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DtSearch®—Text Retrieval / Full Text Search Engine [0226] E-Preservation Science. We offer: - high-quality and rapid peer-reviewing, - information widely available at the lowest possible costs: - free access to WWW version, - subscription for paper (hard) copies only – see cover no. 1/2011 on the left, - to use the advantages of WWW: - publication of (colour) images, movie clips, sound and similar files, - on-line submission, - abstracting in various databses.

e-Preservation Science

Creators of e-PS support free access to knowledge worldwide by making the articles published in e-PS available online, free of charge. A hard copy edition is available upon subscription. By subscribing to the hard copy edition, you can help us to continue providing open-access to the web edition. IIC. New England Conservation Association. Research : Conservation. As a public institution, one of the Museum's primary obligations is the preservation of the collections for future generations.

Research : Conservation

The Conservation Department is entrusted with this responsibility and is committed to the preservation of this irreplaceable cultural legacy. The conservators dedicate their time to the examination and treatment of works of art, materials research, education, and preservation activities throughout the Museum. Augustus Saint-Gaudens’s Diana has adorned the top of the Museum’s Great Stair Hall for more than eighty years. Created in 1892–93 as a gilded weathervane for the tower of New York’s Madison Square Garden, the beloved sculpture recently underwent a remarkable transformation when conservators repaired and preserved its copper structure and restored its original gold leaf finish. In 2011, the Museum’s Furniture and Woodwork conservators made an exciting discovery at Mount Pleasant. Restoration Online - - Restoring a Masterwork. AMIEN is the only unbiased source of information about art materials on the internet. Guaranteed. Please note the new Forum, “Recovery of Water-damaged Art, for Artists.”

AMIEN is the only unbiased source of information about art materials on the internet. Guaranteed.

This Forum is timely, given the recent storms along the east coast of the US, and was suggested to us by Christopher Stavroudis, a paintings conservator and member of AMIEN’s Board of Directors. There are 5 pertinent posts already, and this Forum will be cross-posting with the American Institute for the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC) and the Museum of Modern Art in New York City (MoMA).

Art Conservation at the University of Delaware : Conservation Links. American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC) - AIC is the national membership organization of conservation professionals.

Art Conservation at the University of Delaware : Conservation Links

Its members include conservators, educators, scientists, students, archivists, art historians, and other conservation enthusiasts in over twenty countries around the world. AIC Wiki - A collaborative knowledge database drawn from a number of resources created by the various AIC Specialty Groups and Committees. Several of the Specialty Groups had "AIC Conservation Catalogs," compendia of working knowledge on materials and techniques used to preserve and treat works of art and historic artifacts.

The series, begun in 1985 in print format and still in active development, was intended to be updated on an ongoing basis as techniques, technologies, and modes of practice evolve. Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) - CCI supports the heritage community in preserving Canada's heritage collections. AIC - The American Institute for Conservation. AMIEN is the only unbiased source of information about art materials on the internet. Guaranteed. Conservation Resources at Other Sites.

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