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Create Like & Unlike System in PHP, MySQL and jQuery. This script work like Youtube like and dislike system for videos.

Create Like & Unlike System in PHP, MySQL and jQuery

This script works perfectly on your website. You can pass URL’s or integrate with ids you can check its Demo here. Its a PHP, MySQL, and jQuery based script. Database Details: database name => system table name => products table name => likedb.sql The database file runs in your MySQL to create a database and add data to the table. Update Mysql Database through Upload CSV File using PHP. In this post We have discuss topic like how to upload CSV file for update mysql table data by using PHP script.

Update Mysql Database through Upload CSV File using PHP

We have received to many request on make tutorial on how to update mysql data by uploading CSV file by simple PHP script. In one of our previous tutorial we have already learn how to insert data into mysql table by uploading CSV file using PHP code. Load Delimited Data - CSV to MySQL, Excel to MySQL Database. Loading csv to MySQL or any delimited data files to MySQL database is a very common task frequently questioned about and almost every-time LOAD DATA INFILE come into rescue.

Load Delimited Data - CSV to MySQL, Excel to MySQL Database

In this article I will explain you about all different scenarios and explain you how to get the data loaded directly from csv to MySQL database using single command. Download PDF Tutorial: Load data CSV to MySQL The Load Data Syntax: LOAD DATA [LOW_PRIORITY | CONCURRENT] [LOCAL] INFILE ‘file_name’ Cloudways. Import CSV File into MySQL using PHP. It’s very time consuming to import too many records one by one into MySQL database.

Import CSV File into MySQL using PHP

To make it convenient, we can implement CSV (comma-separated values) file data import functionality to handle bulk data import. This can be very useful as you just need a CSV file of all records and use that CSV file to import records into MySQL database. So in this tutorial, you will learn how to import bulk data from CSV file into MySQL database by uploading CSV file. We have also created an example script to upload and import CSV file records into MySQL database and display them. So let’s start the coding. PHP Array: Associative, Multidimensional. What is a PHP Array?

PHP Array: Associative, Multidimensional

A PHP array is a variable that stores more than one piece of related data in a single variable. Think of an array as a box of chocolates with slots inside. Chapter 6 - Creating and Using Arrays. Chapter Topics Why an Array?

Chapter 6 - Creating and Using Arrays

Arrays are extremely handy tools to the web programmer. Learning PHP: A Gentle Introduction to the Web's Most Popular Language - David Sklar. Working With PHP Arrays in the Right Way. Import CSV File into MySQL using PHP. Import CSV File Into MySQL Table. This tutorial shows you how to use the LOAD DATA INFILE statement to import CSV file into MySQL table.

Import CSV File Into MySQL Table

The LOAD DATA INFILE statement allows you to read data from a text file and import the file’s data into a database table very fast. Before importing the file, you need to prepare the following: A database table to which the data from the file will be imported.A CSV file with data that matches with the number of columns of the table and the type of data in each column.The account, which connects to the MySQL database server, has FILE and INSERT privileges. Suppose we have a table named discounts with the following structure: We use CREATE TABLE statement to create the discounts table as follows: CREATE TABLE discounts ( id INT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, title VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, expired_date DATE NOT NULL, amount DECIMAL(10 , 2 ) NULL, PRIMARY KEY (id) ); The following discounts.csv file contains the first line as column headings and other three lines of data.

How To Create A Simple REST API in PHP - Step By Step Guide! Previously, we learned how to create, read, update and delete database records (CRUD operations) with our PHP, MySQL & OOP CRUD Tutorial.

How To Create A Simple REST API in PHP - Step By Step Guide!

Today, before we go to JavaScript programming, we will learn how to create a simple REST API in PHP. Enjoy our step-by-step tutorial below! This post covers the following topics: 1.0 Project Overview 1.1 What is REST API? 1.2 Why do we need REST API? Consuming REST API in PHP Using Guzzle. If you are familiar with Rest API, you must know about HTTP calls created for getting and posting data from the client to the server.

Consuming REST API in PHP Using Guzzle

What if you wish to create a REST API client in PHP? Your answer would be to go with CURL. CURL is the most widely used method to make HTTP calls but it contains several complicated steps. Let’s see a simple CURL request in PHP: $url = “ $resource = curl_init($url);


Angular-php. Laravel. Symfony. Regex. CSV. Php. Manage Your Content With PHP. In this article, we’ll build a simple, template-driven site that separates style, content, and structure in your website.

Manage Your Content With PHP

We’ll create a cross-browser stylesheet switcher that remembers the user’s preferences, touching on php variables, cookies, if statements, and including pages with require_once. Separating style, content, and structure#section1. Sending Emails in PHP with PHPMailer. PHPMailer is one of the most popular open source PHP libraries to send emails with. It was first released way back in 2001 and since then it has become a PHP developer’s favorite way of sending emails programmatically, aside from a few other fan favorites like Swiftmailer. In this article we’ll talk about why you should use PHPMailer instead of PHP’s mail() function and we’ll show some code samples on how to use this library.

In most cases, it’s an alternative to PHP’s mail() function, but there are many other cases where the mail() function is simply not flexible enough to achieve what you need. First of all, PHPMailer provides an object oriented interface, whereas mail() is not object oriented. Php - PhpMyAdmin mbstring error. How to Automatically Linkify Text with PHP Regular Expressions. Good software enables us to take a lot of niceties for granted. Intelligent interfaces handle all the simple tasks so that we don’t need to worry about them. For example, when I type “” into an email or an instant message, I expect that it will be clickable on the other end without having to manually add in HTML tags. Another example is parsing text from a twitter feed.

For example, “@desktopped is a blog about the #computers“, we expect both @desktopped and #computers to be links. Create a Simple Picture Gallery using PHP. By Patrick Lin In this post I will show you how to create a simple picture gallery using PHP. This will go through all the pictures in a directory; if a thumbnail does not exist for it, create one for it; and display the thumbnail on a page with the ability to show the full sized pictures. Creating a simple image gallery with PHP & jQuery. How to setup The Plan of Action To summarize what is covered in this article, here's a short list of the needed steps you need to take to make everything work:

CSS Lightbox Made Practical With PHP. In my recent book on advanced CSS3 (may as well get the inevitable plug out the way early), I described how we can use CSS3 to develop a genuine lightbox solution, without the help of any JavaScript. I also mentioned the pitfalls of this technique, which unfortunately outweigh the benefits and therefore make it an unrealistic option in the real world.

Until now. The major flaw was the amount of repetitive HTML required and the fact that it would be ridiculously difficult to maintain if you had to make any changes. The Basics of Creating a CMS with PHP. How To Use Lightbox With A Database. PHP. 50 Essential PHP Tutorial and Examples for Beginners. Those essential php tutorial and examples are important for beginner and advanced web developer to find out more about php script and project.

Some tutorial also have example source code that you can download free. It is really important basics of programming with PHP to find truly tutorial with examples for easy download and testing. In addition, PHP is one of the most popular server running side scripting languages today. It is used to create dynamic web pages that interact with the user offering customized information.

PHP offers many advantages: it is fast, stable, secure, easy to use and open source (free). Web applications have been improving user experience thanks to a lot of recently developed new technology such jQuery, CSS3, HTML5. 1. This tutorial shows how for example to count visitors using PHP and MySLQ, you can count all visitors have visited your website by ip, hour, minute, date, month, year, page, browser, and stored in MySQL. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Lessoncup Programming Blog. Learning OOP in PHP ASAP! Remove duplicates from Database Using PHP. Last Updated: March 19, 2013 Deleting duplicate entries from the database is tricky, there are different queries to find duplicates in the database, but removing duplicates from the database is not that easy. This little article will help you remove duplicate entries in a controlled way. Here are the benefits of using this technique. 40+ Invaluable PHP Tutorials and Resources.

PHP 101: PHP For the Absolute Beginner. A Beginner's Guide to PHP Programing. How To Create Youtube Video Gallery in PHP - CodeRiddles. PHP for Beginners: Building Your First Simple CMS. Object-Oriented PHP for Absolute Beginners.