life-changing. He has also made an intimate and moving film about that experience, from the decision to have a baby, through pregnancy and the delivery. L’Étrange village des jumeaux. J'ai entendu parler pour la première fois de cet étrange phénomène dans un journal local.

L’Étrange village des jumeaux

L'article expliquait que, dans ce village nommé Kodinji et situé dans l'État de Kerala, au sud de l'Inde, le nombre de naissances de jumeaux était de plus de cinq fois plus élevé que la moyenne nationale. Les incroyables "doubles" au crochet grandeur nature de Liisa Hietanen. Je rencontre mes modèles dans des situations de tous les jours. Le processus de choix d’un modèle est intuitif, la personne représentée peut être une personne que je rencontre à la bibliothèque, dans les vestiaires du gymnase, ou simplement dans la rue.

BRUCE POLIN. A modern hair study - tara bogart. Photos of Traveling Family Circuses in Europe. See the diverse ingredients in traditional Chinese apothecaries. Dogs And Photography! Dietrich Herlan’s View on Urban Density. Pictures of Paris Replica in China. Alphaville – Rémy Soubanère. Destination Art: A New Guide Looks at 500 Permanent Art Installations to Visit Around the World. Languefourche. Ingenious toys made by children in Uganda. Sunday Best at Weekend Studio - Photographs by Mia Collis. Before the invention of digital photography and camera phones—and even before the invention of early snapshot cameras—when people wanted their photo taken, they went to a studio specialized in portraiture. Photographers trained in the science of exposing, developing and fixing an image owned full-fledged businesses, where they constructed settings and scenarios with props and concentrated lighting.

Le projet "Roses For Mother" rapproche le photographe Dominik Tarabański de sa mère. En plein rêve. Anzenberger Agency - women. Anzenberger Agency - new stories. Vertical Tourism in China. 31 women to watch out for. The shortlist for the PHMuseum's Women Photographer Grant includes world-class work by photographers from around the globe - including Diana Markosian, Laura Pannack, Alice Mann, and Anna Boyiazis Now in its second year, the PHMuseum Women Photographer Grant has a simple premise – to recognise and award world-class photographers, who also happen to be women. Judged this year by a prestigious panel including Magnum photographer Alessandra Sanguinetti and The Photographers’ Gallery senior curator Karen McQuaid, the Grant has two main sections – The Women Photographer Grant and the New Generation Prize for those under 30 years of age. This year the following series have made the shortlist: A Wooden Kinetic Clock.

Photography. Art, design, and visual culture. Jimmy Nelson - Hommage à l'Humanité. Les hommes et les femmes sur ces photographies vivent dans certaines des 34 communautés indigènes dans les parties les plus reculées du monde que Jimmy Nelson a visité pour faire son deuxième livre sur la force et la beauté de ces cultures, Jimmy Nelson: Hommage à Humanité. L’exposition du même nom ouvre aujourd’hui (mercredi 19 septembre) à la Atlas Galerie, à Londres W1. Dans l’exposition et le livre, le photographe Britannique rend hommage aux trente-quatre communautés qu’il a rencontrées voyageant à travers les cinq continents, du Sharchop dans le royaume himalayen de Bhoutan au Mundari au Soudan du Sud.

Go Home, Polish Michal Iwanowski. Following a historic referendum in 2016, the people of Britain voted to leave the European Union. In March 2019, this departure – ‘Brexit’ – will formally take place. The overarching narrative of post-Brexit Britain is bleak, unfolding against the backdrop of an equally turbulent European landscape. Confusion is the order of the day, political divisions are fierce, and notions of belonging and home have become complicated.

Like many, Michal Iwanowski, who is both Polish and British, has felt the tremors of Brexit personally. Nicolasboyer - JAPON. Greggsegal - ecologie- pollution. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wondered about garbage - where does it go and what happens when we run out of places to put it? The average American generates 29 pounds of garbage a week. As a nation, that amounts to about 9 billion pounds per week! I’m concerned not only by how much we throw away, but by how blithe we are to the problem. With 7 Days of Garbage, I call attention to the problem of waste by personalizing it. This Agency Changes The Look Of Hong Kong Ballet And Makes It Attractive Even For Millennials. For their 2018/19 season, the Hong Kong Ballet teamed up with photographer Dean Alexander and creative agency Design Army, to create an amazing campaign called ‘Hong Kong Cool’. It features dancers performing in various locations around the city and the colorful photos look absolutely stunning.

Pum Lefebure of Design Army says “This new campaign flips ‘classic ballet’ on its head, delivering a wildly fresh new look and creative experience far beyond anything the ballet has done before.” The campaign also aims to change the stereotype that ballet is for older people and attract a younger audience. And truly it does exactly that – the mesmerizing Hong Kong landscapes combined with impressive performers will leave you wanting more. Check out the amazing photographs in the gallery below! Handmade Rugs to Protect Environment - ECOLOGIE. Do you look like your dog? Canine-human lookalikes in pictures. Gerrard Gethings says: “Certain breeds would be essential because of their unique characteristics: Afghan hounds, poodles, pugs, bulldogs etc. I put out the word on social media and was inundated with dogs.

MELTEM IŞIK - Galeri NEV İSTANBUL. En images : ces photos explorent la perception de soi. Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj - Foodstyling. Älskling, a self-portrait through the eyes of my lovers : un itinéraire amoureux à la loupe - Mowwgli. 1 min. de temps de lecture. Chocolate Sculptures by Amaury Guichon. Ben Churchill, the Food Illusionist. KOTA YAMAJI. Medinadugger. Les églises décorées par des artistes. Romanian People Noticed That Dior Copied Their Traditional Clothing And Decided To Fight Back In A Genius Way. Dancers NYC Rooftops, - DANCE. Yoga Poses Street Art Graffiti - YOGA. Mickael Jou. Benjamin Juhel. A French Museum 100 Hyperrealistic Miniature Film Sets - MINIATURE. Tatsuya Tanaka’- MINIATURE. David Uzochukwu, le prodige de la photo à ne pas rater. Omaraqil's New Edge 3D Picasso. 15+ Hilariously Sarcastic Retro Pics That Only Women Will Truly Understand. Aurore Valade. Stephan Zaubitzer. Misty Keasler. Double Je - Emmanuelle Brisson. The Anonymous Project - VINTAGE - PORTRAIT -USA.

Tami Bahat - Tami Bahat estompe les frontières entre studio et galerie. Abandoned Homes in Iran - PAYSAGE - INTERIEUR. CHATEAUX- COPIES-CHINE-VIGNOBLES. Streets of Oslo-Pau Buscató- COINCIDENCES.